I Didn't Forget

Efren Ramirez
Adam Beach

Adam Rodriguez
Alex Meraz
Benicio del Toro
Eddie Spears
Michael Copon
Nathaniel Arcand
Rick Mora
Taylor Lautner
Santiago Cabrera
Bruno Campos
Diego Luna
Kuno Becker

Jay Tavare

Jay Hernandez
Clayson Benally (left) and Klee Benally (right) of Blackfire
Michael Spears
...and Benjamin Bratt


  1. Yes for this list of good looking POC.
    Now I just have to say that some of these men have been on my guy meter for a long time and I do mean a looong time.
    Adam Rodriguez since I saw him in this scifi show like way back in the day.
    Jay Hernandez oh that smile and those dimples, gets me every time.
    Michael Copon ever since Power Rangers, yes his sexy behind was morphin it up back in the day.
    Taylor Lautner, hey LavaBoy, I just knew that he would turn out to be a hottie.
    Benicio del Toro, he has like the most beautiful tortured soul eyes ever!!!
    Bruno Campos loved him in Nip/Tuck, he is such a great actor.
    Adam Beach has been fine since like the beginning of time.
    While Alex Meraz is a new discovery, I need more of his face on my entertainment screen.
    I don't know who Kuno Becker is but I sure will find out!!!
    And for some of the other actors, I'm unaware of some of them but I definitely look forward to see more of them in the future.

    Thank you Ankhesen for this awesome/amazing list of hardworking MOC.

  2. Leo Princess6/3/12, 7:49 PM

    Thank you, Teacher Ankh!

  3. Perla Buttons6/4/12, 1:04 AM

    Thank you! If I haven't already, may I introduce Firass Dirani?


    While his personality would probably might rub the wrong way fairly quickly IRL, the man can act, and isn't afraid to call out racist bullshit within the entertainment industry. And, he's a bit cute!

    1. Perla Buttons6/4/12, 9:54 PM

      "Would probably might". Yeesh. Sorry all!

  4. Mmmmm... Yummy! This what I need this morning to go along with the coffee.

  5. OMG..!! who can forget all of that hotness?! My, my ,my...

  6. I..was not ready for this post. *fans self* :D:D:D

  7. Tyler Posey.....Teen Wolf.......all I need to say.

  8. You're all welcome! Pass it on!!!

  9. *wants to say something reeeeaaaaaaaly filthy*

  10. Oh boy.....sexy men. I'm never gonna find Taylor Lautner hot, but I do want to see him in other roles. I can't honestly stand twilight it was a crappy series and also no doubt a crappy series of movies. I'd like to see Eddie Spears in more roles as well. And Micheal Copon great actor, does a great job of playing a slick bastard in One Tree Hill (only role I've seen him though)...I'd like to see him in more stuff as well.

    Far as the other guys go, I don't really know of them but doesn't make them any less hot.

  11. Did not know Alex Meraz did Capoeira, I officially like that guy!!!

  12. *Bows down* Thank You Ankh!

  13. I have been reading this blog for a while but am just commenting for the first time ( I don't know what it says about me that this is what I'm postin about btw) I think you should look up Rudy Youngblood if you don't already know of him

    1. The name sounds familiar. Feel free to post links, and welcome!!!!


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