Contemplating "When to Speak Up"

Why are we the only ones never allowed to say anything about anything that's said or done to us ever? If we push back against the racism that's spewed at the Obamas, we're racist. If we voice our concern about the whitewashing that's going on in Hollywood, we're imagining things. If we call out the constant black-woman bashing that's become all the rage lately, we being overly sensitive and insecure. And if we scream for justice for the unjustified killings of our black brothers and sisters, we're race hustlers.

So when are we ever supposed to speak up? When it's too late? When white people tell us that it's okay to do so?


  1. "So when are we ever supposed to speak up? When it's too late? When white people tell us that it's okay to do so?"

    When our most eloquent orators speak from their soul about the slights suffered at the hand of whites it’s usually construed as a challenge to the status quo; similar to inciting a riot. Furthermore, whites don’t want to be reminded what non-whites go through every single day, for such Empathy does not extend to people of color. If we can get non-whites to forget the past maybe then we might have a dialogue about race. You know, start from a clean slate an all. However, if you blacks keep holding us to account for present-day injustices how can we ever get to that point? (I’m about to drift a bit…)

    The One World Trade Center (rising to 1,271 feet) is as much a testament to the people who built it, as it is to its purpose for being there. It stands there like a towering obelisk; elegant both in symmetry and form. Its looming presence is a sentiment to the entire world: “we shall never forget.” Every time a white man (dressed in vintage confederate regalia) fires a shot from his imitation musket he’s saying to everyone in this nation- we will never forget. Let us Remember "The Destruction of the Tea" and the American Revolution that followed. Moreover, we shall do well to remember Independence Day with oaths and solemn observances; whereby the Lord our God delivered us from the tyranny of British rule. Let us commemorate the War Between the States and our Confederate heritage with pomp and revelry; for we must never forget!

    But some of those same whites would charge: But dear friends of color, let us refrain from remembering, The middle passages; not to mention that Peculiar Institution. Reconstruction, Jim Crow- Lynchings, Rape- Police Brutality or various other indignities suffered at the hands of whites. No, let’s not remember them or the painful memories they evoke. Let us strike such events from the history books and let us never speak of it again.

    So at no time is it the right time to speak up. Not when you live in the greatest nation in the world whites say. Complaining is tantamount to ingratitude. Whites want us to be so grateful we’ll overlook those isolated cases we’re always harping about. You don’t really want to know how the hotdogs are made do you. For such is the case when you’re on top. You don’t want to hear about the nasty- horrific, burdensome little details of what your race did (not only to get on top) but to remain there.

  2. truthbetold5/2/12, 3:41 PM

    When? Never.
    For the slave that speaks ill of his master and tries to run free suffers from a disease called Draptomania.

    For the woman who screams for the master to stop his violation is but a whore in heat.

    When? Never.

    For the white man created the most inventive of all inventions called servitude. And we should all bow down and praise his holy name for rescuing us from a sin of nature called Freedom.

  3. When to speak up? In a nutshell, never.

    White racist society will tell us that if you be " good" then the same treatment will be reciprocated back to you. I believe that on a personal level,but when it comes to them, it's just empty words. It isn't so much that they want us to be good,but the idea of being such means that they want Black people and other minorities to not speak up,be subservient to them and set us up to be used by them.

    That is why they are so much hostile toward Black people because as a whole, we do our best to he honest and not be bossed. I think about that stereotype about Blacks being " loud and obnoxious". In the literal sense, I've wondered how it all came to play. Most of the Black people I come across are no more louder than anybody else. I've learned that being loud to White society equated to speaking out against in justices that plagues our community and isn't going to allow people to hurt us like they days of slavery and civil rights era. I could imagine Black people trying to be "good" during those days. Did their obedience help them to be respected by their slave masters,no it didn't. No matter how good they tried to be to them, it didn't get them off their chains,they were still thought of them being 3/5ths human, and even when some of them were freed by their masters, they really weren't in that positions as they subjected to be slaves again in some states. When they fled elsewhere, the slavemasters were enraged about it and when you think about it, it's pretty much is like that today, only it's more of a mental /emotional control thing. As long as you don't say anything and surrender to a lie, you're more tolerated,but if you're fighting for the truth, you will hear them roar like a lion to stop doing it. We live in a society where people would rather hear lies than the truth.

    I look at this whole Trayvon Martin, thing. It's amazing how so cold and calculating some of these people are making him seem like the bad guy even with some evidence suggesting otherwise. Why would some idiots like them downgrade this boy in death? because they see us fighting for his rights as invading their territory. It's like they have this code of silence where it's ok for them to abuse us,but it's not when where trying to seek the truth in legal matters. I mean, I have looked at past incidences like Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse incident and the recent case of the maid in the NY hotel. Supposedly, the "truth" was found with these cases though it was suspect.

    I remembered reading about these events and the more deeper I read them, the more things didn't add up in all of them. I'm not a cop,but I smelled rats with these cases,but as usual,the White man wins. Far as the Trayvon Martin case, they see his supporters as a threat to their status quo. If this case was swept under the rug( like they planned to do), it wouldn't matter. Trayvon would still be a so-called thug and GZ would be doing his thing. For Trayvon's case and every other case before and after him, this will never be about them wanting to learn the truth about the matter, it's about us not be able to crack the code.

    I apologize for getting a little off the subject,but I just wanted to express that tidbit In my years of living, I've learned somethings about our almost inhospitable world of ours. It doesn't matter what race you're from, rest assured that e justice you will never have real justice if a White person wrong you. You literally have to pay for their sins. No matter how good you are or try to be, it's not going to stop the racists from badgering you in some way.

