Kittens, Ugly Ricky, and Suicide for the Cause

Clearly we need to talk about this.  I noticed that on the last thread, it was on a lot of people's minds.

For starters, the Bar commends Sandra Fluke.  All she wanted to do was point out something that's been obvious to women for forever: the biggest problem with birth control pills is that they're called "birth control" pills, when not every woman takes them for that (a fact which I've noticed Republikkkans are ignoring like it hasn't been stated a thousand times).  Now, I'm not going to go so far as to call Fluke a hero; she's protected by white privilege and class privilege, and anyone with two brain cells so we all knew any backlash against her would be punishable.

First of all, the Republikkkans really showed their ass on this one.  They have just handed the Presidency to the Democrats; my coworker calls such a move "suicide for the cause."  Let's be real: Mittens and Ugly Ricky will never be president; Mittens is a pampered rich kid with millions stashed abroad to avoid paying taxes, and Ugly Ricky has "the finest mind of the 13th century".  Together, they make George W. Bush look like...well, Barack Obama.

I don't know what the Republikkkans were thinking taking on women's health, with an all-male panel of rabbis and priests, no less.  What century do they think this is?  See, they got comfortable.  When they started their little anti-abortion bullshit with Black women, they didn't get sufficient reaction.  They thought that if they widened the scope and got on the case of non-Black women as well, they'd get more traction.

What's good for the goose ain't good for the gander here in Amerikkka, and the Republiclowns were crazy to believe otherwise.

Obama timed this ish perfectly (I bet it was Michelle's idea), because women everywhere in this country are riled up to break their collective foot off in some Republican ass.  Talk about suicide for the cause!

And now, Bar patrons...Rush Limbaugh.

Behold the man whose mouth is so big Mittens is too scared to tell him to shut it.  In fact, forget the nickname "Mittens".  He's such a chicken shit we should officially refer to him as "Kittens".  As Field Negro points out, this is not the kind of man you'd want to send to deal with folks who are just itching to blow a new crater in our little moon Amerikkka.  Two minutes alone with Kittens and they'd blast a new hole into this country simply on principle.

But I digress.

Rush's advertisers starting pulling out after this, and so he issued a no-pology which (surprisingly) didn't win them back.  And now much of Amerikkka is giving Rush the side-eye but...where was that side-eye when he was trashing people of color?  What took his backers so long to finally pull out?  Is there anyone at the Bar even remotely impressed with this shit?  Hell, I was more ecstatic impressed with Andrew Breitbart keeling over at 43; at least more was accomplished there, and permanently so.

Now if only he'd taken Limbaugh with him.  Hey...maybe it's a sign....


Want Viagra?  Ohio lawmaker wants men to get a second opinion (Thanks, Bcbgrl33!)


  1. "...Much of Amerikkka is giving Rush the side-eye but...where was that side-eye when he was trashing people of color?"

    Thank you! There again speaks volumes in regards to how this country values or not values POC.

    1. What century do they think this is? See, they got comfortable. When they started their little online pharmacy no prescription anti-abortion bullshit with Black women, they didn't get sufficient reaction. They thought that if they widened the scope and got on the case of non-Black women as well, they'd get more traction.

  2. I'd rather not call Satorum Kittens because that's an insult to the animal which absolutely adorable...can't we call him a Pansy or something.

    And I agree if you can't stand up to Limbaugh imagine who else he couldn't stand up to. Stupid Repulicans the Oval Office is for Obama for Term 2. I can't stand any of the republican candidates it is so pathetic what the republican party came up with this time. I swear when the next generation comes around they're not gonna believe this shit. They are really not going to believe this actually happened, they really aren't.

    1. Kittens = Mitt "Mittens" Romney.

    2. Leo Princess3/9/12, 12:21 AM

      Mittens. Every time I read that name, I picture one of those extra fluffy Persian cats with a large bow.

      And then I chuckle.

    3. The likelihood that the next generation will even know about any of this is slim to none. They're already trying to teach kids that transatlantic slave trade...oh excuse, the triangle trade...was a weekend cruise and that slavery was the white man attempt to free the darkies from the horrors of africa. I'm sure the republican shenanigans of this election will be little more than campfire tales

    4. Whoops. Im sorry but both of them are of equal cowardice. Santorum is still a pansy and so is Romney.

  3. I was wondering when you were you going to talk about this. But in all seriousness, where the fuck were those same white hipster kids on tumblr rallying for Rush's head when he said some fucked up shit about the FLOTUS? Or fuck, any other woman of color, for that matter. Where were they? What happened to being 'free-thinking' and 'liberal', and 'Eco-friendly, Neo-Pagan, Atheism/Christianityness'? Where were those asswipes on their tumblrs and skrillex haircuts and soy lattes? Where. Were. They?

    1. You know where they were. In a coffee bar or hipster club swathed in their white privilege.

      They don't care when it happens to black women or other women of color. They love to whitesplain the hell out of that shit.

  4. where was that side-eye when he was trashing people of color?

    That's why I have said not a word, no re-tweets nothing. You don't support me, I don't support you.
    If this were a black woman, you would have seen numerous rationalisations such as
    well poverty, upbringing, culture, environment, we can't afford 'welfare mothers, lack of education, its GANGSTA RAP!!! they are sexual beings, fix their community first! lol.

    I used to get soo frustrated with the it and try to explain, now I recognise the pathology and just quietly note who my real allies are.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!

    This is why I couldn't get behind the Sandra Fluke situation. Don't get me wrong. I applaud her for taking a stand and I fully support her efforts and wish her well.

    My issue is with white feminists and society. Where was this outrage at when Maxine Waters got called a crack ho? Where was this outrage at when Whitney Houston was demonized and called a nigger? And even though she's fucking up now with her own racefail, Rhianna didn't get this kind of support when she got called a nigger bitch.

    And real talk, of all the shit Rush has said and done over the years, this doesn't even rank. And that's the fucked up part.

    Sadly though, I hate to say this, I'm not sure if Obama has been handed the election. November is a long time away and white folks tend to have a very short memory when it comes to controversy and outrage. And all it would take would be a Sarah Palin or a Michele Bachman or hell for that matter a Herman Cain to be a VP running mate and all would be forgiven.

    1. Lord,'re right.

      *crawls back into comfortable crate and closes lid*

  6. Saw a list of the corporate sponsors that pulled out on the Rachel Maddow show.

    To avoid these companies by not spending money with them would be like avoiding daylight.

    Sickening....nearly all the major corporations in the United States!

  7. Like I said, my popcorn's ready...


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