Chief Lee, it's called "credibility." You lack it.

May the gods bless and cradle Trayvon Martin. He deserves sooooooooooo much better than this.

Secondly, thanks to everyone who's helped me keep tabs on this.  Your links have been very helpful.
1 - When Bill Lee Jr. took over as police chief in Sanford, Fla., last May, he promised to polish the force’s image and clean up an agency that had lost the confidence of many residents, particularly in the black community. (source)

2 - Robert Zimmerman's letter challenged critics who have said his son was the aggressor that night:

"At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event became public, and I hope that will be soon," the letter said, "everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media."

...Zimmerman's letter claims Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multi-racial home: "He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever ...," the letter says. "The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth." (source)

3 - SANFORD -- They heard the desperate wail of a child, a gunshot, and then silence.

Trayvon Martin, 17, died Feb. 26 in a dark pathway some 20 minutes after a neighborhood watch volunteer called police saying he thought a young stranger looked suspicious. It was raining, and the volunteer thought the kid in the hoodie walked too slow and peeked in windows.

Three witnesses contacted by The Miami Herald say they saw or heard the moments before and after the Miami Gardens teenager’s killing. All three said they heard the last howl for help from a despondent boy, and believe the sequence of sounds shatters the notion that Trayvon was killed in self-defense.

...“This was not self-defense,” Cutcher said. “We heard no fighting, no wrestling, no punching. We heard a boy crying. As soon as the shot went off, it stopped, which tells me it was the child crying. If it had been Zimmerman crying, it wouldn’t have stopped. If you’re hurting, you’re hurting.”

She and her friend say they heard the sounds from a few steps away, where they were inside beside an open window. Seconds later, they dashed out to find a boy face down on the ground and a man standing over him, a foot on each side of the body on the ground, with his hands pinning the shooting victim down.

I asked him, ‘What’s happening here? What’s going on?’ ” said Cutcher’s friend, Selma Mora Lamilla. “The third time, I was indignant, and he said, ‘just call the police.’ Then I saw him with his hands over his head in the universal sign of: ‘Oh man, I messed up.’ ”

The women, who were the first on the scene, said they saw Zimmerman pacing back and forth.

...“I saw someone lying on the ground, and I heard screaming,” said Austin, 13, whose mother asked that his last name not be published. “I don’t know that it was the person on the [ground] who was screaming, but to me it sounded like a kid who was crying. It was a yell for help, and I think it was Trayvon.”

Austin wasn’t sure if the person was in a fight or had slipped and gotten hurt. Austin’s boxer puppy got off the leash so the boy went chasing after the dog and lost sight of the scene for a moment. Then, he heard a gun go off.

He ran home and told his sister to call the police.

The boy, who is black, has been rattled ever since. He feels angry and disconcerted, and wonders whether he’s at risk too.

“That people can stereotype like that makes you scared,” he said.

...Zimmerman, whose whereabouts are unknown, was not charged, and the case is now under review by the Brevard Seminole state attorney’s office. Local and national black leaders have rallied around the incident as the latest example of a double standard of justice in what they consider a case of racial profiling.

On Thursday, Zimmerman’s father hand-delivered a letter to the Orlando Sentinel, disputing widely repeated version of events, saying his Spanish-speaking son is not a racist.

“The media reports of the events are imaginary at best. At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “When the true details of the event become public, and I hope that will be soon, everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media.”

A rally is planned for the Sanford City Council meeting March 26. Leaders are asking people to show up carrying Skittles, the candy Trayvon carried in his pocket when he died.

The witnesses say they are coming forward now because they were shocked when no arrest was made.

“They are protecting Zimmerman for some reason,” Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton said in Miami. “They are protecting him and we feel that Trayvon is the victim.”

Lee said the matter needs to be taken to a grand jury as soon as possible.

“If the roles were reversed, our investigation would be exactly the same,” he said.

