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From Reuters:
"Shaken Baby Syndrome" was cited on Friday in the defense of George Zimmerman, the Sanford, Florida, man who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, in a case that has sparked a widespread public outcry.

Hal Uhrig, a lawyer and former Gainesville, Florida, police officer who recently joined Zimmerman's defense team, cited in a TV interview the brain damage that can seriously injure or kill an infant.

His point, which has been made before, was that Zimmerman contends he shot Martin in self defense and feared for his life after the 17-year-old attacked him and began pounding his head into the concrete pavement of a gated community on a rainy evening in Sanford on February 26.

But Uhrig's choice of words, and use of a recognized sign of child abuse to defend a 28-year-old man who killed a kid, seemed likely to raise more than just a few eyebrows.

"We're familiar with the Shaken Baby Syndrome," said Uhrig on the CBS This Morning program. "You shake a baby, the brain shakes around inside the skull. You can die when someone's pounding your head into the ground."

Apart from saying his client suffered a broken nose, Uhrig did not elaborate on the extent of any injuries Zimmerman actually suffered. But characteristic injuries associated with SBS, as Shaken Baby Syndrome is known, include bleeding in the brain. There are often no visible external signs such injuries have occurred.

Police have not arrested Zimmerman because the use of lethal force in self defense is permitted under the Stand Your Ground law approved by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2005.

The lack of an arrest in the Martin case has triggered protests across the United States. A special prosecutor appointed by Governor Rick Scott is investigating to decide whether charges are warranted, amid allegations of racial profiling and initial police bungling of the case.

If it goes to trial, Unrig said he and his fellow defense attorney, would defend Zimmerman under the Stand Your Ground statute.

"He didn't commit any crime," Unrig said on CBS. "He was attacked, broke his nose, hit his head into the ground and he defended himself. That's not against the law."

A USA Today/Gallup poll published on Saturday showed that Americans are deeply divided across color lines in their opinions about Martin's killing.

Seventy-three percent of blacks in the survey said they believed Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, would have been arrested if the person he shot dead was white.

Only 33 percent of whites agreed with that view while the majority of whites polled, 52 percent, said race made no difference in the case.
So basically, it's 1962 all over again; Black people are just imagining slights and racism is no longer an issue in this country, even if Black people are being lynched weekly and discriminated against in schools, housing, and the workplace. It's the 1800s all over again; there's nothing wrong with slavery and any Black person who seeks freedom is suffering from madness.

But then again, that's Amerikkka for you.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

By the by, We are Respectable Negroes reports that Neo-Nazis have gone to Sanford to "protect" the white community.


  1. Leo Princess4/7/12, 12:22 PM

    I hope he has solid, irrefutable medical evidence to support this malarkey. That's all I'll say before I lose my skull on this lovely Saturday morning.

    And with the way the police department has ass-dragged this case from Day 1? I can see a half-assed lawyer using that to get Zimmerman off.

  2. I have been busy this week but I heard about this "shaken baby syndrome" defense and it is deplorable. White supremacy will do and say anything to justify their horrific actions. The past and the present shows us that.

    Neo-Nazi's in Sanford? Well I am sure that the media scourge won't be broadcasting that like they should.

  3. Sorry, what? Are they trying to say Zimmerman committed murder because he was shaken as a baby? Or are they saying he's a 28-year-old infant that went ballistic when Trayvon shook him? WTF?

    1. Name, please. And yes, they're using Shaken BABY Syndrome as a defense for a 28-year-old man.

      From Wikipedia:

      The characteristic injuries associated with SBS include retinal hemorrhages, multiple fractures of the long bones, and subdural hematomas (bleeding in the brain).[2] These signs have evolved through the years as the accepted and recognized signs of child abuse and the shaken baby syndrome. Medical professionals strongly suspect shaking as the cause of injuries when a baby or small child presents with retinal hemorrhage, fractures, soft tissue injuries or subdural hematoma, that cannot be explained by accidental trauma or other medical conditions. About three quarters of cases involve retinal hemorrhaging.[3] Additional effects of SBS are diffuse axonal injury, oxygen deprivation and swelling of the brain,[3] which can raise intracranial pressure and damage delicate brain tissue. A recent study found the prevalence of retinal hemorrhages in abusive head trauma was 78%, but only 5.3% in nonabusive pediatric head trauma.[4] Victims of SBS may display irritability, failure to thrive, alterations in eating patterns, lethargy, vomiting, seizures, bulging or tense fontanels (the soft spots on an infant's head), increased size of the head, altered breathing, and dilated pupils.[5]

  4. I'm confused. What does this have to do with that ignant fuck getting out of his car and tracking Trayvon when he was clearly told not to do so???

