Nerd Candy: Dr. Preston Burke

So I caved and started watching Grey's Anatomy again which, mind you, ain't no easy feat.  We have a lot of folks on the show whom we don't really need, and we're missing some folks whom the writers totally screwed over.

Mind you, Isaiah Washington is NOT one of the actors who got screwed; they actually did right by him.  The character of Dr. Preston Burke was written brilliantly.  He was a strong, classy, refined, professional individual.  As a gifted cardiothoracic surgeon, it was easy to see how he'd be respected by his peers (and feared by his interns).

I could see how an intensely focused, career-driven woman like Dr. Cristina Yang would let herself fall for him (and by the way, big ups for one of the best portrayals of a Blasian couple, like, ever).

With an exceptional surgeon, the "nerd" is implied, however, we got to see it emerge in other ways as well.  Burke's apartment bore the sterile neatness of an obsessive compulsive; he even organized his books and journals using the Dewey Decimal System.  And his character was buddies with an another great nerd on the show (like I said before, nerds of a feather).

See, one of the reasons I'm having trouble watching the more recent seasons of Grey's Anatomy is that I really miss Dr. George O'Malley (TR Knight).  Unlike with Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), I sorely miss his absence and don't get why he had to be killed off.  Going to and coming back form Iraq and changed and graver man might have done the character some good.  Rhimes should've offered more money and done something about the writing where O'Malley was concerned because he is so needed on that show.  I also miss the dynamic between Burke and O'Malley; they made a very interesting onscreen pair of friends.

But, was never meant to last.

Isaiah Washington needs to get his shit together so that we never have this BS again.  After all the bitching and moaning and blogging and petitioning and boycotting POC viewers go through just to get decent characters on network TV, we can't be losing them over bull like this.


  1. As I understand it, rumor has it that TR Knight left the show because he wasn't happy. I don't know if it was pay, lack of screentime in his final seasons, or what have you, but he wanted to move on and that's why he was killed off.

    I don't have any sympathy for Washington and I agree with you ABC did the right thing by firing him not only for the slurs but for also putting his hands on another actor. If Washington has learned from this and is moving on, well and good.

    However what I always find interesting is that while white folks are quick to march and protest when POCs fuck up, they are usually quiet when one of their own do some heinous shit.

    Case in point. I got no sympathy for Chris Brown. I can take or leave him. However I find it interesting that he's been set up as the poster boy for domestic violence (and rightfully so) while Charlie Sheen is being honored at a Friar's Roast and still has credibility in the industry.

    1. For's annoying as hell.

      TR Knight had every reason to leave the show. When he talks about not being "fulfilled", I believe every word. I mean, the PR rep for GA can spin whatever they want, it won't change the fact the audience actually got to see him slowly written out of the series, and he was one of the better characters. Meanwhile, he's hearing homophobic slurs off screen (let's be real...this type of ish doesn't happen just once. The only time there's consequences is when someone gets busted and a lawsuit is threatened).

      I think the problem was that much of the O'Malley characterization hinged on its dynamic with the Burke characterization. You get rid of Burke, you suddenly have little use for O'Malley. Infuriating.

  2. Please bring back Dr Burke. Greys anatomy has become boring i prefer scandal


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