Our investigation is color blind and based on the facts and circumstances, not color. I know I can say that until I am blue in the face, but as a white man in a uniform, I know it doesn’t mean anything to anybody.” (source)
That's right, Chief. It doesn't mean anything to anybody. Just ask Oscar Grant, Kelly Thomas, Danroy HenryCharles Blair HillDerrick Jones, Aiyana Jones, Ramarley GrahamJohn T. Williams, Vincent Chin, and Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca just how little the word of a cop means to civilians.  Keep in mind, Chief, when it comes to the distrust and overall loathing from the populace, cops have this uncanny ability to nurture that all on their own.  Rodney King, anyone? Um, how about 15-year-old Chad Holley - y'all remember him?

Granted, white cops are particularly detested, and Black and Latino men are the most targeted, but talk to white folks living in broke regions like Appalachia about cops.  Even the friggin' 6-year-olds out there don't trust them.

Chief, let me break this down for you.  You had one thing to do and one thing only: arrest George Zimmerman and throw his ass in jail.  That was it.  Instead, you're whining about being a white cop, deluding yourself into thinking your average sane citizen would ever see you as a victim in this situation.

An innocent boy is dead.  His family is permanently devastated.  An entire community is in uproar.  That's what everyone else is caring about.  That's what everyone else is focusing on and trying to get resolved.  So instead of making this all about you, remove your head from your blue-privileged ass and get with the program.

Like...are you even concerned that the dude who confessed to the shooting is, I dunno, AWOL?  Did you even notice he was gone?

And Daddy  *shakes head*  Your son blew a hole in a child and your biggest concern is people calling George a racist?  Really?  That's what bugs you the most about all of this?  How very George Dubya of you.  Nobody's heard a peep from the Zimmerman camp since this all went down, and that's the first thing you decide tackle after taking an eternity to break radio silence?  Your son killed someone else's son...and you're upset he's being called a racist?

*nods* Nice to know where your priorities lie.


RIP Trayvon Martin
Full Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case by Crimesider


  1. Leo Princess3/17/12, 12:22 AM

    Tell 'em why we mad, Ankh!

  2. Blue shield covered bull shit. That boy was murdered and they know it. And everyone but white people seem to recognize it. All the "whitesplaining" in the world doesn't negate the facts of the case. Such hard hearts. This is how you act when your pineal gland is calcified. There are certain people you won't want to be standing next to on Judgment Day. -_-

    1. Even white people are angry about this. The witnesses who talked to the police think Zimmerman murdered him. The only people who don't seem to get it are the Sanford police. Zimmerman's family must have the police in their pocket, because there is no other explanation.

      How did the police hear those 911 tapes and not arrest Zimmerman? Trayvon walked towards Zimmerman, got spooked, and ran away. Zimmerman chased him with a loaded gun and shot him to death. Why is he not in jail again?

    2. White folks have indeed expressed their fury and are putting pressure on Lee.

    3. Good. I'm glad to see some empathy coming from this. This is indeed an outrage. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear that tape. :(

  3. "At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin..."

    Motherfucker, was you there??? Did you not read the reports? The 911 operator told your murdering bastard son NOT TO FOLLOW TRAYVON and HE DID ANYWAY!!! And if there was no confrontation, THEN WHY IS TRAYVON DEAD???? You sound like a damn fool.

    "Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multi-racial home: "He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever..."

    Just because your murdering fuckup of a son can speak Spanish don't mean dick. In case you were wondering, you privileged racist piece of shit! I grew up with cockroaches, but I abhor those little motherfuckers and kill them every chance I get.

    If ol' Georgie didn't do anything wrong, then where the hell is he? The human thing to do would be to turn himself in and let shit play out. If it was self-defense, then the evidence would show it and then he would be released. But no; that prick tucked tail and ran, because he knew he was wrong, and "nobody" knows where he is. I bet he's in Mexico, conveniently "visiting" some of his convenient "Hispanic" relatives.

    *is ready to catch a case over this shit* I'm so mad I don't know what to do.

    1. They're stalling to give him time to get as far away from Florida as possible.

    2. Leo Princess3/17/12, 2:00 PM

      "I bet he's in Mexico, conveniently "visiting" some of his convenient "Hispanic" relatives."