    I'm done with this. Done.

    1. They are doing everything humanly possible to keep this white boy outta jail - that's what's up. And they're doing it openly, for all the world to see, without the slightest shred of shame.

      I mean, let's recap: Trayvon was killed in Feb, we're not approaching the middle of Apr, and Zimmerman still isn't in jail.

  5. The lawyer who is trying to argue SBS should be kicked in the ass for this. How fucking dare he, just what the fuck.

    And how in the fuck can people act like race didn't play a part in this crime. Zimmerman is a racist dick head and he killed an innocent boy and is not trying to play off this whole SBS thing as a goddamn excuse for his inexcusable actions.

    I want to put together a petition for when Zimmerman gets thrown in jail I think he should be denied parole and whatnot he should never be allowed to walk the streets a free man EVER AGAIN.

    1. Wow, typo. I meant And I trying to play this whole SBS thing.

      I wish I had caught that earlier >_____<

  6. This is straight bullshit. Zimmerman's lawyer is a joke. This is the same MF who claims he never heard the 911 tapes. What kind of bullshit is that. YOU follow Trayvon and then claim self-defense? He claims his head was bashed into the ground and his nose was broken? Where the fuck are the pictures? The police report claiming this shit? I wanna see an interview with an EMT or nurse who tended to these wounds, I wanna see a bloody T-shirt covered with grass stains.. Guess what? We won't see any of this, cuz these muthaf*ckas are lyin' they asses off.

    This is the reason why Lawrence O'Donnell WENT OFF on Zimmerman's lawyer when his punk ass backed out of an interview -->

  7. You know I didn't even read the second sentence of the you know they are going to say that he was a Klingon and it was his nature to attack.

    1. that would be more logical than what they are saying right now

  8. Gun-Toting “White Civil Rights Activists” Defend White Sanford, Florida Residents

    Um, to the Neo-Nazis in question (and white Amerikkkans in general), you're not the victims here. You're not Spartacus. You're the bitchy Roman blonde chick causing the problem As Zimmerman clearly demonstrated, you're not the ones in danger. Your kids don't get gunned down like ours.

    And if these 10-20 Neo-Nazis think that firing off during a "race riot" will intimidate the darkies...uh, no. The New Black Panther Party will simply start shooting back, and an unnecessary blood bath with ensue...with the Nazis on the losing end AGAIN.

    *smdh* People.

  9. Oh god! George Zimmerman is going from bad to worse.

    I just see a pattern going on with this. Ok, he don't have an injury on his head,now he has one. George don't have a broken nose,but when a reporter asked about it the missing bandage, she said that maybe it fell on the ground. Two audio experts say the cries in the 911 wasn't the recording of GZ,but one want to say that it wasn't Tray's voice. If there is one thing I have notice with this is that when George is caught in a lie, 1-3 days later,they come up with something? Georges after was interviewed again and he can't even concoct a good lie.Shame!

    Thank God that I wasn't the only would was trying to understand Lie 1,000,006 from Georges' camp. I was like ??? when I heard that. Are they kidding?! I guess,that GZ's camp are beginning to realize how new that fictitious that injury to the point that want him to have an invisible one like Shaken Baby syndrome to make it believable. I still wouldn't believe it even if it was the case. I'm quite sure that if he went to a hospital that they would X-ray his head to see if there were any internal injuries in it. From what I read, he turned down a second ambulance to tend to him and went to the hospital the next day. I'm still waiting to hear about the hospital he went to and the doctors he seen. Let someone mention this contradiction and give it a couple of days..they will have a made up lie as quick as fast food.

    In spite of the Neo Nazis being in Sanford, I still continue to pray that the will not let Trayvon's supporters deter them from seeking justice in his unlawful death. I've also heard that 5 Black men were were shot in Tulsa Oklahoma by a White man who pretended to ask for directions. They aren't sure,but they suspect that it may be a hate crime. Wouldn't surprise me that it is. These guys know what they are doing, they want to force a supposed " race-war" that they have wanted way before Trayvon Martin came out. Using this tragic case is just a great cowardly cover up to do so. I just hope that Tray's supporters will not fall into their trap because that is all they want and continue to pray that they will not let intimidation tactics deter them from seeking what is this case seeking for Justice for Trayvon no matter how it will take them to seek it..

