Katrina Law, You Have My Attention

Katrina Law, you have my attention.

I'll admit that initially, I wasn't too fond of "Mira" from Spartacus, but something's changed this season.  I don't know who had what words with whichever writer, but words were most assuredly exchanged, 'cause Katrina is one to watch this season.

She may have started out a house slave with no self-esteem, but this season she's a Roman-shanking, ride-or-die bitch and she has all my respect.

When called out for being bed-warmer to Spartacus, Mira issues an ultimatum, "I am not your fuck buddy.  I ain't no helpless damsel neither.  See all these Romans I done stabbed?  Don't fuck with me today."

I like her strength and her focus.  They're enough-ish to make me overlook the unnecessary softcore porn. It's is a total yawner anyway; we're supposed to believe all these raggedy ex-slaves who've been running on empty for days have perfectly waxed, airbrushed, choreographed sex.  Mm-hm.

But I digress.  While Cynthia Addai-Robinson weathers the hater storm as she grows into the character Naevia, Katrina Law carries the redemption of the female characterization on the show, 'cause Lawd knows it leaves sooooooo much to be desired.


  1. Reading the comments from that video that you linked are making me mad. I saw it coming, so I don't know why I'm catching feelings. I just hate how the sister almost always gets hate.

    1. *nods* Hazards of the Black Girls Club.

    2. The writers pathologized Naevia's behaviour after her ordeal in Vengeance. Ignorant troglodytes posted pointless spam stating she was too weak and annoying. Clinical psychologist and medical professionals will tell you the portrayal is on the money. The character was not meant to be pretty and loving. New Naevia is fortunate she has more depth to her performance and much hard work in terms of what she is doing. We are looking forward to Season 3!

  2. My lord these people sure do hate the new Naevia. And they have the nerve to ask why the old chick left the show. Really now? I watched an episode with my mom. I guess while I'm waiting for Game of Thrones to come back on I might check this out.

    1. The role of Naevia may have made her famous, but I can see how a clearly talented and intelligent woman like Lesley Ann Brandt would be unfulfilled by such a role. She was smart to sign with Starz; their contracts are annual, so at the end of a season, if you don't want to do a show anymore, leaving is drama-free.

      I have a feeling Cynthia Addai-Robinson is basically using Spartacus as a launching pad as well, as is Katrina Law. They're going to make their money, get their fame, and when the show ends (which will be soon because there ain't much history on Spartacus and the writers can only do so much), they will move on to much greener pastures (hopefully).

      The Bar wishes them well, and the "fans" need to too.
      Also, I give props to the older viewers who've been setting the younger loudmouths straight. Apparently the young people don't know what PTSD and feel like a woman should just "suck it up" after months of torture and rape.

    2. Apparently new Naevia is "hideous". I wanted to watch Game of Thrones but I heard bad things ... so I stayed away.

    3. It's a situation where you just pick your poison. I won't lie, there are bad things. The portrayal of non-whites is pretty bad. And then Jason Mamoa's character doesn't get the best ending so far . . . but in this land where dragons are real he'll probably come back.

      I know certain things trigger me but for whatever reason I can kind of just watch and enjoy this show. But I do have my criticisms. But it's pulled me in and I can't wait for the Lannisters to get it in the worst possible way.

    4. The dead Negro count last week was sky-high, and that doesn't include other POC who die.

    5. ... I think I'll err on the side of caution. Apparently I'm "sensitive" about the representation of POCs. <-- I was told that recently by a "friend" If I was going o watch GOT it'd be for Jason Momoa and his tribe(?) I heard good things. But if he's gone ...

  3. Old Naevia made a big mistake listening to amateur film critics teliing her how good she was,which went to her head.
    All her camp's efforts should have been on supporting her "other projects".Instead it was wasted on hate and jealousy on a fellow actress who took a part she foolishly vacated. She thought she was too big for the show and for New Zealand and wanted more money.
    Here is a quote from her manager: She 'd like to go back, but they really haven't gotten the number we're looking for".Check out comments on this website.
    In Hollywood the only validation comes down to who is working and who is not!


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