      First thought that struck me as I woke up. How convenient that a Spanish-speaking country without a U.S. extradition treaty is just a few miles to the south, and Zimmerman's had a 19...wait, 20 day head start!

      And since he's so upset about his son being called a racist, I'm guessing 'Murdering Bastard' is okay with Daddy Zim?

  4. I predict a riot if this guy is not arrested and is also found not guilty. and have you seen this video

    I am really pissed of did you hear the giggles.

    1. Did a person seriously yell out..chicken? A interview with a mother who has been grieving the lost of her child and they felt comfortable enough to try to be bigots and jokesters about the situation. People like that have what I call the "white filter" your pain, struggle, feelings and thoughts are completely overlooked or unheard if you happen to be a POC with only other whites opinions being heard. That was distasteful and classless but I'm sure she (and the gigglers) will not be reprimanded for their carelessness because their white privilege would never let that happen.

    2. I see whoever posted that clip removed it. It was all over Twitter and still is. There's going to be a rally here in New York for Trayvon. They drug tested Trayvon's dead body, but not that racist piece of shit who killed him. I agree with Aiyo-- The streets will be on fire if this piece of trash isn't arrested.

  5. He's mad that his murdering in cold blood son is called a racist.

    *stares blankly*

    Oh, that's right! I forgot! Racist is the N-word for white people!

  6. "My son grew up in a multiracial home , so he can't be racist", Zimmerman's father said. I would like to know one thing, when he says multi racial, does he mean that there was a Black person in his family, like he had a Black brother or something that he treated as a confidant? To me, I can be Latina and like every other race on the planet, except Black people. Just because Zimmerman is from Hispanic origin doesn't mean he likes Black people if he really is Hispanic. If anybody listened to that 911 tape when he called Trayvon the "n" word, it showed how much he really " loved" us. There are POC's who hate other POC's as bad as the KKK do. So he could have kept that excuse to himself. That is getting to be old and lame.

    The police may not want to get him,but I hope he slips and so something and he ends up being in someone else jail. The idea of this man and the police doing this child like this really pisses me off to the fullest.

    1. Daddy Zimmerman is trying to make this all about George being a called a racist, but that's not what this is about. George, a 240-lb man armed with a 9mm, stalked a defenseless boy almost half his weight, and then blew a hole in his chest. Now right then and there, regardless of who was what color, George needed to go jail - end of story.

      But because of who is what color in this case, a child-killer is wandering free, and George's family seems incapable of understanding this simple-ass equation.

    2. It would be lovely and apropos if he ended up in a Mexican prison.

  7. It just hurts to know things like this are still happening. I believe the police know it wasn't self defense and are just trying to save face. They had already received complaints about Zimmerman following people to their homes from other people in the neighborhood before he killed Trayvon. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened.

    1. Leo Princess3/18/12, 12:31 AM

      If the police really cared about saving face, they would have at least executed an arrest warrant for Zimmerman after news first broke. Right now, people are pissed off globally about this, and they're acting as if they're not sure what they're supposed to do now.

      Tomorrow's Sunday - Day 21. They're window to make this right is just about shuttered.

    2. Leo Princess3/18/12, 1:35 AM

      ^Sorry, THEIR window.

    3. I think the police have already lost all opportunity to make this right. At this point, even if Zimmerman is arrested and thrown in prison, no one in that community is going to view Chief Lee as a hero. They're going to view him as a racist procrastinator who will only do the right thing if it means rescuing his job.

      I think should start a new petition to have Lee removed.

  8. I am so happy this is being discussed because I was saddened when I found out about this today.

    What Zimmerman did to that child sounds like this:

    "The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084."

    That is second degree murder defined by Florida law as of 2011. Zimmerman could get life....or just 30 years.

    As far as the Hispanic/Multicultural argument of being non-racist. POC's can have racist attitudes as well. There was even a documentary on the rise of the Aryan nation numbers in Chile with native born Chileans. Then there was white imperialism causing the hierarchy of light v. dark latino/as where the lightest are put on a pedestal and given better treatment and even have a hatred for there darker skinned people.

