Say it with me, kids, "Formalized. White. Supremacy."

"There are dreadful punishments enacted against thieves, but it were much better to make such good provisions by which every man might be put in a method how to live, and so be preserved from the fatal necessity of stealing and of dying for it.

"...If you do not find a remedy to these evils, it is a vain thing to boast of your severity in punishing theft, which though it may have the appearance of justice, yet in itself is neither just nor convenient."

~ Sir Thomas More, Utopia (1516)
Say it with me, kids:  Formalized.  White.  Supremacy.

White folks in particular are really trying to claw away from this concept and all the evil it has wrought upon the world.  In their minds, Black men dying in the ghetto at the hands of other Black men has nothing to with anything related to white all.


We live in a white-run society where people of color in general are set up to fail, beginning in childhood.
People turn to crime because they are shut off from opportunities. The education system has specifically attacked youth of colour through disconnecting them from our history and purposefully under educating them. Look through the average text book and what you will see is White face after White face. This implies that Blacks have never contributed a thing to this world. Our students are geared specifically towards trades, or sports - they are never encouraged to actively learn. Even those who do magically get a scholarship for university, arrive woefully unprepared to compete at a college level because they have not been properly prepared. The lucky few who do manage to graduate with a mountain of debt, find no mercy in the job market. When White America has a recession, communities of colour have a depression. Tell me again why crime doesn't seem like a good option to these kids?

I'd like to add that mainstream media in particular has a despicable tendency to reinforce this with a vengeance.  And I'm not just talking about television and film and their cavalier  attitudes towards the deaths of POC (though I often do); I'm referring to music as well.  We've been over this.  White Amerikkkans conveniently ignore that white men are cutting the checks of these rappers, athletes, and video hoes.  White men decide what gets broadcast and who's in it.  Every illiterate boy from the hood who's granted a contract to limit and devalue himself and his own people is is very specifically chosen.  So is every wannabe chanteuse, model, or gold-digging housewife on reality TV. For every white person who asks, "Why do Black people do [insert public dysfunctional behavior here]?", the answer is actually quite simple.
"Shaq is rich. The white man that signs his check is wealthy."

~ Chris Rock, Never Scared (2004)
The message our kids get is this: You are bad. You were born bad. You will die young and be forgotten like trash. No one cares about you, and every day of your life is merely borrowed time. You have no future, so don't even bother trying to build one.

Like I said before, educator and activist Asheru, isn't being granted millions of dollars to tour the country rapping about education, or the importance of fatherhood and treating women with respect.  Lupe Fiasco's album Lasers was withheld for what, two years, before he was "allowed" to release a watered-down collection of socially conscious songs?  Meanwhile, his powerful song about Haiti, "Resurrection" (performed with Kenna and Mike Shinoda), went unnoticed.  Good luck hearing "Conflict Diamonds" on the radio, and forget about the average listener grasping the riveting brilliance of "Switch."

Rapper Wise Intelligent exposed how a white-run record label deliberately shunned him when presented songs where he rapped respectfully and lovingly about Black women.  He was told that such relationships were not "real" Black love.

By the way, don't even get me started on the deliberate exclusion of Black female rappers, especially the ones who insist upon keeping their clothes on and not rapping about sex.

My point?  This is a very deliberate arrangement of variables.  From the schoolbooks in the classrooms, to the TVs in their living rooms, to the stereos in their bedrooms, our children are set up for lifelong dysfunction.  They are set up to be criminalized, hyper-sexualized, and overall demonized by this society.
I reckon the Feds sent them anyway. Government probably bred those things to kill black boys. First they sent in drugs, then they sent guns and now they're sending monsters in to kill us. They don't care, man. We ain't killing each other fast enough, so they decided to speed up the process.

~ Moses, Attack the Block (2011)
Last but not least, Amerikkka, fuck the Second Amendment. For a country which touts itself as being so forward-thinking and enlightened, this particular amendment is as backwards as witch-burning. News flash, people: this ain't 1791.

