Pretty People, Useless Parents, and the Fear of God

1) Let's start with the pretty people (mind you, this section includes people who think/assume they're pretty, in addition to actually pretty people).

These racist rants from young females who either considered pretty or consider themselves pretty, have got to go.

We've gotten to a stage where young women - usually non-WOC, but not always - go on the web, rant their hearts out, and assume there will be no consequences because they're attractive, or at least consider themselves attractive.  Let's be honest: people like Alexandra Wallace, Jenny Hyun, and those two white girls who went on their rants factored their looks into their actions.  They were banking on getting slaps on the wrists and probably had their fauxpologies rehearsed long before they began their rants.  They were probably hoping for comments like, "Yeah, she's a racist bitch, but I'd still fuck or her" or "Shame to hear such ugly words from pretty girls" - you know...bullshit like that.

These rants have got to go, and I don't mean viral.  These people come out, do whatever they can to get their 15:00, and waste everybody's time in the process.  We know how this ends before it even begins: Dumb chick plops down in front of shiny webcam.  Dumb chick says some dumb shit.  Dumb chick gets messages promising death and/or ass-kickings.

Come on, now.

First of all, Jenny Hyun and the two white girls of recent infamy did not show off their IQs just now.  Alexandra Wallace and Bethany-fucking-Storro already demonstrated that silence really is golden sometimes.  Granted, Storro didn't go on the web; she did something much worse.  Meanwhile, Wallace had to leave school - and town, if I recall - while Storro got charged with a laundry list of legal offenses.

I get it, I get it.  Wallace doesn't like Asians.  Hyun and the Klan twins don't like Black folks - boo-fucking-hoo, people!  Asians and Black folks don't like you either - get over yourselves already!

2) It goes back to the fear of God...colloquially speaking, of course.

I repeat: this is not a religious statement.

In America especially, young people have had the fear of God put in them when it comes to their looks (and overall image).  They're biggest fear is to be perceived badly, especially at the physically level.  Granted, it's not a new fear, but I do think it's gotten a lot more exaggerated, especially with the thinness and whiteness obsession that has dominated the media over the past decade.  Everyone wants to have weave like a popstar, a nasal accent like a valley girl, and a body like Alexis Dziena.

We've spent so much time drilling in the importance of conventionally attractive looks that we've failed to drill in the fear of God where decent behavior is concerned.  Whenever you refer to inner beauty, it's glossed over or fleetingly acknowledged, just enough to shut you up.

Kids don't fear growing up lazy, or illiterate, or an overall useless member of society.  They don't fear being viewed as an asshole or miserable waste of space.  They don't fear all of that nearly as much they fear becoming a size 6.

3) It goes even further back to the parents.

Where are the parents of some of these people?
Since the girls did not hide their identities they have received death threats and been kicked out of school.

Half-baked apologies duly followed. One said she is not racist but because of the video people will now have “preconceived notions” of her. The mother of the other girl demanded healing and forgiveness “IMMEDIATELY”.

~ Abagond, "Racist White Teen Girls Goes On A Rant About Blacks"
Oh...there they are.

There has been a glaring, blatant decline in the quality of parenting over the past several years.  This is where the parents will come out to defend themselves, so let me just kill that one right now: hush.

"But it's hard!  Our kids want so much!  They suffer peer pressure if they don't have iPhones, X-Boxes, and Starbucks coffee - oh my!!!"

Fallon Bowman, during
the Kittie Era
Excuse me, but growing up, I wanted those long, expensive-as-hell gowns from Hot Topic.  I wanted  nose and labret piercings; I wanted tattoos, a black 1969 VW convertible, and I wanted to see Kittie in concert.

I wanted to hit up all the underground clubs every night and drink vodka with my friends (oh, yes...that is a love which goes way back).  I wanted to be sexually active at 14 and already had a nice long hit list drafted in my head.  *shrug*  It's just what I wanted.

But then there was what my dad wanted.

