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As Neo-Prodigy aptly pointed out in an email to me, the only reason we watch TVD now is for the train wreck factor.  And Lord Almighty is the wreckage level high.

I'm actually a huge fan of Persia White; always have been.  In addition to portraying the infamous Lynn on Girlfriends, she was also in the first episode of Buffy and in the second season of Angel.  She's the frontwoman for industrial rock band XEO3, and her debut solo album Mecca was released on Halloween of 2009.

On The Vampire Diaries (a career choice which made me cringe, by the way), Persia portrays Abby Bennett, mother of Bonnie Bennett, daughter of Sheila Bennett, and descendant of Emily Bennett.  I was actually going to wait to do a few other POC characters before her, but in light of recent epic fail, she got bumped to the head of the line.

Abby is a powerful witch, as Bennetts tend to be.  But she left her husband and daughter when Bonnie was about three, and resurfaces when Bonnie seeks out her help about fourteen years later.  Don't ask too much, because Abby's backstory is bullshit.  I estimate it took some CW hack about three minutes to scribble it down and turn it in, where it was approved in 10 seconds or less.

But anyway, she comes back to help her daughter help the vampire brothers Damon and Stefan take out the vampire Klaus.  Because the Bennett mother-daughter connection is necessary for the spell to kill all the Original Vampires - and because Elena's been conveniently captured by Klaus's siblings - the only way to save Elena is to sever the mother-daughter connection.

Which brings us to the dead Negro portion of the evening...hence the bumping of Abby Bennett to the front of the line.

In this 'verse, you can't be both a witch and a vampire, so Damon forces his blood down Abby's throat and then snaps her neck.  He does so completely without warning, without prior consent, and actually has the gall to say, "It'll only hurt for a second."

So now Bonnie's mourning her mother...after just getting her back.

RIP Abby
Honorary Sistahs Moment

I need to give credit where it's due, concerning this episode.

I am still a fan of the vampire Caroline, now more than ever.  In addition to being the brave, compassionate, heroic woman she has become, she's also increasingly turning into a voice of reason.

When Elena comes to give Bonnie her condolences, Bonnie doesn't want to see her.  Elena, however, insists she wants to come in, so Caroline physically bars her from entering.   She bluntly points out that whenever Bonnie stands by Elena, Bonnie's the one who keeps getting hurt (amongst others), not Elena.

Keep in mind, no one has ever stood up for Bonnie like this (not outside her family, anyway).  Caroline was already a favorite of mine; I don't know how much more I can possibly love this character because she is an official bad-ass woman, a rare sight on the CW.  She's always the one taking the risks, going on recon, and standing by/defending the innocent.  Up until now, only the witches (and Elena's brother Jeremy) seemed to give two shits about the innocent, much less even remember they were there.

I was just telling Neo that it's like the Buffy alumni working behind the scenes finally stepped up to the plate and served a friggin' purpose!  What took so long????

Now let's talk about the vampire Rebekah.

Rebekah is one of the Original Vampires.  She's over 1000 years old, and upon arriving in Mystic Falls she's not impressed with Elena and quite frankly, doesn't understand what the big deal is about her.  Right there, she caught my attention.

But in this episode where Abby dies because Elena's being held hostage, Rebekah points out that everyone has the "annoying" tendency to "bend over backwards" just protect Elena.  I didn't originally care one way or the other for Rebekah initially, but when she went off about that, all I could think was the Bitchin' Blondes of the show were finally going off, saying everything which should've been said back in Season 1.  So now Rebekah has a soft place in my heart as well...but she is no Caroline.

These two have earned a moment as Honorary Sistahs, because they're the only ones keeping it real right now.


  1. Leo Princess2/29/12, 9:15 PM

    I wonder if any of the Vamp Diaries team reads your posts, and go, "Hot damn!" at all the failsauce swimming around in this series?

    This is where the writer equivalent of a Black Best Friend would come in handy - not to tell you your shyt doesn't stink, but to put foot to ass when necessary.

  2. Notice how only one person on the list so far is still alive.

  3. Wow. How many more WOC can this show slaughter? Good grief.

    1. You'd be surprised. Remember, I bumped Abby ahead of other POC.

      Like, I kinda wanted to go in order, but I can't draft these posts & screen cap fast enough; they're actually killing POC faster than I can rant about it.

  4. So is this the last we see of Persia I love her too but there can't be more than one POC on screen for long periods of time. Abby is dead. I applauded Caroline for keeping Me-me (Elena coz it's all about her) out of the house.

    I really want Bonnie to go Dark Willow on this town. She needs to rip the skin off a fucker.

  5. You think that there is a writer for this show who lost her BF to a black girl or other WOC?

    1. You'd think that since the writers certainly don't mind killing the POC/WOC with a vengeance. I find it hard to believe that Persia would be gone. I mean, why give the woman your blood unless you intended for her to turn into a vampire? So seriously, what was that all about. If Bonnie doesn't wake the fuck up I might have to quit this show. They should have just let her kill Damon or let Elena sacrifice her narrow behind for something cause I'm tired of that girl. Everything has to be about her.

    2. If that were the case, then BW must be stealing WM at a record rate 'cause ALL these writers seem to scribble BW the same way.

  6. Given everything you've told us about this show I have to wonder if these other vamps approaching Bonnie is just them setting her up to betray Elena so they can punish her by killing her.

    1. That's a good question. Though...Bonnie has a LOT of fans, so it might not be the best idea.


    And did I not say Damon is racking up the Negro count? Called that shit.

    1. When he snapped her neck, I immediately thought of you.

  8. Has this show been renewed for another season? If so, PoC need to be very mindful of taking roles.

    1. I don't know if it has been.

      Girl, it's all the about the paycheck. These POC aren't thinking about anything else. Doing one or a few eps is an easy paycheck, and you get to put a popular (at least I think it still is) show on your acting resume.

      It's sickening.

  9. I've been reading this series Ankh, but not commenting. The body count makes me ill. I knew I was right to have given up on TV a decade ago. I knew this mess would pan out in the way it has. It's disgusting and entirely predictable. I wonder if Kat has ever thought to herself "fuck this mess, I'm out."

    Who else does Bonnie have left in her family? Everyone that has ever given a damn about her is dead. A young Black Woman w/no living ties to her roots/culture/history is a sad thing indeed and that's the way the writers want it. She's ass out & on her own.

    They can do anything to her and she is tethered to that damn Elena and those Brothers. She exists for their benefit and nothing else. Sickening.

    1. Who else does Bonnie have left in her family?

      Her dad, whom we've never seen.

      've been reading this series Ankh, but not commenting. The body count makes me ill.

      I still have multiple posts pending, Season 3 isn't over yet, and I don't know if it's been renewed for a fourth. So the gods only know what the final tally will be.

  10. Does Damon have a hard on for killing black chicks? WTF is going on with this show? I won't watch it but I seriously want to know what this dude is just a walking talking lynch mob that girls swoon over.

    1. It's probably why they're swooning. He's offing "the enemy".

  11. ***update***

    Abby's completing transition. Persia White's about to become a vampire.


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