Uh...Who Said Anything about the White "Race"?

Skim this article right quick.  The article itself is not important, mind you; it tells us things we were already saying right when we got the news about Darius Simmons (whom, from the looks of things, we'll be talking about for a lot longer than I initially intended).

We already knew the cops would be callous and inconsiderate towards Darius's mom.  We already knew the cops would be (rightly) criticized and we already knew their Chief would come to their defense.

We also knew white civilians who haven't the slightest clue what it's like to be of color and in America would also defend the cops.

We already knew all that.

1 - I'm all in favor of empathy for the grieving family, but fast forward to the trial when the defendent pleads NOT guilty and his astute defense attorney brings the evidence and statements gathered by officers and detectives at the crime scene into question if the witnesses were not isolated and sequestered. All the defense attorney needs to do is create "reasonable doubt" in the mind of one juror and the defendent would be not guilty.

How would you feel then? Criticise and condemn the officers for doing a lousey job?

I do not envy the responsibilities and tasks of a police officers in situations like this. The officers and detectives are regular people like the rest of us with feelings and emotions like us. To arrive on a crime scene and see a 13 year old boy dead on the sidewalk with his Mother just having witnessed his murder has to be one of the most gut wrenching experiences for anyone to go through. Thankfully these are trained, seasoned professionals who quickly followed established procedures. Procedures established by law enforcement over a long period of time using past arrest and conviction successes and failures as guides to what they do today.

While it appears heartless and callous, think about the big picture.

2 - Very nice, JSO; way to paint the white race as the evil villain yet again, by sliding in a totally unnecessary comment: "Several groups have cited it as an example of racist incidents in which white men - such as George Zimmerman in Florida against Trayvon Martin -......." When will you report the truth? George Zimmerman is a HISPANIC!!!! and you wonder why noone wants to pay for a newspaper anymore......

3 - I understand both the family and the MPD point of view.
I do believe the MPD was correct. Gathering information before it can be questioned as questionable.
I do understand the family’s concerns. But in the long run they should be appeased with a good conviction.
My concern is how the press is handling this incident.
The news media needs to stay objective. No taking of sides. This is not the case here. The Journal Sentinel’s E Kane and his obviously slanted article. And the other night WISN Channel Twelve Evening News reported that the mother was detained for several hours. Seems WISN – Milwaukee does not compute two hours as being a couple of hours. The female anchor purposely distorted the facts for evil gain.
Shame on the Journal Sentinel and WISN News.

4 - B1024, the cops aren't there to comfort you, protect you or be your friend. They are only there to gather evidence and enforce whatever the law happens to be. Yes, it's callous, yes, it's insensitive. But their instruction guide doesn't include being warm and friendly.
- Let's start with Commenter 1.

"I'm all in favor of empathy for the grieving family, but...."

Enough said.

- Now onto my personal favorite, Commenter 2.

"Very nice, JSO; way to paint the white race as the evil villain yet again...."

Talk about playing the Racist Card.  This brand of white whine is beyond laughable.  We're not focusing on the white "race" in these instances; we're talking about white males.  Whenever a headline announces a white woman has blown a hole through someone, the article usually goes on to clarify she's iced her own husband, and after an investigation ensues, the deceased often turns out to be an abusive prick anyway.

George Zimmerman, Jacob England, and John Henry Spooner - all male, all cowards - all have issues with Black males.  Whenever we hear about some cop taking out a Black man, or brutalizing POC period, the cop is typically male, and often white.  Eighty percent of serial killers in America are white males.

As you can see, the majority of violent offenders in America are male.  Folks love to break down violent crime stats by race, but we really need to start breaking them down by gender as well.

- Commenter 3 is amusing as well.

"My concern is how the press is handling this incident.

"The news media needs to stay objective. No taking of sides. This is not the case here. The Journal Sentinel’s E Kane and his obviously slanted article."

Um, the man targeted and blew a hole in an unarmed kid, and then admitted it (like George Zimmerman). Spooner is white. Darius was Black. American history and sociology have already established - in abundant detail - the white (male) tendency to act violently towards POC. So where's the "slant"? What's there to even slant?

Contrary to popular white belief, the media doesn't have to slant these stories to incite anger and criticism. The actions and defenses of the killers accomplish that nicely all on their own.

- Commenter 4 triggers an eye roll. "B1024, the cops aren't there to comfort you, protect you or be your friend."

Of course not; not when the victims are POC. Susan Smith drowned her own kids and sent cops on a multi-state wild goose chase. Trust and believe there was comforting and befriending going on. There was no rigorous search of her house or 2-hour interrogation; a white mom got on TV and cried, and that was all law enforcement needed to know.*

My point?  White male credibility is at an all-time low in America, and the whining/justifying/dismissing isn't helping.  Here's a crazy thought: stop targeting POC, and whenever a white male does so anyway, make an example of him so others will think twice before they follow.

*Which brings up another issue.  White men don't "overvalue" white women.  From the age of witch-burning and rights-denying to serial-killing to wife-murdering/raping and daughter-molesting, all the way to friggin' Hollywood, we've been repeatedly shown that the ideal white woman (to white men) is a skinny young bimbo whose main goal in life is to marry a white husband, breed white kids, and constantly care for their home without ever being tired or unhappy, and without ever aging or gaining weight.

Where white guys are concerned, WWT serves exactly two purposes: sex and violence.  To white men, a distraught, crying white girl is either issuing a mating call or providing justification to mete out violence against other people, preferrably POC, with an emphasis on MOC.  It has nothing to do with the woman actually being upset; if she cries because her husband/boyfriend/father/brother has hurt her in any way (and doesn't want to be physically "comforted" by her significant other), she's basically told to shut the hell up and quit her whining.

