Asian America...Seriously...the Bar Has Your Back

Yes, this post has to do with Jeremy Lin.  To many Asian Americans, Jeremy Lin is like Barack Obama; he showed us it could be done, it should be done, and that it shouldn't taken this long to be done.

Linsanity and Obamamania go hand in hand, in that while uniting, inspiring, and igniting some people over here, they unleash a bunch of racist haters over there.  Jeremy Lin, gods bless him, has gotten more people calling out racism against Asian Americans, and has gotten folks talking about it - overall - more than ever.

Lin has really uncorked whatever racism towards Asians in general is usually bottled up, and considering how openly racist Americans are towards Asians anyway, that's saying something.  I'm remind now about an article about The Help (2011) in which the writer makes a reference to 21st Century white people.  Problem is, Jeremy Lin and the Obamas have shown us that there's no such animal.

Aside for a tiny minority, white America hasn't changed.  21st Century white America is no different from 20th Century white America, which was no different from 19th white America.  Oh sure, certain bad behaviors toward POC were outlawed, but it took an all-out Civil War and years upon years of international pressure.  They didn't start to behave themselves (somewhat) simply because they wanted to.  It took force.  It took boycotts, lawsuits, and the rewriting of laws.

So just because outward behavior improved, it didn't mean what was inside automatically improved as well.  For those in denial, the 21st Century has revealed this to us more plainly than ever before.  It's shown us that time does not heal all wounds and racism most assuredly doesn't just "die out" on its own.

But it sure can lay dormant.  *snaps fingers*  Shucks darn.

Blogger Philip (with whom I'm officially in love) of You Offend Me, You Offend My Family asked in a post, "Why is it Always the Asian American Saying We Shouldn’t be Offended at Racist Slights Against Asian Americans?"  In his post, he stated:
Once again, it is the one Asian (Hoppes) who goes out of his way to make the point that Asian Americans shouldn’t be offended, we’re being too sensitive, we should be happy sucking on white dick, yadda yadda bullshit while the non-Asians are the ones calling out the racist shit for what it is.

Look, I totally think some Asian Americans are too sensitive and don’t have a sense of humor about things they should have a sense of humor about. But if a whole segment of the community is genuinely upset about something and want to take action against it, fuck you for calling that into question. And don’t talk about how these other Asian Americans don’t speak for you and then go on to bring up your own Asian American-ness to make your point. And by the way, Hoppes, Yao Ming is Asian not Asian American, and yeah, there is a difference.
To answer the question, it's damage control, pure and simple (which of course Philip already knows).  It's the Rented Negro situation all over again; after all, rich white dudes shouldn't have to lose their jobs for something so innocuous as racism.  Hoppes is there to prevent lawsuits.  And if you're wondering what someone like Hoppes is thinking, it's easy enough to guess: his 30 pieces of silver paycheck.  He's salivating over how many zeroes it's gonna have, and wondering whether or not the old granny woman in HR remembered to direct deposit that shit.

Meanwhile, blogger Christina on wrote a great article entitled, "4 Things the Jeremy Lin Story Reveals about Modern Racism" in which she beautifully writes:
A lot of racism is fueled by fear, and this is by far the worst for the people being targeted by it. People who are afraid of the "natural violent tendencies" they imagine black people to have, or the insidious plan Hispanics supposedly have to secretly take over our country by outbreeding whites, can be driven to do terrible, drastic things to people of the feared race, far worse than just some tired MSG jokes.

Fear of Asians has had its day, some examples being the Yellow Peril era, where America's beloved author Jack London suggested the only way to be safe from the Chinese was to exterminate every last one, or World War II, when they locked Japanese-Americans away in case their genetic loyalty to Japan kicked in, creating a bizarre world where American icons George Takei and Pat Morita spent their childhoods behind barbed wire.
She touches on a lot more, of course, and the comments on her post are predictably vile. One caught me eye in particular; the commenter talked about Christina's alleged "self-loathing" (she's Asian American, by the way) and how it was obvious in her writing.

Ah...dronespeak!  How not lovely to see you again!

Black people are very familiar with this up and coming code word; it's the first cousin of "you're the reason racism is still alive; you keep talking about it."  So when Christina sees something with Jeremy Lin's head coming out of a fortune cookie, or a sports commentator referring to him a ch**k in the Knicks' armor, or historic and current racism against Asians overall, or the common POC fear of physical assault, well by golly...she must just hate herself sooooooooo much.

In what universe does that even make sense?

I guess the point I'm trying to make is this:  Philip, Christina, Jeremy, Lucy the-new-Watson Liu - Asian America overall - the Bar has your back.  We've already been there, done that and we've got a ways ahead of us, so you might as pull up a bar stool and order a shot.  It's the 21st Century, and it's going to be a long, bumpy ride to progress.  It's best we ride together.


  1. Leo Princess3/2/12, 9:28 PM

    So...if Christina wrote a piece about how Asians are getting unnecessarily upset about the 'humour' in Linsanity a la The Mainstream, she'd be a Proud Asian? Calling out the b.s. makes her autophobic?

    I need some of what that commenter is on, yo. That sounds like some really, REALLY great ish. Probably pharmaceutical.

    1. You know the rules. If you agree with racist white folks, you're an intelligent POC. But call them out on anything, and something's automatically horribly wrong with you.

