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I know some of you have been waiting for this one for a hot minute and oh...wow...*rubs temples*.

Yes, Greta Martin is - or should I was say, was - related to Jonas and Luka Martin.  She's their daughter and sister respectively; she's the whole reason they cut a deal with the vampire Elijah, because his brother Klaus "took" her, and we never get to know what the hell that means.  Like, really...was she kidnapped?  Did he compel her to walk off with him?  Were rufies involved????  I mean, how come we never find out exactly how Klaus found and got a hold of Greta and what all transpired between them?

This, by the way, is one of those excellent examples of shitty, half-assed CW characterization.  I have a feeling she was thrown in at THE last minute.  After all, two Black warlocks serving a white vamp looks bad, so there has to be a life-or-death "reason", right?  Enter Greta, whom we find serves Klaus faithfully like some housebroken crackhead.  She claims her duty is to Klaus and his "new order" but we really don't know WTF is going on with her, nor why a perfectly gorgeous actress was wasted on such a shit-tastic character.

She doesn't even care that her whole family is dead.  She doesn't bat an eyelash when she gets the news of her family's death, and when you recall the hell they went through trying to get her back...you know what?  Never mind.

Now for the dead Negro portion of the rant (what...surprised?  Why?).

For lo and behold: that which the writers shoveth in thy face without explanation, they taketh the same way.

RIP Greta (neck snapped by Damon)


  1. I couldn't have written this better myself. You covered absolutely every point I wanted to make.

    And is it me or has Damon wiped out more of the black population in Mystic Falls than the Klan?

    1. You have to wonder if Damon's trying to a hit a number or something.

    2. Neo you are on to something. Who needs the Klan when you have vamps like Damon and Caroline to wipe out the black people?

      And Bonnie's momma should get an honorary mention (especially in case she faces the truth death).

      Gloria is I think the other witch that went down pretty quickly. Don't know who the hybrid was.

      But my god the way they treated Greta's character just absolutely infuriated me. I mean, can they provide some decent backstory? Perhaps everyone was being used, but then to what end?

  2. At this point, I assume you guys are watching just to keep up with the way PoC are treated on this bullshit hot garbage-ass mess of a TV show. Because it can't be enjoyable. I commend you for making it this far.

    *closes eyes and goes to happy place*

  3. I just watched the last episode last thursday. And this was just too much. I couldn't take it anymore, I literally screamed at the tv and promised myself that I wouldn't watch this show anymore (yeah after 3 years of watching it). I won't reveal any spoiler but...ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? SERIOUSLY ? WHAT THE FUCKERY WAS THAT ??!!

  4. Leoprincess2/18/12, 6:18 PM

    My friend's love for Bonnie must be hella strong, because I don't see how else she would put up with this constant tripe.

  5. I remember this young lady from American Idol. I was about to say nice that she is getting work but not so much if she's just being used to satisfy the media's need to watch white people kill black people (b/c seriously, your review of this show makes it seems like a closeted white supremacist slasher flick).

    But does this girl look like Aaliyah's doppelganger or what?

    1. Very kinda she does in some ways. Both are extremely gorgeous; it's just really sad Aaliyah's not alive and here among us anymore.

  6. I am going to write an essay on this whole series and how it treats race. In the last episode Elijah mentions Native Americans but where are they? Not even in the backstory episode.

    I want Bonnie to go Willow fro Season 6 of Buffy. I want black scary eyes, levitation, fireballs and lightning. But that will never happen what will happen is that she will cry and then boom that's it.

    1. YES YES YES !!! I want her to get ANGRY !! I want her to practise her magic, get stronger and kick Damon and Stefan's asses and right after that, I want her to clearly tell them: ''This is it MOTHERF****R ! I'm not playing anymore. Put you hand on me or on anybody that I care ONE MORE TIME and I will DESTROY you !! ''

  7. I haven't even mentioned the alcoholism and glaring misogyny on the show.

    1. Leo Princess2/20/12, 4:35 PM

      I noticed a lot of underaged drinking in CW's shows, before I bowed out. And that was a good while ago. I can fathom how much worse it has become now, since they believe it's AO.K. as their actors are all legal aged (playing high school teens, but why split hairs?).

      Don't get me started on the misogyny.

    2. "For lo and behold: that which the writers shoveth in thy face without explanation, they taketh the same way."

      As sad as this Vampire diaries thing is this made me laugh. I don't watch this show and I am glad I never did after reading all this mess. Thanks for taking the bullet for us Ankh. You're a hero.


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