POC of the Vampire Diaries: Lucy Bennett


Carter and Nurse Haynes

Aside for the fact that Lucy Bennett is 1) a cousin to Bonnie Bennett, 2) a witch, and 3) briefly indebted to the vampire Katherine, we know nothing about this woman.

Beautiful actress Natashia Williams showed up in one episode back in season 2 (the same ep where Aimee Bradley died).  That was in 2010 and she hasn't been in anything else since (according to IMDB), so she must've needed the paycheck.

So she shows up at the masquerade ball to help Katherine get a moonstone back from the vampires Damon and Stefan.  Once again, a dark-skinned Bennett witch is serving the lily-white Katherine.  It's hurriedly justified the same way it was for her ancestor Emily Bennett - Katherine saved her life and so she owes her.

Say it with me, bar patrons: WEAK.

Um, could we get some details with that bullshit, please?  Like, does Katherine deliberately put these witches in danger and then rescue them so they'll owe her?  Because I find it odd that these supposedly Great & Powerful witches keep finding themselves in the service of Katherine.  Coincidence?  Um...no.

Witches can drop vampires with a single look in this 'verse, or send them flying across rooms with a slight hand movement.  They can paralyze vampires, or set them on fire with a splash of water and a single thought - why haven't all the vamps in the world been reduced to ashes by now????

But I digress.

Bonnie and Lucy run into each other at the masquerade ball.  Lucy lies at first and pretends not to know who Bonnie is.  She then goes and confronts Katherine for not telling her another witch was involved.  Katherine reminds Lucy of her debt and basically puts her "back in her place".

Bonnie, knowing that Lucy just has to be a fellow witch, confronts her and the two do some brief weird channeling thing.  Bonnie realizes she can trust Lucy, and Lucy uses the moonstone to incapacitate Katherine (finally!!!!) while admonishing her again for not telling her another witch was involved, specifically a Bennett witch.  It was a great interaction because in a way, it was like hearing Grams all over again (Lucy actually does quote Sheila Bennett about witches getting into vampire's messes).  It was great to see a witch who didn't just inexplicably turn against her family to serve vampires (*gives Greta Martin the side-eye*).

Bonnie and Lucy bond over being cousins, and when Lucy starts to leave, Bonnie begs her not to go.  It's sad really; you can see how much Bonnie wants to be with family, as well as other witches in general.  Lucy assures her they will meet again some day.

And then...she lives!!!

Viva Lucia!!!!
The episode ends and Lucy lives!!!

...And we ain't seen hide nor hair of her since.


  1. Ankh, I beg of you. Please don't ever watch this show again. I can't take it. My heart can't take it, girl.

    1. Hon, I'm done. TVD wore me out. I don't even have the strength watch True Blood.

    2. understandable. And don't watch it again. It gets much worse. I said it ever since season 2 and I say it again. The show is heteronormative, homophobic, racist and sexist. And I mean sexist in both directions. All these gay dads, drawing males, cop females and token blacks are jus lip-service in my mind. Absolutely nothing else.


    1. Too late. Watching the first episode right now.

    2. Leo Princess3/6/12, 9:23 PM

      I hope you have plenty of scotch on hand, Ankh.

    3. Not necessary. Simply watching kills brain cells aplenty.

  3. "The episode ends and Lucy lives!!!

    ...And we ain't seen hide nor hair of her since."

    That's because her ass is planning to stay alive.

    Ankh, don't watch True Blood. No really don't. If you think Bonnie has been put through the ringer, you ain't ready for the shit they've done with Tara.

  4. There's a Tumblr page dedicated to hating Bonnie: These fangirls are nuts.


    1. In the case of Bonnie...what exactly do they hate? There's not enough of her TO hate; she's often missing from entire episodes.


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