Not the Best Year for FHM

First, there was the Filipino issue portraying Bela Padilla surrounded by dark-skinned Filipinas painted even darker.

From Disgrasian:
For the cover of FHM Philippines’ March 2012 issue, someone thought it’d be an awesome idea to surround 20 year-old Filipina actress Bela Padilla with a group of black models. The racial message of the photo’s bad enough. Light-skinned model–or can we just say white here because that’s how it reads?– on a pedestal surrounded by dark-skinned models in subordinate positions. Then consider the fact that this is published for the Philippines, a country where it’s estimated half of the women bleach their skin.

Then there’s the caption. OH MY GOD, THE CAPTION.

After a petition was created to protest this cover, it’s been pulled and sent back into “the shadows,” back to the place where our world’s latent colonialist fantasies continue to reside, sipping their gin cocktails and lamenting “the good ol’ days.”

~ Jen, "FHM Is Tagalog For SMH: Laughably Racist Magazine Cover"
When a commenter asked how this cover was racist, a Filipina replied:
I actually do find this cover to be racist, and to some degree, elitist as well. I’m a Filipina myself so I am well aware of the negative (and even hostile) attitudes that many Filipinos have toward African-Americans and dark-skinned Filipinos. The Aeta people (an indigenous group in the Philippines that are known to be very dark-skinned) are treated terribly in the Philippines. And even those who live in the cities who are very dark are often regarded as ugly and lowly. This is probably why almost all the celebrities in the Philippines are very pale-skinned. White, Spanish beauty is still highly regarded in the Philippines, even though the majority of Filipinos actually have tan skin. (Of course, there are lots of women who also bleach their skin to make themselves look lighter.)

The picture obviously portrays Bela as being superior. Yes, I know, she’s a celebrity and she is the focus of this issue. However, putting her porcelain white skin against a few painted models is totally unnecessary. (I watched a behind-the-scenes video about this photoshoot and Bela even mentioned that they tried to make her look as white as possible.) Honestly, this picture capitalizes on the elitist attitude that many Filipinos already have against dark-skinned people. And sadly, many Filipinos see absolutely nothing wrong with this photo.

So why is this a racist cover? It’s all about the context of race and class in the Philippines.
Now FHM South Africa has this ish to deal with. From Clutch Magazine:

After South African model Jessica Leandra dos Santos angrily tweeted about being allegedly harassed by a shop assistant yesterday, many were outraged at her choice of words. The 20-year-old called the man a “kaffir” an extremely offensive racist slur, causing many in the country to demand she be held accountable for her tweet.

One quick-thinking Twitter user catalogued dos Santos’ tweets and many of the reactions from those in South Africa.

Dos Santos’ deleted the tweet and asked her followers to “forget it,” saying she sent it in anger in response to being harassed.

Unfortunately for dos Santos, folks did not just forget it. Instead they combed her tweets and found yet another instance when the model had something offensive to say about black South Africans (she later deleted that tweet as well).

After many complained, FHM South Africa stripped the model of her title as the winner of its 2011 model competition and they’ve also decided they will no longer work with dos Santos in the future.

FHM South Africa issued a statement cutting ties with dos Santos:

“We have removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future. FHM is a proudly South African magazine and say “No” to racism.”

Dos Santos’ main sponsor, diet company QuickTrim, also dropped her as their spokeswoman, citing her tweets.

“Due to the severity of the remarks by #JessicaLeandra #QuickTrimSA herewith ends our sponsorship to her with immediate effect!” the company tweeted.

Dos Santos issued an apology again asserting that she was merely “acting in pure anger and frustration at the time” of her tweets, but that she realizes that there is “no excuse” for using the k-word and will use this experience as a learning experience.

Whether or not dos Santos can resurrect her once-rising career remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: the tweets are ALWAYS watching, and people need to think before they tweet.

~ Britni Danielle, "White South African Model Causes Uproar, Loses Contracts After Sending Racist Tweets"
You'd think that after what happened with Jenny "Cray-Cray" Hyun, folks would remember to watch what they tweet.  'Cause it's a brand new day.


  1. No one can escape the screen shot! You tweet something racist and think we're going to forget it?! Nope ... not going to happen!

    1. Leo Princess5/5/12, 7:42 PM

      You'd think they'd learn by now.

    2. Well, there is always a chance they'll get away with it. When you have so much privilege to spare, it's hard to know at what moment it will fail you.

      I am glad that now their comments get captures in the Twitterverse.

      But they need to stop playing the mental illness card when this happens. And honestly, getting angry isn't an excuse b/c they are assuming that everyone is as racist as they are. Not everyone's go to when someone upsets them is to use a racial slur.

    3. Leo Princess5/6/12, 12:48 AM

      "But they need to stop playing the mental illness card when this happens. And honestly, getting angry isn't an excuse b/c they are assuming that everyone is as racist as they are. Not everyone's go to when someone upsets them is to use a racial slur."

      THANK YOU! I'd like to add them citing 'Freedom of Speech' to the mix. You're free to say what you want, yes, and we're free to call you out on your bullshyt. Freedom of Speech does NOT equal Freedom from Consequences.

