Reinforcing the Monolith

So even more studies have emerged on Black women in America and surprise,'s about why we're fat, and the other's about how we're America's Most Religious.

You know what?  *yawn*  That's pretty much all I have to say:  *yawn*

After Pew (aptly named) Research Center's display of worthlessness with "The Rise of Asian Americans" (I mean, seriously, the title alone was a dead giveaway of the burning honk of fail to follow), all I can do when one of these "studies" comes out is yawn.

Fashion tip from Moi:  whenever a "study" comes out and reinforces an age-old stereotype about a group of people - any group of people (think studies about how women supposedly don't enjoy sex) - it is not a "study".  It's just ammunition for impotent trolls to wield when they're losing arguments about race and gender.

All these "studies" do is attempt to combat the growing number of diverse voices across the internet.  As once-voiceless groups increasingly tell their own stories, these "studies" conveniently pop up to reiterate that yes, all Black women are fat, desperately single Christians.  No, women in general don't enjoy sex, so it's forgivable to cheat on them.  Yes, Asians are the Model Minority and every stereotype you've ever heard was true.

In short, all these groups and more are monoliths, so despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (and the fact that we now live in the 21st Century), it's perfectly kosher to view and interact with them thusly.

Like I said...*yawn*.


Are we not human too?


  1. Interesting how they never have research or studies on white folks.

    1. They're afraid of what they might find ... if you ask me.

    2. whenever they do studies on white people and find something negative they headline the story as if it applies to everyone, like that study about how white people do not show empathy to nonwhite people. The headline was "people do not have empathy for other races" or something like that.

    3. I was about to say the same thing.

  2. Didn't even bother clicking. If I want to read fiction, there is PLENTY to be had, and far more enjoyable.

    Yawn indeed.

  3. Thanks for taking this on. I was actually at a dinner party where the conversation took an uncomfortable turn b/c the Asian there were more or less citing the study of proof of their "superiority." You know, they NEVER come here illegally, and they all work hard and earn their way and get ahead b/c they are so smart...(*cough, cough)
    I had to break it down for them and point out that the "data" isn't helpful to them despite what they might think, and explained all of the fallacies that it promoted and the problems that it hides.
    I dislike the fact that people from South of the border are now viewed as the face of illegal immigration.

    1. I recall reading online an article that spoke about this regarding other "illegals". When one hears that word, the automatic assumption is Mexican or Latino, in general. But this article talked about the hundred of thousands of Asians that are here illegally and how they try hard not to get caught. These stories are swept under the rug and the lamestream media likes to say otherwise.

    2. "lamestream media"

      Stealing it!!!!

    3. " lamestream media"

      *Lol-ing like crazy* now that's a new and may I say good one. It's very true though. It's almost as these guys have nothing to do so they have to come up with crap like this. I was just looking at the news a couple of days of go about experts conducting "research" ( ????) about the so-called rags-to-riches theory( if you want to call it that.) Man, it just seems that they are coming up with some incredibly stupid things to do study which a 1st grader can figure out by just using his/her common sense.

    4. It does do a good job of making some of them feel like honorary white people who aren't victims of racism and therefore don't complain about their place in society.
      But if anyone bothered to read the "study" they'd realize how many contradictory findings and overlooked details there are (e.g. number of people making up these supposedly high income Asian households and the number of supposedly successful immigrants who still struggle with English-you aren't going to be moving up the ranks of corporate America when you can't speak English at all). I think there were some kids in the Bay Area who attempted to bring attention to the fact that plenty of them are poor, struggling, and don't have good options.


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