And now....let's talk "Blue"

Okay, so WIGS - the project responsible for YouTube shows like "Christine" - is getting some praise for giving some well-written roles to actresses who have been out of the limelight for a while.

Don't bother...none of them are Black or Asian, and only one so far is Latina (hence "Christine"). The other 4-5 characters are white women. Shockingly enough, that's not what this post is actually about.

Go ahead and watch some eps of "Blue", starring Julia Stiles. I'll wait.


First of all, I have no beef with sex workers. It's a job, maybe not like any other, but it's a job and it is what it is. However, sometimes the portrayals/writing/creative rationale behind sex worker characters throws me a bit.

Blue has a full-time job, and while I get that a "full-time job" means little to nothing in this economy, I hesitate to believe that if she's making an extra $750-$900 for 1-2 hrs of work PER WEEK...she's still having money problems. $750 x 4 weeks - tax-free cash, mind you - is an extra $3000 per month.

I don't know about y'all, but after a couple months of that, my financial problems would be solved.

Don't get me started on the rival "agency" manager who offers her $1500 per hour for five hours per week - as in $30,000 of tax free cash in one month.  Huh? Say what???

What exactly is the problem here?  What lives are these women living that that kind of money - in so little time - never seems to fix their problems?

Bar patrons, what would you do if you had access to $30,000 tax-free cash in one month?


  1. I'd pay off nearly half of my college loans for sure then save some for goodies, a car, etc. I wish I had access to that kinda money.

  2. Leo Princess7/26/12, 8:37 PM

    My retirement fund(s) and various other investment plans would be off and running. Not to mention buying great health and life insurance, AND I'd still have a nice chunk of change left over to do as I wished (within level-headed limits).

    "What lives are these women living that that kind of money - in so little time - never seems to fix their problems?" <- I'd love to know, too!

    1. They're trying to live that lifestyle of the rich and famous. Cars, homes, clothes, and plastic surgeries that are out of their price range.

  3. What she makes part time is more than what most people make full time. $3000/month for a year is $36,000. Someone didn't do their homework. She should be a hooker full-time.

    1. Damn right someone didn't do their homework. Did they just throw these numbers around? I could understand the hesitance if it was $50 or $100/hr - that would sooooooo not be worth it.

      But $750? $900? $1500 per hour????? Say what? Six months of any of those per hour would straighten out all kinds of problems for Moi.

    2. Yeah, that is a LOT of cash. But you know people would never think that they should pay that much for a black sex worker.

      Hell, but that is enough money that you would not have to violate your personal morals enough to make a dent I or two good "dates" a month and you could spend the rest of your time lounging.

    3. If it's an upscale operation catering to various secret tastes and fetishes, well heard the madam. They'll pay what she tells them to pay.

      We have to keep in mind that someone who can afford to pay $1500/hr for sex is not your average citizen.

    4. Right, that much is true. I agree that they didn't do the math b/c unless she is just banking the money, she shouldn't be sleeping on a sofa.
      I need to watch more to see how much more they tell us, b/c the financial insecurity angle of her story isn't working for me.
      The kid playing the son is a really good actor.

    5. The kid playing the son is a really good actor.

      Check out the love interest they gave him.

  4. Let's see...$30,000/month, tax-free.

    Month #1: Credit cards and car paid OFF.
    Months #2-4: Mortgage paid OFF.
    Month #5: Investment and a well-earned vacation. Shopping.
    Month #6: Make home repairs & improvements.
    Month #7-12, and the next year: STUDENT LOANS PAID OFF.

    So, in two years, I've erased all my debt. I'm not sure what the problem is with that hoe. She ain't budgeting right.

    Hell, are they hiring???

  5. To reply to the question, with around 25 000euros a month I would pay off all our debts, offer my mom a car (since my dad doesn't have a driving license lol), save money, buy my own flat and move out, travel.

  6. that heffa need to turn off her damn phone...RIDICULOUS! I wouldnt take a discount either if I was him...Unprofessional.

    1. I thought the same thing!!! I was like SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE & MAKE YOUR DAMN MONEY YOU AMATEUR!!!!


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