    4. Perla Buttons5/6/12, 3:28 AM

      I'm surprised she didn't go with White racists' favourite defence when their income is threatened by their own hand: "taken out of context".

      "She was taken out of context. No-one seems to understand! She was, like, really mad at a black person who just happened to be, you know, black!"

    5. Yes, it is always the angry black person's fault...we make them call us slurs.

  2. Loose lips sink ships!

  3. Also, I'd seen this cover before, but did not realize how dark the indigenous people in the Phillipines were. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since many people I know who are Black and Filipino just look "black" to me. But looking at the pictures I just googled, you could have told me they were Black Americans and I'd have been none the wiser.

    Funny, there are people who look like us all over the world. I was in South India and there are ethnic groups who are not only dark but who really remind me of black people overall.

    But in terms of hierarchies, people from the Phillipines are looked down upon by other some of the other people in the Asian region...

  4. Leo Princess5/6/12, 1:33 AM

    Maybe Jessica Leandra and Lauren Socha can become e-mail buddies, since they have the same affliction and all.

    1. She did what???? Man...I used to love that woman!!!!

    2. Well, she's unemployed now too, although they claim the two things are unrelated, however I hadn't read anything about her leaving the show before that.

    3. At least she got punished & didn't try to worm her way out of it. Our celebrities/judges could stand to learn from her case.

      Damn it, Lauren.....

  5. I'll say this about the South African model. She may catch a lot of flack from her Apartheid-like mentality, but if that nation is like the United States, because of her skin, this may end up be nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    1. I agree with you. White people can always use therapy and will be let back in the game.
      Black people who publicly fail aren't given that opportunity. Have you ever read the amount of vitriol that white people spew over Tiger Woods(who thought people would be okay with him running around with a dozen white women) or Michael Vick. It's pretty ridiculous. And Michael Vick went to PRISON and that still doesn't satisfy them.
      Hurt a dog, and white people will wish you dead. Hurt a minority, and you can cry on TV and get your job back.

  6. @Leo Princess "Freedom of Speech does NOT equal Freedom from Consequences." - A truer statement if I ever heard one.

  7. Hey Bar Patrons. I do think that Playboy Philippines deserves an honorable mention. Blasian model Wilma Doesnt made the cover of this month's issue!

    They were making a dig at FHM. My concern is that they shouldn't use women like Wilma to make digs. The Wilma's of The Philippines need to be making the cover of magazines all the time.

  8. I'm really proud of Africa right now. First, Gabon started deporting whites for racism (Kenya does it too, among other countries). And by the way FHM South Africa so quickly got rid of her - over tweets, no less - you can tell they'd been itching to get rid of her for a while.

    My roommate went off upon hearing about this because white people in Africa keep asking to be called "Africans" and insist they are "Africans", but shit like this keeps happening Remember Eugene Terreblanche?. There is no tolerance for it anymore. This is the 21st Century, whether they like it or not.

    1. The sense of entitlement is appalling. They always whine about how bad Africa is, yet you kick them out and they go into convulsions. Don't like Black people? Then get the FUCK out of Africa you stupid Boer boar. No matter how long you live there and what you do, you ARE NOT AN AFRICAN. You are an uninvited SQUATTER. Just like you are everywhere outside of Europe. I hope more Africans start wising up and kicking their racists ass out. Watch out Africans, they will steal your resources, rewrite your history books, put you at the bottom, then pretend they were there all along. And if you try to get your country back, they will call you an "alien". Watch out. It's what they do. smh -_-

    2. AnotherPupil5/19/12, 11:31 AM

      The ANC really screwed up by not holding the supporters and beneficiaries of apartheid accountable for their crimes. Now you have their descendants saying and doing bullshit like this and the ANC turns a blind eye because hey they got theirs. I wouldn't even compare this rich white idiot to a squatter. A squatter takes property that is not being used and makes use of it. This woman and others like her are conquerors, albeit ones who are gradually losing their power and influence. They come to places which are populated and instead of trying to live in harmony with the people there they murder, rape, and steal while having the gall to claim that they are the REAL inhabitants of the land.

  9. That this insanity continues to exist is just sad...

  10. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

  11. Apparently, she had a Kramer moment. There are a billion insults to throw at a person. Why attack a person's race?

  12. Well its gotten worse. Meet Ken Sinclair:

    Cape Peninsula University Of Technology Student Suspended Over Racist Facebook Rant Calling Blacks “F***ing Brain Dead Monkeys”

    The Source: Wanted: Facebook racist

    The more distressed the white man becomes, the more he demonstrates his true nature. His world-status diminishes with every tweet- and with every racist rant. As a man tweets from his heart, so is he.

  13. So I was reading the comments. How could other people not see that that was racist (FMH). Honestly, that's damaging. I hate how they say we are being sensitive. Truth of the matter, the reason why they think we are sensitive is because they never bothered to put themselves in our shoes. I would love for the world to suddenly change all the magazines and advertisements black with whites in the background and see how they would feel about it.


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