  10. For years, young white males of a certain mindset have envisioned a race war, where they fight the noble fight for God and country. A young Charles Manson hoped to set off such a conflict (Helter Skelter) when he ordered the killing of Sharon Tate. Young white males are enlisting in the armed-service in vast numbers. Not just to experience the (adrenaline rush of killing brown-skinned people) mind you, but they’re intent on taking that specialized training back to the cricks an hollers- the trailer parks and neatly trimmed suburban neighborhoods. Preparing for the day they’ll be called to arms in defense of the American way of life.

    They’re better trained in the art of conflict than most blacks because most have grown up with guns in the home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to white men (during online gaming) talk about the type of guns they own. Pouring over ‘specifications/models and modifications’ as if they were born in a gun factory.

    White males make up the majority of SEAL team members. Additionally, white males make up the majority of militia members and chapter heads. They’re weapons specialists- snipers; experts in bomb-making and special ordinance. Should a race war ensue (God forbid) our innocents will bear the brunt of the causalities. Let’s be clear on this; doting white parents train their children to handle guns as soon as they’re able to walk. These self-anointed survivalists have underground bunkers stocked with provisions- gas masks and other wartime paraphernalia just waiting to use it. Years ago I was introduced to the daughter of a photographer who at the age of ten already knew how to kill and dress a dear. What irked me the most was that she had the temerity of referring to me by my first name.

    Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal building in broad daylight, murdering hundreds of innocent people. There are thousands of potential Timothy McVeigh’s all over this nation; some living right next door to you. Still even more with that warped- patriotic sense of privilege guard our Black President and his family every day. I pray God intervenes and that cooler heads prevail, for such a conflict would tear this Democracy apart. Should such disunion come about some whites will get what they’ve always wished for; a country without laws or restraint. A nation where racial-apartheid is once again the law of the land; just like in the video games they play every single day.

    1. Yet they consistently go after our very old, or very young, and specifically unarmed.


    2. Truthseeker4/9/12, 1:46 AM

      As one who lives in Oklahoma, one of the largest homes of the kkk, I can tell you that it is a powder keg right now, especially since Tulsa has seen a race war before.

    3. QueenofSheba4/9/12, 9:14 AM

      I'm sorry but I don't get this at all. Why are you praying instead of buying a gun and learning how to shoot it so you can defend yourself and your home if things kick off.

      Why are most black people simply PRAYING rather than PREPARING themselves for the worst case scenario, which by the way could happen individually to you or a family member long before it spread nationwide? Ask Trayvon's parents about that one.

      Why is PRAYER or MARCHING always the answer for black people? We are PRAYING whilst racists are TRAINING to annihilate us. You're sitting singing kumbaya and 'we shall overcome', whilst evil people actively plan to wipe you off the face of the earth.

      It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Someone please explain.

  11. WTF!!!!?????? Is this guy for real? Shaken baby syndrome? Now ive seen it all! Travyon's death has sent so many negative and positive aftershocks everywhere, its soo hard to hold on to the foundation of it: that a young man lost his life and that THE MAN WHO ENDED IT has to be in a court of law to answer the reason for his actions!!!

    Come to think of it, ive seen reports of some trials in the past on the news of cases like or similar like trayvon they report the person involved went to jail for a number of years or even life in prison, why the hell isnt zimmerman locked up. So he's goes into hiding and is free, maenwhile there's a man, (i forget his name) who they're keeping in jail for another longer period of time as we speak for killing someone ``to get the cases presented and running (i will try to remember who the man is and come back and follow-up)

    This is f'ing ridiculous!!!

  12. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  13. *Zimmerman is about as Hispanic as a Taco Bell $2 meal deal. Live with it.
    **Ever notice how when these nutbags target victims, they never seem to target actual thugs, gangbangers and the like? Because unlike that 49-year-old woman, 54-year-old man and the other 31-year old man, those young "g's" and "young bucks" are often armed and have no qualms against shooting back. It also explains why those Neo-Nazis who "patrolled" the U.S./Mexico border probably took great pains in avoiding cartels or "narcotraffacantes" who also have no qualms against shooting back. I doubt a Neo-Nazi vs. Zetas gunbattle would last long.

