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***These pertain to the original 2008 paperback version which has since been corrected and expanded in the 2012 version.

Folklore, and Other Stories

Folklore, and Other Stories by Ankehesen Mié' is the author's sophomore effort and the short stories show how her writing has grown. Ms. Mié has taken on the ambitious task of writing from an Asian perspective. Many of the stories read like old-fashioned tall tales with the flow of poetry in short story form. The stories in this collection offer a new look at age old situations such as marital relationships. The stories are at once true to life, yet mystical and filled with fantasy. The story entitled, `The Collection' is particularly interesting with twists on love and divorce.

I recommend this volume of short stories to readers willing to read something different. In this day and age when many feel there is nothing new under the sun, along comes a writer like Ms. Mié proving that is not necessarily so.

~ Angelia Menchan, APOOO BookClub

FOLKLORE AND OTHER STORIES by Ankhesen Mié is a collection of three stories with the connected theme of love and relationships. "Folklore," the first story, answers the question: What can pull a gang leader away from the streets? In this story, a mysterious woman gives Kazuya Kurosaki a mask. Shortly afterwards he cannot get the woman out of his mind and, with each passing day, he is pulled away from the life he has been living. Are the woman and her mask pulling him away or something altogether different?

"Echo" tells the story of traveler Rory Zheng. When his housekeeper's attempts to marry him off fail, she allows her husband to give it a try. As a result, the three of them move to a mountain town where Rory meets Ololara. He immediately finds himself attracted to her, but she is married. In the meantime, Rory begins reading stories to one of the city's founders. All along the way he creates a bond with many of the other characters and allows love to finally find him a home. In "The Collection," a man and his fiancée take an unlikely trip to his soon-to-be ex-wife's home. Once there, Maribel, the fiancée, is seduced into the world of Mireille, the wife, but she is not alone. Jason Rang also begins to wonder if things were as bad as he remembered. Who will end up with whom?

Mié's collection of short stories is an interesting mix with different plots, but the same underlying theme of falling or staying in love. The stories are well-written, even though some of the cultural references may distract the reader. Two of the three stories led me down a different path than I thought they would go one, which is always good. The book was a quick read, which also adds to its appeal. Overall, if you want a book with a different flavor, good writing and interesting plots, this is a good choice.

~ Criss Coles, The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers

The second book from young author Ankhesen Mié, "Folklore and other Stories" is a three for one, granting three great stories for readers for one low price. The title story 'Folklore' is the tale of a mysterious mask, given as a gift - and it soon becomes apparent the gift is not one given out of appreciation. 'Echo' is Rory Zheng's meeting of a small Irish manor family - and the drive to figure out what makes the manor keep going after all this time. 'The Collection' is about a divorce proceeding - that doesn't go exactly how the husband thought it would. The contents of "Folklore: And other Stories" are all enticing, exciting stories, and highly recommended to fans of shorter fiction and community library collections as a whole.

~ Midwest Book Review

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