    And you all seem to get what the Sanford police don't, this it is about race because a Black child was murdered in a predominately White neighborhood and the admitted killer has not been accused, trialed or convicted. The Sanford police department has failed Trayvon Martin, his family and the community gravely.

  9. *rubs temples*

    In a statement delivered to the Orlando Sentinel, his father, Robert Zimmerman, defended his son, who he said was a “Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends.”

    “He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “One black neighbor recently interviewed said she knew everything in the media was untrue and that she would trust George with her life. Recently, I met two black children George invited to a social event. I asked where they met George. They responded that he was their mentor.”

    Let's talk about this.

    One black neighbor recently interviewed said she knew everything in the media was untrue and that she would trust George with her life.

    Well, sure; black women aren't the ones being gunned down like this. She would trust him with her life, but she would she trust him with her son's?

    Another black neighbor said that George was the only one, black or white, who came and welcomed her to the community, offering any assistance he could provide.

    Another "she", huh? Maybe he wanted to check to make sure she didn't have any sons. Was she hot? Did he want to tap that?

    Recently, I met two black children George invited to a social event. I asked where they met George. They responded that he was their mentor.

    Chris Rock once remarked about non-Black folks who make a point to "count" the Negroes they know. You're counting, Daddy Zimmerman. It doesn't look good.

    In a statement delivered to the Orlando Sentinel, his father, Robert Zimmerman, defended his son, who he said was a “Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends.”

    During slavery, white men banged a lot of black women and spawned plenty of mixed kids. That didn't save either from whippings, lynchings, or being sold at whim.

    When will folks learn that "the Negroes you know" are irrelevant. Your behavior towards them and the Negroes you don't know is what we're paying attention to.

    It's a test George Zimmerman flunked with flying colors.

    1. From the same article:

      “We are taking a beating over this,” said Lee, who defends the investigation. “This is all very unsettling. I’m sure if George Zimmerman had the opportunity to relive Sunday, Feb. 26, he’d probably do things differently. I’m sure Trayvon would, too.”

      Shut the fuck up and do your job, Lee. The whining has gotten old.

      For the record, the next time anyone talks smack about online activism and social media, tell them to ask Chief Bill Lee how ineffective it is.

      "At the end of the day it's bloggers and the social media that always drives these stories, because the producers who work in the main stream media and their puppet masters do not have the guts to do it." - Field Negro

    2. Leo Princess3/18/12, 3:35 PM

      Oh Jeez, tell me he didn't play the "I'm not racist, my best friends are Black" card! TELL ME HE DIDN'T JUST PLAY THAT!

      Daddy Zim's just digging Georgie Peorgie's grave deeper with every statement.

    3. tell me he didn't play the "I'm not racist, my best friends are Black" card!

      I don't know why in 2012 folks haven't gotten the memo that it's absolutely meaningless.

    4. Exactly, saying he has "black friends" doesn't take away from his 911 call where he addressed Trayvon Martin as an "@sshole" and insinuated that Trayvon was a criminal (which Trayvon was not). That was racist. Liking a certain type of Black person does not mean a person is not racist. Period.

  10. Check this out. It gets even more revealing:

    1. Daddy Zimmerman needs to go fuck himself. "My son's not a racist" my ass.

  11. As for this statement:

    “Our investigation is color blind and based on the facts and circumstances, not color. I know I can say that until I am blue in the face, but as a white man in a uniform, I know it doesn’t mean anything to anybody.”

    All I can say in response is:

    Fuck you, Lee! If your ass was colorblind, Zimmerman would be arrested and charged. No questions asked. This man killed a child, an unarmed child who did nothing and had no criminal record to begin with. But hey! This guy was only trying to protect himself and his neighborhood even when he was told not to do anything. I'll say this again, fuck you, Lee!

    1. With a ten-inch steel acid-tipped dildo. Just like in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  12. Turns out those photos conservative racists were posting of Trayvon with his pants sagging were fake:


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