Guns need to be more tightly controlled; suck it up and deal.  If you're a gun enthusiast who's never shot another person, never handled a gun while drunk, and never even so much as fantasized about shooting someone else...well, bully for you. Not everyone is as responsible as you.  We've got way too many trigger-happy cops and civilians out there trying validate themselves in all the wrong ways.  When I was in high school in West Virginia, this older white guy taught my health class.  Somehow we got on the subject of gun control (which I thought was a bit random) and he flat-out stated to us, "Let's face it.  When someone arms themselves with a gun and then goes out, they intend to use it.  That was the whole point of buying it.  They're just looking for any opportunity."

The rest of the world is trying to adapt to the 21st Century, but white Amerikkka seems hell-bent on rewinding the times all the way back to the 18th Century.  Dudes...let it go.

You want to have a future?  Deal with the ills of the past and present.  I've talked about Walking While Black and Walking While Female.  Long before white women experienced WWF in this country, Black women dealt with WWB and WWF - still do, but not like before.  Before, a Black woman was "asking for it" simply by existing.  Raping her was considered okay because she was "asking for it."  From childhood she was "asking for it."  She was built for "it" in the minds of white Amerikkka; she was considered subhuman and wanting/needing/enjoying violation.  That's what white men told themselves when our ancestresses screamed beneath them.

And from those days until today, Black men have been "asking for it" simply by existing.  From lynching to being gunned down, they've been "asking for it" - the nerve!  Wearing all that dark skin for the whole to see.  Breathing and living and taking up space as a human being - such a threat!  Best used them as target practice.  Best set them up to fail so they will fall apart and turn on themselves.

There is a deep rotting sickness in this country which will not "die on its own."  It will not magically vanish.  It will not heal itself until white Amerikkka fully faces its crimes, both past and present.

Britain has a similar situation, of course.  Notice how after the pathology is created, the people hurt most by it are blamed for it.


  1. Whoa! This sounds like something I would write. You go, girl.

    I don't know what else to say to add to this.

    1. Well...I have been reading one of the best (that would be you, by the way).

  2. Yep, this is pretty much America.

  3. Students in Detroit protest poor education by walking out. Wonder why THIS hasn't made national news. Cause you know, Black children don't care about education. Hmmmmmm...

  4. To privileged ears our lament is nothing more than corporate whine. “All you blacks do is complain; why is everything about race with you people? Why don’t you pick yourselves up?” They are as blind to our petitions as they are to their own privilege. Moreover, they control the narrative; they are the gatekeepers of this society.

    To paraphrase the Opening narration from, The Outer Limits: “There is nothing wrong with your television set (Or Race relations in this country). Do not attempt to adjust the picture (Or change the way things are). We are controlling transmission. (Hence the message) If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. (We control the variables) If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. (See above) We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. (We decide who succeeds and who fails in this society) We can roll the image, make it flutter. (We can manipulate the context as we see fit- and make you believe anything we want you to believe) and we can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. (Through the lens of white pundits- commentators and media personalities) For the next hour, (Century) sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. (For our view is better; our ways are the right way). We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery (Of White hegemony) which reaches from the inner mind to… The Outer Limits.”

    But Rome didn’t last forever. Soon many of the columns supporting this great nation will fail and the American Empire (as we know it) will crumble under its own arrogance. There’s a spiritual law which is as immutable as the law of gravity. It simply states, “You reap what you Sow.” God has no intention of allowing America to get away with her sins; she will be called to judgment in due time.

    1. "But Rome didn’t last forever. Soon many of the columns supporting this great nation will fail and the American Empire (as we know it) will crumble under its own arrogance. There’s a spiritual law which is as immutable as the law of gravity. It simply states, “You reap what you Sow.” God has no intention of allowing America to get away with her sins; she will be called to judgment in due time."

      Funny you say that, with all of the things going on I'm not going to be surprised. If America falls, what going to take over?

    2. mangomadness4/2/12, 1:12 AM

      @M. Gibon: I love the Outer Limits reference. I love science fiction--esp. Twilight Zone, Star Trek the Original series, the Outer Limits, Issac Assimov, Octavia Butler, etc.--so the analysis resonated with me.

    3. Spot-fucking-on!!! TOL is awesome!

      @mangomadness...I own all of those and co-sign to the nth degree!

  5. "We live in a white-run society where people of color in general are set up to fail, beginning in childhood."

    Yes and it is exactly why parents need to wake up and stop believing that our children are safe and protected in a world that is controlled by whiteness.

