Contemplating "Hatred vs Criticism"

"Why do you think we “hate” white people? How come any form of criticism leveled against white Americans is swiftly construed as “hatred”?

"Or more to the point, are you and others like you so afraid of any criticism from black Americans that you’d go to great lengths to effectively bar such by reclassifying it as “hatred”? Is polite praise the only acceptable feedback that white Americans can tolerate from their black counterparts?

"Instead of wondering why black history has to be relegated to a single month, as though it was an alien culture that has no real place in American history, should we collectively kiss the expansive ass of white American culture by praising and co-opting its history as the only one that matters in this country?"


  1. "...Is polite praise the only acceptable feedback that white Americans can tolerate from their black counterparts?.."

    Unfortunately, yes, and they do that with little tolerance.

  2. Who is this Mack Lyons? B/c he is all kinds of awesome.

  3. "Is polite praise the only acceptable feedback that white Americans can tolerate from their black counterparts?"

    Without becoming outrageously defensive and (in the case of some white feminists) spilling WWT all over the place?

    Pretty much, yes.

  4. Reframing it as "hate" eliminates the power of the criticism and helps them maintain their own power. Its a game they are playing and they know this.

  5. It boils down to one of two things:

    1) Awareness of privilege and the staunch defense of it.

    2) Ignorance of privilege which has thoroughly weakened the recipient from inside, so much they need "a silken safety net, an air-conditioned escape route, and a 450-year headstart."

  6. Here's how I see it, and I wrote something similar in Abagond's post on "White History Month".

    White history is being shoved down the throats of adults and the youth alike while any contributions made by POC is either downplayed, briefly mentioned, or whitewashed to make white people look better.

    Black History Month and any other holiday or month dedicated to POC is the response to a society that made whiteness the norm. Those months and holidays are needed to help prove that our race matters and that we are more than what you TELL US we are.

    In my opinion telling us that you want a White History Month or even a White People holiday is like saying that you want more and more until EVERYTHING IS ABOUT WHITENESS. White skin, white women, white inventions, white heroes, and white whatever else comes with whiteness. To me that's not a campaign for supremacy, but a mental complex gone wild.

  7. And another thing, any form of criticism stemming from truth referred as hatred by white people shows how fragile their sense of worth really is. Their true identity of being a scared insecure people shows.

    1. Cosign 100%. The artificial and systemic inflation their self esteem is becoming more apparent as time goes by. The smoke is clearing and the mirrors are cracked.


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