Sexism is and always will be the oldest of the -isms, kids; let's not get it twisted.


  1. Don't forget Charles Stuart, the Boston asshole who shot both himself and his 8-month pregnant wife near a poor, Black neighborhood and tried to say a Black man tried to carjack him and shot them both. His wife died and the incident inflamed racial tensions. His brother then confessed what happened and Charles committed suicide as the police were closing in on him.

    1. And if they're not committing suicide, they plead insanity. If they don't plead insanity, they find a way to blame POC. When (rightly) accused of racism, they trot out the "my best friends are black" speech.

      Man enough to do the crime, but never the time.

  2. Just as long as the victim is Black and the suspect is White( or in GZ's case, some well off mixed race non-Blacks who kill of Black people), they want us to be "objective" for them.PLEAZZZE!! where is the onjectivity for the Martin family. It's beyond sickening that you have people paying GZ money to celebrate Trayvon's death and to use his death in reminding Black people and other non-Blacks that you're dead if you try to defy our status quo.

    You predicted it all quite right. As usual, no admissions from them whatsoever. So much for their desired objectivity.

  3. Great point about what WWT mean to white men. It doesn't inspire genuine empathy or concern; it's a call to dominate someone, either her or a convenient POC. Reminds me of the murder of Yoshihiro Hattori, who was killed while out in costume for Halloween and unfortunately went to the house of a white couple. The missus answered the door, freaked out, slammed the door and sent out that call to her husband who opened the door and murdered the poor kid for no reason. He got away with it because it was only natural that a husband should murder the nearest POC who has "panicked" his wife.

  4. Case in Point:
    Publicly a Prohibitionist and a defender of "Protestant womanhood," his spectacular 1925 trial for murder led to the downfall of the "Second Wave" of Klan activity. Stephenson was responsible for the abduction, forced intoxication, and rape of Madge Oberholtzer, his secretary (who ran a state program to combat illiteracy), all leading to her suicide attempt and eventual death. Among other atrocities, Stephenson had bitten her so many times that one man who saw her described her condition as having been “chewed by a cannibal.”

    So much for white womanhood.
    There is a special- almost pathological preference white men exhibit towards each other in all matters (Jerry Sandusky can attest to this fact). The inordinate value whites place on white skin is fundamentally expressed in white maleness. Just today on Fox and Friends, their resident blonde walked off the set when a co-host made a sexist comment. Conversely in the white male mind- white women exist to serve white men’s needs. She’s expected to be demure in public and in the words of some; a whore in the bedroom.

    "A true lady takes off her dignity with her clothes and does her whorish best. At other times you can be as modest and dignified as your persona requires." Robert A. Heinlein

    "My mother said it was simple to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. I said I'd hire the other two and take care of the bedroom bit." Jerry Hall

    What makes the Good Ole Boys club distinctive from all social fraternities is that it is a network comprised solely of white men. In this close-knit social construct cronyism and conformity are the norm; women and men of color need not apply. Not surprisingly there are people who assert white male masculinity is the last bastion of hope for this nation. In his mind he’s being assailed on all fronts by immigration, social change; women’s rights and the like. Hampered by his many fears and insecurities the white male ego can be summed up in the persona of a frightened little boy. Spoiled by centuries of privilege he’s a child that’s woefully unprepared for the loss of centrality. Indeed the white man is in crises; for when privilege no longer provides him with comfort he’ll turn to the last friend he has left in this world. His gun.

    1. Indeed the white man is in crisis; for when privilege no longer provides him with comfort he’ll turn to the last friend he has left in this world. His gun.


  5. An excellent post. There's nothing I can add to this. I agree 100%

    1. Awwwwwww...I was hoping you'd add something!

  6. You know what actually, white women are getting in on this modern day lynching too:


    Let's also not forget the woman who led the white supremacist militia group and murdered that Latino family in their home.

    And let's keep it up 100. The Trayvon Martin murder is imho a more open and shut case than this tragedy here and we see how white folks flipped their shit on that score.

    The rate shit is going, don't be surprised if we start seeing some riots on our hands in the not too distant future.

    1. Yes, but at the end of the day, it's still a boys' club and girls' need not apply.

      (Straight) Men may fantasize about warrior women in scanty clothing, but in real life, they don't want a gun-toting woman who's their equal. A white woman may be shooting Black men today, but if her white husband/boyfriend/whoever takes the wrong tone with her one day, he could just as easily be next. White dudes don't want that. In real life, they want the hetrosexual, waif-like, white child-breeding homemaker; that's the version of white womanhood they're most comfortable with.

    2. Like this for example:

      Its a throwback to simpler times when the white man was king of his castle and the whole country went along for the ride. Every television sitcom; every radio show; every book or magazine was complicit. Some white men's nipples wax harder than the Rock of Gibraltar just thinking about it. The white woman remains ever complicit in shoring up the white man’s unique sense of masculinity and she’ll do almost anything to please him.

    3. Additionally:
      You'll notice the absence of black women in this blog post. Even the anti-feminist movement has a strong white female component. The song Stand by your Man comes to mind; it’s become the white woman's anthem of sorts. Some white women feel duty-bound to support their men if the white race is to survive.

      Backed by strong a biblical credo she sees herself as second in succession; submissive only to him, in a world where God has placed the white man at the head of all things. Naturally, her place is beside him as he fights the good fight for God and country.


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