My dad wanted a daughter who didn't talk back, who didn't resemble the Queen of the Damned, who got straight or mostly As, and who brought her ass into the house before the sun went down.

Guess who won out?

These are your kids.  Learn to deal with your kids.

See, this is why I'm pro-choice and why I wish societies all across this planet would stop harassing people (especially women) into having kids.  Not everyone is cut out to be a parent.  Parenthood requires a measure of consistency, dedication, and self-sacrifice which your average human being is simply too selfish to give.

"But Ankh, you don't know what it's like to have people threaten your child!  Maternal instinct is really strong, especially when you're trying to protect your kid from harm!"

Um...your kid was causing the harm.  Other kids are trying to protect themselves from your kid.  The moment the words passed their lips, my thoughts immediately went to all the kids who've had to put up with them.  Imagine being a Black girl who goes to school with the Klan twins.  Imagine being an Asian girl living, sleeping, and showering in the same dorm as Alexandra Wallace.  Your kids are harming them.  They're kids too.  They have parents who love them too and want to protect them too.  Their parents appear to be doing their job - what the fuck is your excuse?

Rule number of parenting: if your child errs, it is your job to correct your child's behavior.  It is not your job to go after the people they erred against - Duh 101.  It's not your job to protest your innocence of racism; you have obviously failed as a parent in that regard.  Your child was comfortable enough to develop, harbor, and express these beliefs to a worldwide audience, and they got that comfort from you.

In conclusion, we need something new to talk about because this is getting old.  Newsflash: no one is shocked anymore.  We've pretty much gotten to the point where we're sitting around waiting for the next nobody to pop off.  I'm not surprised by any of these girls' behavior.

I don't endorse violence against them.  However, violence against them is likely, regardless of whether I and others think it's warranted or not.  That's the thing about waiting around to see who pops off next.  You never know who it might be.  You don't know whether or not they care about prison time.  You don't know how far they're willing to indulge their inner psycho.  Stunts like these turn the girls into walking bulls-eyes, and the sickest part of all is that they brought it on themselves.


  1. Amen & Hallelujah! These folks are going to learn about consequences the HARD WAY. It's the law of the Universe. If you think that you can just behave in such despicable ways and don't understand that your mouth is writing checks your ass can't catch, it will suck to be you.

    I don't advocate violence either, but my family taught me this lesson early on in life. Don't say shit your ass ain't prepared to back up. Just don't do it.

  2. Leo Princess2/24/12, 11:01 PM

    I learned yesterday that the Klan Twins' high school has a 40% Black population. How are you going to mouth off about certain people, on the internet to boot, when you know you have school with a ton of them the next day?

    1. Like I said...not showing their IQs.

  3. "Um...your kid was causing the harm. Other kids are trying to protect themselves from your kid. The moment the words passed their lips, my thoughts immediately went to all the kids who've had to put up with them. Imagine being a Black girl who goes to school with the Klan twins. Imagine being an Asian girl living, sleeping, and showering in the same dorm as Alexandra Wallace. Your kids are harming them. They're kids too. They have parents who love them too and want to protect them too. Their parents appear to be doing their job - what the fuck is your excuse?"

    *Getting up, catching the spirit, falling down, legs covered with a blanket by ushers, gets back up, catches more spirit and drop a twenty in the offering plate*


  4. And these*rubs temples*....

    Have white people ever really stopped to ask themselves why they're so terrified of the racist label? It's because they have an inkling - just the slightest inkling - of what a white racist really looks like to a POC.

    When a WP's racism is revealed to POC, our reaction has nothing to do with hurt feelings or pain or any other bullshit spin some WP probably came up with long ago because it sounded a lot sappier and safer than the truth. When a WP reveals their racism to me, for example, I'm always reminded of this time when I was a social worker and a father who molested his own kids wanted to shake my hand in greeting. My flesh crawls the same way every time I find myself dealing with a white racist - it's the same nauseating, killer instinct-inducing revulsion.

