Julia Pace (Mitchell) Hightower...Back at the Bar

Because of my unflinching adoration for this woman, I'm subscribed to her mailing list...in case you're wondering where I got this info.
Private Coaching

Julia Pace Mitchell (Law and Order & The Young and the Restless) is now accepting new students for private study at her Dayton Acting Studio. The Private Coaching program is designed around each individual student. Whether you have one audition that you'd like to prepare A Court Case, Sales meeting or a longer-term goal. Work one on one with a professional actor and experienced acting coach.

Private coaching is for the beginning Artist, Attorney or for the working actor.

Helping you to be truthful with your self in the work and realize your unique qualities and talents as an actor is the main objective of my private, one-on-one acting sessions.

Starting from who you are and where you are in your life, my private acting sessions address what is required to ground your acting work and get your career on track whether it be for film / TV, stage, or commercial work.

Session Length:

2-3 hour, one-on-one sessions
  • Package rates are available.
  • Please phone for availability.
  • Private Classes Available
So, now what?

For more information about private acting services, acting workshops, coaching workshops, or private voice instruction, please contact info@Juliapacemitchell.com or by phone at 917.545.3794.  Classes in Los Angeles, Dayton, and NYC. 
About the Workshops
  • Breaking into Show business
  • Get in touch with your core inspiration
  • Prepare for auditions
  • Prepare for upcoming roles for stage or screen
  • Address specific acting problems
  • Develop cold reading skills
  • Analyze and understand scripts
  • Select and develop winning monologues
  • Develop a character
  • Build confidence and self awareness
  • Think like an actor
  • Focus your career

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