  6. There is a deep rotting sickness in this country which will not "die on its own." It will not magically vanish. It will not heal itself until white Amerikkka fully faces its crimes, both past and present.

    I hope I live long enough to see it.

  7. @Javan Nelums
    Funny you say that, with all of the things going on I'm not going to be surprised. If America falls, what going to take over?

    Scripture says, "Pride Goeth before Destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Hence, our pride and avarice will usher in this nation’s decline. Just as it did in the Crash of 1929 where just a handful of wealthy men controlled the bulk of this country’s wealth; manipulating mammon for their own gain. But this will be far worse. When God chooses to remove a nation from his favor; when he brings judgment upon a nation a chain of events begin to come about that have never happened in that nation’s history.

    America’s Military–industrial complex will be deemed ineffective in preventing the assault on its sovereignty; her ‘security blanket’ as it were, snatched out from beneath her. Her moral authority in the world will drastically decline. Her financial fortifications (which have been a model for the world) will be depleted or brought to naught. Tornados, fires- hurricanes and other natural disasters (which have already wreaked havoc on our financial/spiritual solvency) will act in tandem to diminish America further. (Just my opinion mind you).

    People of color have already made their move. The general consensus outside these borders is that America is already on the decline; such an opinion doesn’t just come from China alone, but from other democracies of the free world. Likewise one thing is clear; the people who will fill the vacuum left in this nation’s wake will be people of color.

    A quote:
    “Do we wonder that the barbarians are able to capture us, when we take our brothers captive? It is not at all strange that our states are being devastated and destroyed. We have long been providing by the oppression of the multitude for our own eventual capture, falling into captivity by our enslavement of others. Much later than we deserve, do we now at length suffer the treatment that we have meted out to others, and in the words of the Holy Scripture, eat the labor of our own hands. Under the judgment of a just God we are paying what we owe. We showed no mercy to exiles; behold, we ourselves are in exile: we deceived wanderers; behold, we ourselves, now wanderers, are deceived in turn: we took advantage of circumstances to ruin free-born men; behold, we ourselves are beginning to live on alien soil, and fear the same ruin.” Salvian: On the Government of God

  8. I agree with M.Gibson. The only people that think the U.S.A. is the greatest country on Earth are egotistical Americans and those that have been brainwashed by our propaganda. There are many countries with less violence, more voter participation, better academic test scores, better health insurance ect. Even Canada which has it own issues with the treatment of minorities does better in terms of violent crime and health insurance.

  9. Truthbetold4/3/12, 10:49 AM

    What most whites fear the themselves. They've seen the beast, and it is them.

  10. Truthbetold said...
    "What most whites fear the themselves. They've seen the beast, and it is them."

    I wish it were that simple, but whites are forever seeking reasons to project their fears on someone other than themselves. The brown/black/red-skinned person is the perfect vehicle for projecting white anxiety. Whites have become convinced that the monsters live outside their gated communities. Lying in wait like ravenous wolves to devour them the minute thy step outside. Whites instinctively ban together in times of crisis where there’s safety amongst their own. As soon as the racial climate in a neighborhood exceeds a certain percentage, whites abscond to whiter areas. It’s the reason whites are arming themselves in record numbers. Whites fear brown-skinned people. They fear black youth, Islamic extremists; counterfeit long-form birth certificates and Latino birth rates.

    Whites fear brown-skinned people so much we invaded a country. The Bush Doctrine is very similar to the Stand Your Ground law; but our leaders took it one step further. Should we get the 'mere impression' that a nation is Acting suspicious we have the right to invade or blow them off the face of the earth Pre-emptively simply because we felt threatened. Of course the premise was wrong, but it was white fear that revved up this nation’s drumbeat to war.

    The contrast is hard to ignore. In the movies whites are painted as reluctant heroes who answer the call to greatness. The box-office is besieged with movies involving themes of Valor and Bravery. In these epic big-screen apocalyptic fantasies Whites walk to the danger not from it. We’re talking ruggedly handsome (and pious men) confronting the unholy menace head-on to save mankind. But let too many blacks move into a white neighborhood and whites are gone faster than you can say Boo!

