Um, Nikita? That was a major fail

For those of us who've been itching to see Maggie Q's Nikita paired with someone else - be it Owen, Ryan, a woman, anyone - this week's episode was a serious fail.

I was under the crazy impression that good parents put their kids first.  Once the kids are born and have developed the appropriate attachment, they come first.  So why did we have to see Michael choose his hellishly unpredictable life with Nikita over moving away with his little son Max?  I mean, Max doesn't know Michael's his father, but obviously he's attached, and Michael clearly wants to be with his kid so...WTF???

Are the writers this desperate to keep these two together?

For real, I was on the edge of my bed thinking this was it.  I was hoping the writers had finally come to their senses and were going to break apart this lackluster, passionless duo and let either the cute ex-CIA nerd or the rugged, tortured ex-Guardian step in to show how loving a warrior woman is really done.


Instead we see a man choose his girlfriend over his kid.  WTF kind of message is that?  The reasoning wasn't even sound.  Michael hates his life.  He wants to settle down.  He wants to raise his kid.  He has all the goals and intentions of a decent father figure and yet he passes the opportunity up so he can dodge bullets with his woman?  Nope.  *shakes head*  Not buying it.


  1. Leo Princess3/25/12, 12:07 AM


    Sounds like the writers need to watch the USA edition of La Femme Nikita, and catch themselves a clue.

    And people wonder why I was mega-pissed when I heard Nikita was coming to C Frigging W. They couldn't do spy/dark thriller drama if it drop kicked them in the face!

  2. It should been not pairing at all. Me personally I would like to see no romance in an a action show..maybe family..but not relationship unless it's done right...I never saw the show. But I notice that all the males in the show are yeah me no like show..bad show

    1. Honestly, I'd prefer that too. Alex's character isn't trapped in some boring relationship, and it's going well. The same would work for Nikita.

      Or a lesbian relationship. Would it kill us to have a shero who likes chicks for a change????

    2. Leo Princess3/25/12, 12:27 AM

      Come on, Ankh. You know the female lead has to experience true (hetero) love! You have to have a great big (mainstream) romance for your sheroes, yo! You HAVE TO!!!!!11111eleventyfirst.

    3. "Or a lesbian relationship. Would it kill us to have a shero who likes chicks for a change????"

      1. Done Right: Not some fan-service crap that turns guys on. Not some ecchi stuff. (Yes I know, I'm a manga fan)
      2. Have someone who know what they are doing. Like I don't want to see a character writen by someone who don't have a clue on what they are doing.
      3. Can't comment too much (I'm a straight dude), but I do think that they should diversify the writing team on the show.

      What they should of done was to take out the love interest and added a Master/Student device. Have Nikita training a young person (male or female) kinda like Batman and Robin (not the campyness). It's pretty rare to see a female lead training someone without the sexually overtones

  3. I had no problems with him choosing to stay with Nikita. He loves her and needs to finish this thing and protect Max. I thought it was clear that he couldn't run off with them because all his enemies would eventually find him and endanger Max and Cassandra. He has to finish this thing with Percy and Division. Then he can still see Max and be with Nikita. Though I'm sure it will never work out that way.

  4. They should never have been a couple. The story works waaaaay better without involving all that "love" bullshit. Michael and Nikita have about as much chemistry as an English textbook. If they had to boo her up with someone, it should have been with Owen.

    *sound of flushing toilet*

    1. THANK YOU.

      Michael and Nikita have about as much chemistry as an English textbook.


  5. on the one hand, i'm glad that he made up his mind one way or the other. because the way he kept flip flopping back and forth between family man and secret agent guy.

    knowing him had he gone with cass and max, he would've done something stupid to get them all in danger, so he probably made the right call.

    but yeah i'm with you. i'm team cute ex-cia nerd up in this piece.

    and i don't care what anyone says, ari tasarov is FINE as hell. he can get it any day of the week.


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