Open Thread: Has it really been a year?

Didn't British youth set fire their country about a year ago?  Wasn't it considered a "rebellion" and not a "riot"?

Olympics did a damn good job making folks forget about that....


  1. The media tends to have less of an attention than a gerbil. I've come to realize that their favorite motto is "don't like something, pretend it never happened".

    1. Leo Princess8/14/12, 1:31 AM

      Much like the election protests in Mexico that I learned about on Tumblr back in June. Apparently, TPTB decided that the rest of the world didn't need to hear about that.

    2. Say what??? What happened in Mexico?

  2. Democracy Riots! western media haven't been covering it as it's not in their best interests to let the sleeping proles see how they should go about demandin democracy!


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