    Additionally, the election of a Black president has further stoked deeply-seated white anxiety and racial resentment; because for the first time in this nation’s history their destiny did not lie in the hands of a white man. Whites fear anything and everyone who doesn’t remind them of themselves. However, the serial killer looks like them. The pedophile (who wants to harm or kill their children) again, looks just like them. The politician- the banker; poised to wipe away their financial/social security, looks just-like-them.

    The Black Codes- Jim Crow; laws on the books that criminalized black like in the early 1900’s were all based on fear of the racial other. Laws criminalizing Cocaine and Marijuana were precipitously passed in fear of the effect these substances might have on brown-skinned people. American Indian Reservations- Japanese Internment Camps; quarantined high rise ghettos all have their impetus in white fear.

    Moreover, The Patriot Act (which granted sweeping new powers to law enforcement) was based primarily on fears of those brown-skinned people who look just like the terrorists of 9/11. The Supreme Court ruling which as of today allows strip searches for any offense, however minor, is based in white fear. Because we all know a law like this is not going to be used primarily against law-abiding while folk.

  11. M. Gibson
    "...minute thy step outside"

    Forgive me:
    "the minute they step outside."
    I'm sure they're a few more I may have missed.

  12. One of the reasons I wrote this post is that I'm seeing a lot of white folks lining up to "advise" black people on how to deal with this society in the wake of Trayvon Martin. Once again, the burden of white supremacy is being placed on black people.

    What I'm not seeing nearly enough of is white people putting pressure on the police or on the politicians. And what they don't understand is that when they "advise" black people in this manner, all they're doing is giving us fashion tips on how to keep to our place. Our reward? We get to live.

    1. Why do White society want to "advise" us in handling the Trayvon Martin case. I don't appreciate anybody telling me that I need to learn how to behave during a crisis like this.What person in their right mind will say( other than racists) " Don't express any emotion. It was Tray. he's not worthy of life, so why cry?"Their idea of advising is their idea of Black people keeping quiet and giving up our rights to them. Are they crazy? I hope that the Trayvon's supporters continue to so what they are doing.

      I agree with you to the fullest when you mentioned about the near absence of White people pressuring their local governments to help the family? I was looking at the Casey Anthony case. There were a lot of people where outraged about this. Don't get me wrong , I feel bad for any child to be killed in the manner that Casey did,but you didn't hear White people telling these people how to "advise" them and some of those same people wanted to kill her.It was ok for them to cry and put death threats against her,but as usual if were express our outrage against a 17 year old child, we have to be careful in what we do.

      I'm also tripping about their support some of them are giving GZ. George is half White( Jewish)/Latino) and that his dad is a retired judge. Now if he was just an ordinary man who was just minding his own business and a White man attacked him, these same " supporters" would have done him in the same manner as they are doing to Trayvon.You and I know that if he wanted to be a Neo-Nazi, they would spit on him. What sick cowards they are!

      No, Black folks don't need to be advised about anything..White society do. It wasn't Black people that created this chaotic racist society that we have today, we weren't the ones who started these war crimes( I just love it when racist Black people for the crime rate), or swindle people out of their money on Wall Street or introduce narcotic drugs to the world. Black people( as well as other POC's) shouldn't feel bad about anything and aren't responsible for the ills that are plaguing society. We started none of it. The big problem isn't us, it's about the critics who, until this day, refuse to acknowledge the truth and who could care less about the lives of other people except themselves.

    2. Funny you should say this because New Black Woman just went off about the same thing.

      And now survey shows whites & white Republicans are tired of hearing about Trayvon.

      To which a wonderful commenter on that article replied:

      This country needs to get used to seeing more ethnic crime reports in the media. There aren't hardly enough as compared to the majority race. Every other day I see the majority race on the news because there's a college girl missing or there's a mother who could have killed her child or a husband who could have killed his wife or a serial killer on the run or a woman studying abroad who may have killed her roommate etc...the list goes on. We see those stories everyday for years on the news, yet this one minority's story is on the news for 1 month and people are tired of it? Go figure. It's about time these stories aren't swept under the rug. I'd like to see more Black, Latino, Asian, Native American and Immigrant (LPR) crime victims showcased on the national news platform. Instead of us having to dig around to find the stories, they should be readily available to us!


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