    When a WP reveals their racism to POC, they cease being fully human in our eyes. Everything on the outside resembling a human just dissolves away to reveal an icky, disgusting soulless creature-thing. And when we find ourselves dealing The Creature, our first reaction isn't to cry about our "hurt feelings". Our first thought is, "Oh, God - fucking kill it! Snap its neck, shove a stake through its heart, shoot in the head - kill it, kill it, kill it!"

    Being a white racist is like walking around with "My life is expendable" tattooed across your forehead. You might as well be wearing a T-shirt proclaiming, "If I die today, no one would miss me. In fact, the world would be a much better place if I were gone."

    And that's why WP fear being branded a racist so much. It's like walking around with a giant bulls-eye on your back, letting the whole world know you're fair game and that no one would give two shits if you disappeared forever.

    1. Oh My God!!! Co-sign to the Nth degree!! That video wasn't surprising, but it made me sick. Racist's and other fascists don't realise that viewing and treating POC as subhuman others automatically reveals their own broken humanity. They are flawed from the inside, yet walking around and talking like they are whole. I always tell them i feel sorry for them, that they will never know what it feels like to live a full and rich life interacting freely and fully with everyone they come into contact with, how many opportunities they miss out on in life due to their inner brokeness. It's sometimes more effective then cussing them out. I just shake my head and get on with my day.

  5. Preach Ankh!!! I'm young but my parents are old school. They taught me to respect my elders, do my work before playing, that every action has a consequence and that if I don't want to deal with said consequence tough luck. That's what life is and if you fuck up take your lumps and licks like an adult. I love my parents for that and I wish their school of parenting stuck. If only these people understood that their kids will have many friends but they are not supposed to be that before being parents and that discipline is not a dirty word but it will keep your kids from being fuck ups, the world would be better. And shit like this would be stopped in its tracks.

    Parents back in the day made it clear that kids didn't have to like them, but they were gonna respect them and act like they had sense.

  6. Apparently ANOTHER video has surfaced....I need a drink...

    1. Whoever keeps posting the stats of these schools is seriously cracking me up. With the Klan twins, their school was 40% Black. That didn't include the Latinos & Asians, so there's a good chance the white kids there are a minority.

      With these two new worthless wastes of life, They are vastly outnumbered by Black and Latino students - I believe it was 35% and 33% respectively. So I have to wonder: are these videos a reaction to the fact that children of color tend to outnumber white kids in schools, and the white kids' parents simply haven't prepped for a world where everything's not all about them? Because I have a feeling these stunts are a way to get attention in a world that is increasingly uninterested in them.

    2. Girl, you done preached a sermon in ^^these^^ last two sentences here! I personally will finance The Church of Moi's Building Fund if you keep on telling the fucking truth.

  7. First off, if my grandparents were alive, I'd be sorely tempted to thank them for getting out of Florida. One pair of those clowns is in the same county my grandmother was raised in and that made me unbelievably sad. - that's over with - moving on....

    Part of the problem is that teenagers in general don't get the meaning of the idea that anything is permanent and can have some major long term consequences. Couple that with a sense of "nothing bad will happen to me" and well, there you go. Kids of privilege are particularly susceptible because they've had life on a silver platter, their parents have as there's no lessons to be taught and you get this ignant mess.

    Any parent worth their salt has made a few mistakes and should be able to remind their kids of that.

    If you've had a job that deals with computers longer than 30 seconds has had it drummed into their heads e-mail is FOREVER. You might have hit the delete button on that dumb e-mail but your company's retained it in electronic archives, SOMEONE has copied it, forwarded it...saved it, etc. That nasty voicemail you left? Someone's playing back to your boss. In their case, the YouTube video they thought was cute was copied, pasted and picked to death by the general public. Heck, if you've made a silly post on (insert site here) someone has Alt+Prt Scrn'd that mess.

