POC of the Vampire Diaries: Gloria

Charmin Lee

Gloria is a witch (I know, big shocker, right?) from season 3 of TVD.  She runs a club where she's been performing at least since the 1920s.  She found a way to slow the aging process, but she's not immortal.  Because of the age difference, Gloria's portrayed by two different actresses: Enisha Brewster in the flashback to the 1920s, and Charmin Lee as present-day Gloria.

Enisha Brewster
Gloria has only appeared in two episodes so far, and I highly doubt we will see her again.  She met the vampires Stefan, Rebekah, and Klaus back in the 1920s, and when Klaus shows up again needing her help, she agrees to help him out.  This brings up a host of questions which are never answered (surprise, surprise):

1) How and when did Klaus find out Gloria was witch?  Did he learn her secret back in the 1920s?  Before?  After?  When?

2) What's the nature of their "friendship"?  Is it on again, off again?  How did he know she'd still be in Chicago after all this time?  Did they stay in contact after the 1920s?

3) Say they're not really friends; why does Gloria agree to help him?  As a "servant of nature" (which is what all these predominantly Black witches/warlocks are constantly referred to on the show), shouldn't she be trying to exterminate the vamps?

Since the vampire Stefan is Klaus's hostage at this point, and he has some info Klaus needs, Gloria decides to get it for him.  Stefan unwisely tries to rush this old, powerful, clearly seasoned witch, and well...you know....

Cue Pain Infliction spell.
When Stefan doesn't hand over the info willingly, Gloria performs a paralysis/interrogation-type spell to get the info from him as painfully as possible.

Unanswered question #4: Why introduce such a powerful witch now only to keep her around for two episodes?  I mean, why even bother?  And why keep telling us how "powerful" these witches supposedly are if you're just going to kill them all off so easily?  The writers are basically telling us that the only reason Bonnie Bennett is still alive is that she has a friend whom all the vamps adore.  If Elena wasn't her BFF, Bonnie would already be dead.

Which, of course, brings us to the dead Negro portion of the evening.

RIP Gloria
Stefan is rescued by the vampire Katherine who sneaks in and stabs Gloria during her interrogation.  For some reason, the Great & Powerful Gloria doesn't have the power to sense her coming , nor does she have her club rigged to alarm when supernatural creatures enter uninvited, nor does she think to send Katherine flying across the room or mystically catch fire or do - I dunno - anything instead of just stand there and get stabbed.

Thus we get Unanswered Question #5: why do these actors keeping signing up to be on this show?  I'd understand if Enisha Brewster needed a quick paycheck and some exposure, but Charmin Lee???  What blood debt did she owe and to whom?


  1. Yea this show is getting on my nerves...and I'm not even watching the show, I just don't understand why you're still watching this mess of show still. I'll be completely honest the more I hear about this show the more I hate it.

    my only question is why can't they kill off one of the white characters for once I mean seriously.

    1. They actually kill white folks all the time, especially the women. I swear, the misogyny level on this show is ridiculous.

      But as I said before, there are plenty of starring main white characters whom we see in every episode. Bonnie's the only starring Black character, and we don't see her in every ep. Seriously, 3-4 eps in a row will go by and she just won't be there.

    2. How am I not surprised that's the case...typical. And this is why I don't really watch Tv that much.

  2. Leo Princess3/5/12, 6:09 PM

    With all these (supposedly powerful) black witches, you'd think the whole Trans-Atlantic slave trade would never have happened. I'm just saying.

    Also: All those powers, yet they die so quickly and easily? Something's up with the curriculum at their witchcraft academy, man.

    1. With all these (supposedly powerful) black witches, you'd think the whole Trans-Atlantic slave trade would never have happened. I'm just saying.

      And so say us all.

  3. Just tasteless....

    The first time I saw her , the very second, I thought she had a charming face. No joke. She is beautiful!

    Then I see her name. *smiles*

  4. "I swear, the misogyny level on this show is ridiculous."

    Oh pish posh woman. There's no misogyny on the Vampire Diaries. They have women on the show after all.

    Next you're going to be claiming the show has racefail even with all of the POCs this show features.

    *dodges a vase and runs*

    1. *chases after with a high-heeled shoe*

    2. *...and a watergun*


    4. Also wasn't the duplicitous bartending witch, the same damn plot they attached to the goddess Gina back in season 1. They aren't even trying to be original in killing us off now.

    5. Neo there's no need to be original us POC are all one monolithic group of people.


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