    1. truthbetold5/2/12, 8:12 PM

      Let them enjoy it for a long as they can. The end doesn't look good for whites.

      Somehow...they can feel it.

    2. Those recent DNA articles that touched off a firestorm in the white community got me thinking about John Carpenter's, In the Mouth of Madness .” The film is a Lovecraft-inspired narrative involving the extinction of the human race. However, instead of the antagonist (famed horror writer Sutter Cane); we have the politician Barrack Hussein as the Harbinger of doom. It is he who starts the change; ushering the end of white supremacy. Instead of the Black Church (where an ancient evil spills forth infecting the children and townsfolk) we have the White House; where Hussein’s Muslim-socialist agenda splits America’s racial dichotomy along its axis, inaugurating a global power shift. I was particularly struck by the line, “every species can smell its own extinction.”

      Hence we have the political right; whose gospel of intolerance becomes the metaphor that ultimately corrupts the white race, signaling its downfall. The more whites rage against Obama’s hidden agenda, the more chauvinistic and violent they become; thus- exacerbating their own demise.

      Using, In The Mouth of Madness as inspiration, we take you to one of America's last surviving white males as he speaks by short wave radio:

      “…the last of us won't have a pretty time of it I’m afraid. In ten years, maybe less, the white race will be nothing more than a fable people of color convey to their children. A myth- nothing more. As for me, I'll keep this broadcast on the air as long as I can. Well, the suburbs are almost completely deserted now; although there’re a few hold-outs in the rural areas. Fires burn continuously, while smoldering plumes mar the landscape. With no emergency services to speak of, this city will collapse under its own ashes. Oh the humanity!

      This staggering epidemic of white obsolescence has spread to every country in the civilized world. Even as I speak, more Caucasians have been either put down or quarantined. Still others have been driven to mindless acts of self-deprecation. We’ve received reports, hazy at best… of white people mutating; as their physical/ethnic distinctiveness succumbs to the norms of the racial other. Moreover, their skin- the very emblem of racial dominance (inured from centuries of privilege) appears to be darkening; their lips- thighs and buttocks, expanding in unrestrained proportions. Distorting... changing somehow.

      We’ve lost contact with California and most of the Southern Border States as of last night, so it's difficult to ascertain how many white people are left. If for any reason you’ve the urge to step out for a cappuccino or latte you may be one of the few whites who haven’t been infected. Take shelter immediately. Lock your doors; secure yourselves in safe-rooms or bunkers. Do not trust any friend or family member and may God forgive our hubris.

  4. We are supposed to remain silent and not rehash the ingrained racism that runs deeper in this country than oil. When HBO greenlights a television show about four twenty something white women and it is hailed as the voice of our generation. Then when people cry foul at the lack of POC on the show and the creators say that we are "just looking for something to complain about". Houston we have a problem.

  5. "If we voice our concern about the whitewashing that's going on in Hollywood, we're imagining things." I mean, because there's always that miscellaneous black person that's in the movie, right? I mean, if you just take your focus off of the main white characters, tilt your head slightly to the left and look in the FAR BACK behind the 2nd alley, you'll see that black extra. See? [White] Hollywood is completely diverse and you're just overreacting because this movie isn't like a Tyler Perry play. <----- Typical reactions I get from my white "friends" (who I'm starting to question)Hollywood is becoming so white that my goddamn cataracts are becoming mild in comparison to the blindness that the whiteness is causing me. (I'm 20 by the way.)But how can we blame them for not seeing past themselves on the screen? We as humans tend to resonate with those who look similar to us, because similarities lead to our conclusion that they can identify with our plights that we constantly have to deal with society. So for white viewers, everything is personally ok since they constantly receive the limelight and can identify with the characters in these movies. And when encountered with minorities, they shrug and say "Well at least we have a white lead to identify with: no odd racial encounter THERE."

    "If we call out the constant black-woman bashing that's become all the rage lately, we being overly sensitive and insecure." "How come you have to take every little black girl comment so seriously, Taylor? You know we were just kidding! You know you're like, super pretty and smart and stuff any guy would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend. Besides, you're different from the other black girls that we're joking about. You're special. You're not one of THEM." Well, THANK YOU very much for this esteemed honor of accepting me into your white society. But in case you haven't noticed, I AM a part of THEM. So long as my skin will always be dark, I will always be one of them. Just because you refuse to admit that one of THEM is succeeding in life and will stop at nothing to do so, you have to group me with the "other good black people". When will the day come when this bullshit will just stop?

    By the way, sorry for coming on real strong. My name is Taylor and I've been lurking around this blog for quite some time and felt that I should at least put in my opinion after mooching off of all of yours. XD I know: I'm bad. But I honestly want to thank you Ankh for making this blog. ^^

    1. Taylor said...
      "Typical reactions I get from my white "friends" (who I'm starting to question) Hollywood is becoming so white that my goddamn cataracts are becoming mild in comparison to the blindness that the whiteness is causing me. (I'm 20 by the way.)"

      As long as you refrain from bringing up the subject of race whites will be your BFF. The minute you start questioning the status-quo you'll view each other differently and your eyes shall be opened. Your white friends consider you to be one of the good ones... the exception to their rule. So don’t you start whining too,” they’ll say; “we thought you were different. There’s just one race- the human race!” This is when they really get worked up.


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