    Normally, I believe in second chances but I REALLY hope these girls get their names leaked on the internet so that any employers google searching them will prove the point more that internet is FOR-EH-VAH. Let them get knocked down a peg or two and see that life ain't all that great and mistakes can haunt them.

  8. You know I work with kids on a daily basis and I will never be able to cosign enough on this post. The quality of kid has declined sharply within the past ten years; every successive year brings about even lazier, whiny, entitled little shits whose parents think they can do no wrong and will defend them to utter ridiculousness and be ready to litigate if they don't like the outcome. Then there are the inevitable excuses, such as behavior disorders or mental illness. Anything to not be responsible for your actions or the actions of your brood.

    So a lot of kids feel like, for a number of reasons, they can say or do what the fuck they want, wherever they want, and nothing will happen because Mommy and Daddy will clean up their mess. But there are some messes which can't be cleaned up. And forgiveness won't be granted because a lot of people are sick of this type of behavior and are taking stands against it. If the Klan girls--ignant enough to not hide their identities--get their asses righteously stomped, then Momma needs to own that shit...IMMEDIATELY.

  9. "Um...your kid was causing the harm. Other kids are trying to protect themselves from your kid. The moment the words passed their lips, my thoughts immediately went to all the kids who've had to put up with them. Imagine being a Black girl who goes to school with the Klan twins. Imagine being an Asian girl living, sleeping, and showering in the same dorm as Alexandra Wallace. Your kids are harming them. They're kids too. They have parents who love them too and want to protect them too. Their parents appear to be doing their job - what the fuck is your excuse?"

    Reminds me of what happend at Virgina Tech not to long ago. People are going to ask why did the shoot say and did those thing. Well duh...he was in a school that didn't like him. Same goes with other kids who like to "trying to ice skate uphill"

    So yeah the power of the internet

  10. You know, white women have been able to instigate violence against people of color, esp. men, for quite a while. And while they still posses a lot o privilege in this society, it's not still on the level of what it has been in the past (although they can still get a man of color sent to jail pretty easily). Who hasn't seen those pictures of white women jeering and cheering as a black man is being lynched? They LOVED that stuff, esp. since it was usually done on their behalf. That was some dangerous power and they were clearly intoxicated by it.

    So there is clearly the need to learn to adjust. However, they get free passes and are able to derail being racists in so many other circumstances(e.g., calling minorities threatening, angry, mean, saying that the anger to their racist diatribes "proves" their points), they shouldn't be complaining that they all but need to light a cross on fire before someone a)gets tired of it b)rightfully calls them out and c) wants to kick their flat white bottoms (not condoning it but give me a break, you know a black woman would get knocked the hell out for saying this kind of stuff about another group of people.)

  11. Even though I'm an agnostic, I must give you an Amen on this.

  12. Thank fucking god!I've had enough of these fucking dumb ass parents not teaching their kids wrong from right. When I become a parent I want to make sure my kids grow up RIGHT...and I made sure to put that in Caps locks for good reason. I'm tired of seeing kids disrespecting their parent's authority but I'm more tired of seeing parents being so goddamn lax that their fucking kids turn into the monsters most of us wish would just disappear.

    and I cosign on this. Especially to the part where Amaya said the quality of kids is declining. I know exactly how you feel when I went to high school I hated the shit I saw and heard, a lot of the shit being said was really hurtful not just in one way but multiple ways. It disgusts me to know that I went to high school with those people, went to prom with these pricks, and graduated with those people. Those people disgust me ...and their parents disgust me even more because they're the ones who let their children turn into horrible people; they failed their kids and therefore their kids are going to fail at life. Because who the fuck would let those fuckers win. I know I don't want them to win. I want life to give them a heavy case of whip lash ...a heavy wake up call you know.

    And I'm ranting, sorry for that. This topic burns me up soooo bad because I am so frustrated with parents that are lacking in the parenting department and therefore let their kids turn into horrible people monsters!!!

  13. This is what the girls need:


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