Count the Fail

I was going to ignore this one but...*shrug*.

I'll start: this song royally sucks.

This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no one
I reject your deconstruction of my taste

But ignoramus always look in my direction
They’re so frustrated I don’t keep it in the race
Like they’ve never seen this before
Like it’s 1954
But the whole world’s turning brown and who cares

I’ve got a thing for black girls
La, la la la la, la la, la la la la la
Yeah, my mom says
I’ve got a thing for black girls
La, la la la la, la la, la la la la la
You know I got some love for black girls
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well I have tried to taste the rainbow in my life
I’ve sampled many different flavors I enjoy
It’s not to say I wouldn’t settle down with Sally
Dilly dally with her heart like it’s my toy
I’ve been to England a few times
And it’s common over there
Plus the whole world’s turning brown and who cares

[Hook x2]

(I’m ? so what)
(And I need to know, where’s all the love for black girls)
(No the girl don’t need no tan)
(I keep on ballin’ hard for black girls)
*rubs temples*


  1. Excuse me! Okay, I am a bit pissed. It has nothing to do with the females in the video or the fact that they're loving each other. Here's my problem with this song. The lyrics. He has a "thing" for black girls. Like it's some kind of affliction or as if he's more intrigued by them than anything else. Then one of the lines reads - it's not to say I wouldn't settle down with Sally - if he loves black girls so much, why is Sally even an option. In the video it seems he makes the black girl more of the aggressor in many of the scenes, almost masculine. You know that old stereotype, we're all wild, savage and animalistic. Where's the love for black girls. Dammit I'm loved, I don't need your endorsement. This video just rubs me the wrong way. If he feels this strongly about black girls, couldn't he say he loves them and not has a thing. I know creative license and all that. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm to sensitive, but this video sux azz.

  2. This video fucking blows.

    This is just a cry for attention and an attempt to look good while doing it. It's the classic case of cake-and-eat-it-too - acquire Black female fans without pissing off your white female fans, and doing so by having them make out with each other so neither one feels neglected.

    Whatever. You want to make a video about how much you love Black women? Take notes from Monsieur Nov.

    1. Thanks for the shout out!

      Everything about the song screams hipster racism. If anything, this song feels like a bunch of shit a non-black man would say to a black women in the hopes of getting some booty. I can actually imagine some clueless due saying "The whole world's turning brown!" to some chick in a club.

      I'm still trying to figure out who's supposed to be the audience for this song. I can't imagine them actually releasing this as a single or performing it live...where?

    2. White kids are the intended audience.

      And you're welcome; as soon as I saw this vid I thought the same as you. If these dudes are really serious (doubt it), they need to some notes from Monsieur Nov. And I mean that literally - pen, paper, Nov.

  3. Compare this with Monsieur Nov's videos. His love is not a "thing" nor does he come across as being self congratulatory. He just happens to love/desire a beautiful woman who happens to be Black.

    This song strikes me as narcississtic because it is all about how rebellious and progressive he/she is. The song is not about black women, but rather how this "thing" makes the singer appear. It is skeevy. If you are a lover of women then being attracted to black women is natural. You are not a rebel. You just have really good taste. But the singer just uses black women to show off. It is not about loving black women for themselves.

  4. "Don’t tell me what I should like or what race I should do it with," he spouts. "I’m a rebel and I don’t care if I piss people off. Sure, I'll probably settle down with Sally or some other white girl; but right now I celebrate the freedom of privilege by doing it with a black girl. So suck it!"

    You see, I get off on going against the grain; flouting society's conventions. So how you like me now?” He muses with a devilish smile.

  5. Leo Princess5/8/12, 11:36 PM

    I've been seeing this video and its accompanying shitstorm around the black blogosphere, and I have no interest in watching. Not even morbid curiosity wants to be satisfied .

    1. I watched enough of it to get the gist and I was like, "Oh....*yawn*...FAIL."

  6. Chester serious?!

    I intended to listen to this song before I had to wrok. I just should have kept my ears closed. Good god..that song was beyond horrible. I barely understood what the man was saying. I mean my ears was aching from that song,not because it was too loud, it was bad.

    I agree. For a man who claims he love chocolate, but he isn't showing any real love to her. It does sound fetish like when he says I love Black girls. My question about him is 1) Will Chester have this love for Black women 50 years from now 2)Is it a fad thing for him. I also agree with Cendella, if he said that he love Black woman, why do Sally has to even be in the mix?I could see if he had two Black girls in it,but to have one White and one Black girl in it, that doesn't give an assuring answer in having love for Black women.

    There are some non-Black men you can tell who digs putting Black women in their videos.I don't feel that Monsieur Nov are putting them in his videos to prove any points. It's who he is. Far as that video he had with that Blasian woman, even if this woman wasn't black, it still tells you the kind of man he is.

  7. Sorry, but...when your song is about a man liking a woman of a different race but the video only includes graphic lesbian biracial sex, that just screams exploitation. And exploitation isn't that far from fetishization. FAIL

  8. Lifecoaster5/9/12, 1:08 AM

    But if he loves black girls, why isn't he himself in the vid? Why does he need the white female avatar to touch this woman? And why is it a "thing" but he still mentions "Sally"even though the song is about black girls? He makes dating black women seem like a fad like those awful Von Dutch trucker hats that were so popular. Also, why just one black woman? If you love us so, there should be at least three, because clearly Chester is too basic to get his point across with one.

    So. Much. FAIL!!!!

    It all reads like some spoiled trust fund assbag who's looking for a new way to piss mommy and daddy off. If he really loved black women, he would not have used such a juvenile and shit execution to show it. Or better yet, he would have known how exploitave and insulting this was and wrote a better song with a better video.

    In short, I give this whole crap bag two thumbs down, two middle fingers up, and directions to the blackest part of my ass.

  9. I agree with Ariel -- definite exploitation here. But I have to admit, my abhorrence for this song and its creators waned EVER SO SLIGHTLY... after I Googled "Chester French" and saw how hot these guys were. -____-

    That being said, the comments at Youtube are spectacular... from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    Thanks for posting this! Had no idea this song even existed until you did, and while I kind of wish it DIDN'T... it definitely opened up some interesting conversations. :)

    - Esther

  10. AAArrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhh. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  11. truthbetold5/9/12, 1:39 PM

    I was drink my tea while I click on this....I nearly spluttered my beverage all over the computer! WTF????

    Is this a joke? A cry for attention? Boredom? A way to make a fast buck?

  12. I'm laughing. Not because of this being funny, but the fact that it's full of so much fail. It's like...when you see a really shitty movie and a fly is smack dab in the forehead of a hamfisted actor as he screams, "OH MYYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDD", and you just can't help but laugh because it's so horrid. Seeing that the guys in this band are attractive has done nothing with my rage/lolz. In fact, I only laughed harder.

  13. Didn't even bother. A tall, warm glass of Drano is preferable.

    1. Shame, 'cause I was waiting for some next-level smack talk from you.

  14. I heard this a few weeks ago and could not get through the entire song. I don't know why some people think it's fucking revolutionary, instead of the egotistical, ignorant, racist shit it really is.

    A white man who boasts, "I’ve sampled many different flavors I enjoy" is clearly full of BS and does not respect women of any race/ethnicity.

    1. I couldn't get through the song either. It was excruciating.

      A white man who boasts, "I’ve sampled many different flavors I enjoy" is clearly full of BS and does not respect women of any race/ethnicity.

      For real.

  15. If he's got a thing for black girls then why is the focus of the video on the white chick?


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