    ~ Mack Lyons, "Fear and Loathing in Sanford, FL"


  14. Is it me, or did the defense itself made absolutely no sense? But like I always say, whiteness is not logical.

    It seems that white people will go out of their way to protect their own even in they do something wrong. Is having white skin and European features so important to them that morality and common sense is out of the question?

    Apparently, that answer is 'yes'.

    1. Leo Princess4/8/12, 6:22 PM

      "Is it me, or did the defense itself made absolutely no sense?"

      I re-read it about three or so times, and it still doesn't make any damn sense. It's the Twinkie defense all over again.

  15. (I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'll leave it here.)

    Have you folks ever heard of this website called "Black Girls are Easy"? The owner wrote a post about Trayvon. What do you folks think about it?:

    And this is the post he is referencing:

    1. The titles were enough to make me roll my eyes.

      And anyone whining about being called a racist lose my attention from the first line.

  16. And for all the white people who are sick of Trayvon Martin, uh....I'm sick of George Zimmerman. I'm sick of that fact that he's still roaming free. I'm sick all racists popping up in his defense. I'm sick the bullshit defenses his waste of space lawyers keep coming up with, such as the one post above.

    And I'm sick of people picking meaningless fights with the media (and Black people, by extension) instead of getting mad at the incompetent-ass, dickless police officers who put us in this situation in the first place. If they had just arrested this dude like they were supposed to, we wouldn't be having all this hooplah, and I'm sick of people deliberately ignoring that fact.

  17. That defense of SBS is laughable. I guess they avoided the Stand Your Ground creator saying Zimmerman is not protected by the law because he was the pursuer. I suppose they avoided the part in the neighborhood watch manual that stated to never follow a suspicious person and that was the job of the police. Or even the part of the the handbook involving knowing your neighbors and who would be visiting/leaving town. Maybe Zimmerman was helped by the fact that his father was at the police station during questioning...Being a former judge has to have some benefits. And the so called "Zimmerman said punks" in the 911 call when he clearly said "c**ns" just to make the crime seem less "racially motivated". Zimmerman better go to jail. Nothing in this case supports otherwise.

  18. Please forgive my response for I mean no harm. According to Christian tradition, Daniel prayed before going into the lion’s den. Job prayed during his affliction. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego prayed (not only before their trial but also while inside the fiery furnace). It wasn’t to keep them from the trials; but rather it was to sustain them during their trial. Christ prayed so intensely, “His sweat became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground.” He prayed for himself yes- but he also prayed for his tormentors.

    As Christians we’re instructed to “Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.” As I recall Peter used a sword (The Gun of his Time) to cause injury to Malchus the high priest's servant. Yet Christ restored the man and said, “Put up again thy sword (Gun) into his place: for all they that take the sword (Gun) shall perish with the sword.” For most blacks in this nation racism is our affliction. We don’t pray so much that God will remove the affliction, (or postpone his work in us) but rather, that he keep us during said affliction; to perfect our faith and make us stronger. During the civil rights movement its of no coincidence that many of us met in the church before we went out to face angry white mobs. Knowing full-well that some of us wouldn't make it.

    Pray for your enemies. Prayer doesn’t necessarily make you invulnerable- it doesn’t necessarily prolong your life. It won’t necessarily change your enemy- or your financial status overnight. However, it strengthens your faith in a holy God. It moves God to action (not necessarily when you want him to) but in his own time. Now such beliefs are foolishness to certain folk, but it has sustained black people through tougher times. Especially during times when all we had was prayer.

    Shooting someone in cold blood (either out of vengeance or anger) serves little purpose. People die every day. It’s what you do with the time that is given to you that matters most. There’s no guarantee you’ll live to see 100, or your next birthday. There’s no guarantee my children will outlive me. I’ve lost two brothers and neither made it to age 30. One was at the hands of a young black male by the way. Killing 100 whites won't bring Trayvon Martin back; but it will almost certainly push race-relations back a 100 years. So even while we wait (and pray) for Zimmerman to be brought to justice, please let calmer heads prevail.

    Prayer changes things. To many Christians it’s an immutable spiritual law. If we take to the streets with our guns the only people we truly hurt in the end is us. For in this Mob mentality we turn on each other; burn down our own neighborhoods- loot merchandise and destroy property. But- “If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight my battles - Victory shall be mine.” Again, I hope I didn't offend.

