Why You?

Oh, so you're gonna be one of those.
You know...those?
A my-oh-my one of those;
an I-don't-know-why,
got me winding through the gray cubes
one of those, looking for a stapler
we all know doesn't exist.

Pencil me in
for paper clips, a legal pad, and those footrest things
for short people,
so the ergonomic department
will find the new girl in compliance.
Adjust my chair while you're at it, would you?
And tell me how these screens work again...?

I'm not looking up your email address, I swear;
I already know your full name
and how many languages you speak.
I know you don't wear a wedding band,
your favorite color's navy blue (I think),
and you hate your cell phone carrier.

Irrational crushes
 - that's what I don't know.
Last-minute coffee,
freebie calendars,
blue ink pens,
 - focus, damn it, focus!
I swear I didn't have a dream about you last night
'cause I'm not thinking about sex with you.
I'm just not thinking about sex with you.
I'm just not thinking about sex with you....


  1. I don't even neeeeed to ask...

  2. Perla Buttons3/4/12, 1:53 AM

    I love this poem. Been there, (sadly did not get to have) done that! Thank you for sharing it!


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