Colorful Media Update

Okay...back to business.  Ranting season is coming to an end, and we've got kinfolk to support.

Where the black girls are

In the Black Girls Club, we've been keeping strict tabs on Black women in American media.  I've been blogging there weekly about Taraji P. Henson (Person of Interest) and Kerry Washington (Scandal).  I even post eps from Hulu and quote commentary and interviews on the shows because, against my better judgment, I've fallen for them.  Henson is looking utterly fabulous as Detective Joss Carter, even with the often little screen time she's given.  And Washington has won me over as the powerful crisis manager Olivia Pope...affair with the President notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, on the web, Kim Williams is writing and starring in the webseries The Unwritten Rules, an entertaining (and very honest) show about a Black woman in a white workplace.  The production is top-notch, the casting is perfect, and the writing is quite amusing.

Courtesy of Shadow & Act, by way of the Blasian Narrative, we've also got a list of other Black actresses to look for, as quite a few of them have shows come out.

Black Women to Watch For, Pt. 1
Black Women to Watch For, Pt. 2

At the bar, Aldis Hodge drinks free

Talk about Black men to love and want to see more of...Aldis Hodge drinks free at the bar, all day, every day.  My adoration for the clarinet-playing, violin-strumming, genius hacker-portraying actor literally knows no bounds.  I initially started watching Leverage (2008) for Christian Kane, because I was feeling nostalgic about his portrayal of Lindsey McDonald on Joss Whedon's Angel.  But once I caught a glimpse of Aldis Hodge as "Alec Hardison", it was all over.

For those of you not knowin', Hodge plays a hacker with a severe problem with authority and a love of Star Trek.  His rival is a hacker named Chaos, ironically portrayed by Wil Wheaton (*looks at Neo-prodigy*).  In other words, the show caters to its nerds and has earned a gold star in my book.

Oh, Nikki, Nikki

After the dethroning of Amanda on Nikita, I hesitated to watch the last two eps.  The CIA nerd was MIA for a while, and the Nikita/Michael nonsense is going ahead full-force.  Sonia (Lyndie Greenwood) is officially the 2012 version of the 1960s' version of Uhura.  She sits at her computer saying ,"Yes, sir; no, sir," and I'm really sick of it.

Nevertheless, she and Nikita (Maggie Q) need our love because the supporting cast just expanded to include even more white actors, and so these two women are the last POC standing (and speaking) on the whole damn show.  Nikita's the only POC on the good side, while Sonia's the only POC on the bad side (again, which speaking roles).  Everyone else is white, and we're not talking about a tiny cast here.

I have Konverted

I've been strongly averse to watching Korean dramas because I've skimmed the plots, watched some eps, and can't take anyone seriously about anything.

Until The Great Queen Seondeok.

Leading character's female?  Check.  Her main rival is a no-nonsense bad bitch?  Check.  Luxurious ancient setting, replete with fabulous outfits and hairdos?  Check.

Hordes of jaw-droppingly gorgeous male actors?  Checkmate.

Seondeok had me passing up much needed sleep to spend hours on Netflix like a crazed junkie, night after night.  No, it's not historically accurate, and no, it doesn't friggin' need to be.

See what I mean?


  1. I like Scandal too, just not the weepiness. Thanks for all the media!

    To add to the list, for the kids:

    Keke Palmer in the Nickelodeon film, Rags

    Cymphonique Miller in the Nickelodeon tv series, How to Rock

    And on the Disney Junior channel is an animated children's show called Doc McStuffins.

    Also to my utter surprise, Nickelodeon has an asian male lead in Supah Ninjas. I note that the fabulous George Takei is in this show.

    And The Legend of Korra, features a dark-skinned indigenous female lead. I will recommend this show to anyone. Asian themed.

    1. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  2. Hi I would also like to add Sinbad to the list courtesy of sky 1 and bbc. There have been doing many promo throughout the year and now finally they have released a preview


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