  2. You know that there has to be an Uncle Toms in all communities. We have people like Clarence Thomas and now Hermain Pain( *sarcastically coughing*..Cain to do it for the Black community, now it's* sarcastically coughing again*Hoppes who is trying to be the voice for the Asian community.So predictable that you can see it a mile away.

    I knew that Jeremy would have to face some racist critics,but it's baffling to see all of that racism being used all at once against him like that. He is a basketball player and they are waging war against him. Obama already face tons of racism from his adversaries being our president. Just imagine it being Jeremy Lin being in that same position.

    You can go on blogs about every race of people and/or about religion. If you dare speak about being against their racist status quota, they will try to put you in your place because you're not following them. I've seen those predictable racists post coming from both blogs. They all always cluck in unison sounding like a chorus singing the same racist song as in years past.

    Not long ago, we were talking about Kpop where Jean_bee posted a prediction about the racism in Kpop being used against them. I'm seeing this same thing with Jeremy Lin, While they are trying to diminish his manhood and abilities of being a quality basketball player,they will/is use Black vs Asian situations( eg The Floyd Mayweather/ Jenny Hyuh controversy) harder than ever. The racists not only don't want to accept any responsibility in dividing and attempts at destroying people, so what is a better way of keeping it alive than to do this and trying to keep him empowered? They need to give us some credit, not every Black , Asian or other POC isn't kissing up to White society. They have their pride and dignity and continues not to. With Barack and Jeremy, they are bothered by the fact that they are doing their own thing.

    It's making Jeremy's critics sick that he is the awesome BB player.How they wanted him to be this hypergeek man without a life. Now that he's in position that not only made him one of the most recognizable names in basketball( perhaps one day , one of the most powerful),but one who is popular with the womenfolk, oh god yeah.. you know that it's making them sick thinking about that.Obama wasn't supposed to be our president because all Black people are supposed to be dumb, right?

  3. I can smell the white racist media narrative from a mile away. The Black/Asian dichotomy where racist folk try to slap the "model minority" myth on Lin and compare/contrast him against those God-less Hip Hop N*ggas who are only in the NBA because they are "natural" athletes.

    This type of framing makes me sick. I despise and detest this pitting of one group against another and those of us who feed into that shit. We have to stop, pay attention and recognize what the media is doing. It's as plain as the nose on all our faces and we have to call that mess out for what it is: White Racism.

    Once again, they are trying to define who non-whites using their fucked up, bigoted ass rhetoric. Jeremy Lin is in the NBA because he has the skill to be there. Period. The same goes for every other player out there. If the game and the skill required to play it were so easy, we'd all be paid.

    1. And she comes out swangin'!!!

      This reminds me of when a coworker told me Jeremy Lin used to be a Houston Rocket. As in...I could've being going to his games, watching the Jeremy Lin Show Live, and enjoying Linsanity here in my city.

      But no...the Rockets coach claimed he "didn't know" Jeremy could play. Then how did he get into the NBA????? You don't just "end up" in the NBA if you can't play basketball! So when he was practicing day after day with his teammates, no one noticed he was a bad-ass? Really? Really, dude?

  4. Some may see this as simply a Snapple commercial, but I think speaks volumes about what's going on.

    1. Disgrasian said the same thing.

  5. Leo Princess3/3/12, 9:54 PM

    Here's what's REALLY cracking me up about the whole thing. They're painting Jeremy Lin as an anomaly/The Great Yellow Hope of basketball, in a sports field overrun by black athletes they're grudgingly saying are 'naturals' at it, BUT (and this is a big but) just 40-50 years ago, black were considered too mentally deficient for a game that required the level of strategic thinking and teamwork like basketball. I shyt thee not. Just look up major college and national basketball teams from the 1920s to about the 1970s, and tell me when you notice some colour seeping in.

    So now we've gone from blacks being too stupid for basketball, to blacks being natural athletes with an unfair advantage in the sport, just in time to sell the tale of the Little Model Minority That Could while his success at the sport sticks in their craw. My hat's off to Mr. Lin - all he wants to do is play basketball; I'm sure he doesn't need this shit on top of it.

  6. I love black people, I look into history and see the point where we appealed to other minorities who were regarded higher than we were only to largely be turned down and ridiculed with those same stereotypes used to degrade us.

    It happens, and it is still happening today. 911 brought the irony of Arabians feeling the pressure and suddenly realising we black folk are human.

    Maybe I'm now jaded, but the amount of disrespect I get from Asian folk on a daily basis means I'm not sticking my head above the parapet for them or anyone who will not stand up for me.

    No. We are not mules. We did that in the 60'd sacrificed body and lives for the good of all, and the aftermath was they turned around and largely pooped on us.

    I can't do it anymore. I've lost that benevolence I once treasured. Whilst I don't endorse the hatred going his way, I'm going to shut up until my help is specifically requested and then, there better be something in it for me. I've woken up to the way the world works.

    1. Maybe I'm now jaded, but the amount of disrespect I get from Asian folk on a daily basis means I'm not sticking my head above the parapet for them or anyone who will not stand up for me.

      And in order for us to progress, our AA siblings are going to have to understand this.

      However, that being said, a lot of Asians grow up being physically and verbally harassed by Black Americans. That too has to stop.

      The cease and desist is going to have to be a 2-way street, and there's 2 ways around that.


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