Witness the Return of Trish Doan

...To Kittie, that is.

Bad-ass bassist Trish Doan returns to all-female Canadian metal band Kittie this year, hopefully completing the final incarnation of the band.  Seriously, there's an entire section on their Wikipedia page dedicated to chronicling the comings and goings of various members.

With the constant changes in their lineup, I can't even imagine what hell it is to have to teach new members old songs every couple of years.  So it's good that the band is getting to celebrate the return of a member, rather than just a departure.

Fans will recall that Doan performed in Kittie from 2005 - 2007, when she left, in part, for health reasons.  The Bar hopes she's triumphed over her demons and is ready to spend the rest of her life igniting the stage, because I'll be honest; I tend to pay much more attention to these bands when a beautiful woman of color is part of the lineup.

Doan's return is auspicious.  Kittie intends to embark on a massive North American tour soon, so as the very saccharine K-Pop tries to worm its way onto the American airwaves, fans looking for an Asian idol in an alternate genre may want to check them out.


Trish Doan on the far left

Words cannot express how much their music has improved from the days of Spit.  By the way, did anyone notice that really hot dude at the end?  In case you didn't the first time:


At the Bar with Urith Myree


  1. First off, the girls look great. Secondly, the name "Kittie" is boss.

    P.S. My band's name is Pink Cage.

    1. You have a band?

      Morgan Lander (the lead singer) came up with the name because she wanted something opposite the band's actual sound.

      If they swing my way, I very well might have to go see a show. For old times' sake.

  2. Girl no. It's imaginary. I am NOT musically inclined. This is something I came up with when I was on medical leave. Percocet and Lortab, what can I say?

  3. That guy is HAWT!!! Lord!

    1. RIGHT??????

      The unholy fantasies he stirs, I tell you....

      *raise eyebrows* You inspired.

  4. HA! My BJD has the same hair as her!! :P I love them though :) Such a good band.


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