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So there are some blogs out there which I feel aren't getting nearly enough love and attention.  I try to promote them on my Facebook and I try to interview some of the writers themselves, but I feel as though I could do some more.

Hence...Blog Pimpage.


Not so funny story.  A few weeks back some white troll came onto the Blasian Narrative telling I shouldn't write stupid posts about Native Americans being invisible on The Vampire Diaries because the Native Americans she knew just loved the show and their glaring invisibility clearly wasn't a problem.  Unbeknownst to her - and most folks who read the post - 'twas a young gentleman of darker tint who requested I write the post in the first place 'cause, you know...the invisibility of Native Americans clearly is a problem.

Which is why I'm such a huge fan of Cecelia LaPointe.

Cecelia is my spiritual sister; my adoration for her obviously has no end.  For all the folks ignoring the original inhabitants of this country or conveniently assuming things don't bother really need to read her blog.  Not only does she stay on top of Native news, entertainment, and history, her poems of struggle, pain, and sorrow will stop your very breath.  Writers like Cecelia are the very reason the blogosphere is so damn important.


I was first introduced to the 1491s when Cecelia Lapointe posted their haunting anti-domestic violence poem.  This sketch group of Native American comedians/activists are basically starting a revolution amongst their peers, encouraging them to Represent and embrace who they are.

Different Day, Same Shit

There is no end to my love for blogger Mack Lyons.

If you take the analytical mind Abagond, the perceptive wisdom of Brotha Wolf, and fused them with the unapologetic, biting wit of Field Negro, you get Mack Lyons.  Not only does he stay on top of racial and gender issues in America, his posts about politics are on point.  And his writing style has never failed to make me laugh aloud at the absurdity of the nation we live in.

Musings in the Dark

You ever read studies and articles or watch specials on YouTube about Black women...and then wonder where the hell these seemingly mythical Black women supposedly are?  If you want to read the writings of a Black woman who reminds you of, you know, a Black woman, Amaya Radjani's blog is a great place to be.  She talks about sex, "toys", lingerie, and literature, and her rants will you make feel as though she's been spying on you and taking detailed notes about your life.

The Black Girls Club

Speaking of Black Women, I built the Club as a safe space for Black women who want to talk about things pertaining to Black women with other Black women.  It's basically an extension of the Bar.  I did this to accommodate my various audiences: the Bar, my central blog, is open to all POC of all genders, talking about POC issues in general.  The Blasian Narrative tends to focus on Blasian issues (obviously) because the writer in me sees a thoroughly neglected market which would very much like to be catered to.

The Black Girls Club is just a place for Black women to sip Pink Moscato and comfortably vent about whatever we want.

Ars Marginal

This is the ultimate haven for nerds of color and varying sexual orientations.  I'd love to see its pages overflowing with comments from excited nerds from all over the globe gushing and sharing about their favorite comic book characters or how much some movie adaptation is going to suck donkey balls.  These folks are hilarious, sharply perceptive, highly analytical, and they clearly have a blast on their blog.

Latina Fatale

Latina Fatale is a beautifully organized, well-written blog which definitely deserves love.  I'm sure they'll post more often with more encouragement, but they tackle a lot of social justice issues not just concerning Latino communities, but people of color in general, and that's what we need.  We need more blogs written by all types of POC writing about all types of POC.

If you've got an more to share, please do.  Bloggers drink free at the Bar.


  1. I am a huge fan of you Ankhesen Mié! Thanks for bringing more visibility to my blog.

  2. Agreeing with you about Cecelia's blog. Just by following her and her FB posts have made me aware of quite a few things that once flew under my radar.

    *fist pump* Thanks for the plug!

  3. You're great Ankh! I really appreciate how you constantly inform us on other blogs. The fact that you recommend them tells me the risk of me being triggered is low. Thanks!


    Moni Roberts, an award-winning activist, and an phenomenal black transwoman. If you aren't reading her blog, you need to start.

    Definitely a must-read as it tackles a myriad of subjects.

    This site reviews urban fantansy from a social justice perspective. Another great site I highly recommend.


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