The CSR Diaries: It'll Cost You

Neo-Prodigy draws first blood.


Before you call in to abuse customer service reps who have been nothing but respectful to you— and to be clear, I'm not talking about calling in and being pissed off over a legitimate situation—I'm talking about customers who go out of their way to be an ass to the reps, cussing them out and abusing them because they think they can get away with it; here's something you may want to consider.

You may want to be careful about using a CSR as a punching bag, especially if you're required to give them your physical address and your credit card information to complete a transaction in that same call.

It's basically the same as going out on the street cussing someone out and then handing them your name, home address and your bank information.

Not the smartest move you could make. And this is EXACTLY how fools get got!!!!!

Now I'm not saying I personally would use an abusive customer's address to track them down and deliver them a long overdue ass whipping and/or clear out their bank accounts and drive up their credit straight to Hell. I wouldn't do that at all because that is just wrong-wrong-wrong!!! I don't advocate such activities because I'm not trying to get locked up and those bastards aren't worth the effort.

But not everybody has Jesus in their hearts like I do.

You see the customer service industry has a high turnover rate so it would be nothing for someone to write down your information and keep it for when they decide to quit or move to another company. And in a company that employs millions and millions (to quote the Rock), you honestly think you'll be able to track down current and former employees who could've had access to your account information? That's if it gets traced back to the company in question.

So while you're showing your whole ass on the phones, feeling like a big shot because you're putting that peon in his/her place, you could also potentially find yourself financing said peon's new 72 inch HD flatscreen TV, their new Macbook Pro, their children's college tuition, and their weekend getaway to the White Party in Ibiza.

Who'll be the peon then?

Just saying.


  1. Oh this is gonna be fun!!!!!!

  2. LOL I don't mess with people who handle my food. I'm about to put CSRs on that list!

  3. This is something I actually haven't thought about since that time I worked for a call center which sold imported coffee (looooooooooong time ago).

    Seriously, CSRs have access to EVERYTHING - ssn#, credit card numbers, the exp. date & the 3-digit code on the back. And if you're talking shit to an international CSR.....fuggeddaboutit. As soon as you hang up, go ahead expect mysterious charges on your next statement.

    Like you, I personally would never go that far, but back in the day, CSRs I knew used to collect the digits of the bitchiest customers and prank call the living hell outta them.

    Which brings us to a related issue - only in America is it kosher to call someone whom you owe money and cuss them out. Yeah...try that elsewhere. Try that in Colombia. Try that in Thailand. When I brought this up to my mother, she snorted and said, "In Cameroon, they will send someone to your house...."

    You're right. This will be fun.

  4. Leo Princess4/4/12, 8:54 PM

    *evil laugh*

    Either they'll use your information, or they'll sell it to someone else. Just saying.

  5. This is something I will never understand with people. Why would you get upset at someone else because of *your* problems. Even when I was a kid I knew the reps on the phone weren't the people who conspired to give you those issues. More likely than not, you were the one who messed it up yourself!

    I'm a pretty calm person and whenever I talk to a CSR, I try to always be very patient, nice and respectful. And you know what? It's seriously paid off. I think due to that, I've actually never had any negative experiences with CSRs, always got what I needed done very quickly and in fact, usually even get more than I asked for!

    Case in point: A year ago I bought an iMac and not even a week had gone by before it had suddenly died. I called the Apple CS, and the man said that it sounded like a part failure and that I could get it easily fixed if I took it to the Apple Store. Well... I had shipped this thing straight to my school in the middle of freakin' nowhere and there was no way I would be able to get someone to drive me over an hour away to the nearest store. Worse, I couldn't even take it home with me on a holiday because it's over 50 lbs.

    I told the sales rep about my plight and he seemed to be thinking for quite a while, and said hold on a minute. I heard him talking to some people in the background for some time and he came back and said they were able to arrange for a repairman to come to my room and fix it for free. I was ecstatic. I told everyone about what happened and some people didn't even believe me because apparently "CSRs suck". No, they suck if *you* suck.

    Why can't people figure out that you can catch way more flies with honey than with vinegar? *smh*

  6. I don't know what make people think that they can just go around abusing people like that on the phone. CSR or people who work in fast food restaurants seem to get the worst end of the stick. If anybody who should be getting paid big money, it should be them.I admit to turning down jobs as a CSR because I know that I wouldn't last for 2 seconds with the attitudes they they have to take.

    People should be really careful in how they do CSR's or Food service workers because they never know who they may react to their customers. I've come across some fast food workers who have laughed and said how they got even with their customers food..some I will not repeat as some of you will be eating somewhere in the day... I agree with PSTD, if a customer is going to get nasty with CSR's or food service workers, unless you see them cooking in from of your face( and I'm not 100 percent certain about that), I wouldn't accept the food.

  7. ^^^This right here is exactly why I'm ALWAYS courteous and respectful to CSRs, whether in person or on the phone. My bff and I worked for Equifax. I did mail and she worked phones. While she had morals, some of her co-workers didn't. Her supervisor got fired because he 1. screwed up a customer's credit report because they bitched him out, and 2. he used info to get his own shit. This mofo was rolling in a Benz and had a fly-ass house in Buckhead. He'd been doing this shit for a long time and finally got busted. Whether he went to jail, I don't know, but I remember it being quite the scandal.

    Don't mess with folks who have access to your personal information. I mean, you'd think it was common sense, but common sense ain't common.

    1. See, I was only speaking in hypotheticals.

      Amaya is giving actual accounts.

      Point is proven.


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