    1. QueenofSheba4/10/12, 5:16 PM

      Interesting that you interpreted my call to 'self defence' for blacks as a call to some kind of vigilante justice. If you see blacks learning how to defend themselves from racist attack as an actual 'act of aggression', then that's attitude you share with racists.

      They too want blacks to be defenceless, and only armed with 'saintliness'. Funny how both you and the racists are devoted to the same religion as well (though their interpretation of it is somewhat more assertive shall we say). I wonder how that happened? Oh yes, they (slaveowners) came up with the idea of incalculating slaves with the christian beliefs of passivism, loving your enemy (i.e them especially as they looked so much like that new god jesus they'd introduced you to) and escape from suffering only AFTER DEATH. How very convenient.

      Oh yeah, and funny how effective this wonderful new religion was in eliminating the profound threat that the previously rebellious and dangerous black slaves posed to the slaveowners.
      Some things unfortunately haven't changed.

    2. I get what you're both saying, so may calm heads prevail.

      M. Gibson, a respected elder here at the bar, is simply praying for strength to survive. There's nothing weak about that.

      But my main girl of Sheba makes sense too; now's a great time to start teaching our kids not just to be careful, but how to win a fight.

      I don't like guns. I don't like how readily available they are in America. But if white folks are buying the hell out of some guns to shoot POC - and let's be real, that's what those guns are for - then POC need to stock up too. All POC - the Asians, the Latinos, Native Americans especially, and Black folks. Round Two is going to end much differently. We need to make it clear that we're not here for white folks' target practice anymore.

      In case some folks haven't noticed, they ain't going after folks they know will shoot back.

  19. My mom pointed something out to me the other day: Do you notice how Zimmerman's mom isn't saying anything? It was one of his friends that came out and said she's Peruvian. If he's soooo Hispanic then why are the white dad and all the random stupid friends doing all the talking? You'd think if she was so proud of her piece of shit son she'd jump at the chance to be his convenient, token Mestizo spokeswoman. What's the deal? She's very much alive. Did she "assimilate" and now it backfired? What the hell?

  20. Well, both of Zimmerman's lawyers have jumped ship-->

    The Loop21 claims to have emails from Zimmerman-->

  21. Personally I think the bastard has left the country. His racist ass had a 45 day head start. That's 45 days to plan his escape.

    1. Girl, you know he's gone.

    2. Leo Princess4/11/12, 12:19 AM

      I'm sure he was out before the first week was over. No way he was going to be around once the pot started simmering.

  22. AnotherPupil4/10/12, 8:18 PM

    This "man" is utterly lacking in empathy and courage. I would be embarrassed to have George Zimmerman as my son. Then again, if I had a son I would raise them to value all life.

    This man knows that he murdered Trayvon Martin and yet all he can think about is himself. I don't like the prison-industrial complex and I think that various structures in society have contributed to Zimmerman being able to stay out of the hands of the law as long as he has but I hope he is thrown under the jail. No martyrdom for this jackass. Note how the coverage of L. Goh portrays him as a lone crazy and a monster and yet there's all these rationalizations and excuses for George Zimmerman.

    1. his man knows that he murdered Trayvon Martin and yet all he can think about is himself.

      Thank you!!!!!!!!

    2. Leo Princess4/11/12, 12:21 AM

      I don't know how this ninja sits, or moves a around, with those Jupiter-sized balls of his.

      I am not going to that website. No way. He does not need any traffic from my side of the world.

  23. Hey @Ankhesen,
    Can we have a discussion about how people act like black children are adults? Black children are never treated like innocents who should be cherished and protected. People regularly falsely claim that black girls are "sexually advanced" or "sexually mature" to minimize sexual violence perpetrated against them, and I just had to throw up in my mouth listening to that asshole Zimmerman claim that he thought that Trayvon Martin was his age (as if that justified stalking him and killing him).

    The racist douchebag attacked and child and he made a non-apology that should be in the Guinness Book for largest piece of horseshit ever.

    But you know the majority of people on death row for crime committed as juveniles are Black. When white teenagers commit heinous crimes, they are very likely to be treated as juveniles and released when they turn 18 or 21, with new identities to boot. But white people old enough to know better (Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox) and who murder (yes, I said it, I don't care what the courts said, those women are killers) are treated like innocent children.


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