RIP America Ferrera's Thickness, Y'all

From her first film, Real Women Have Curves
(until they get famous, anyway)
Don't get me wrong; I understand how she might have needed/wanted to drop a few...

What was wrong with this size??!??

...and so drop a few she did...

...but c'mon now.


  1. Here's what gets me.

    What will these actresses of color do when they slowly lose their female fans of color and Hollywhite doesn't hand them the golden career they think they're going to get by giving up food?

    I'll be honest - thickness gets my attention. When voting homecoming queen online at my alma mater, the first thing I did was run down the list voting for all the chunky women. Regardless of color, they had my vote. Then I went back and voted for all the slimmer women of color.

    Along with having a black woman in the band, Dormitory Effect caught my eye with their thickness. When watching Grey's Anatomy, I sat longingly waiting for the camera to pan to either Chandra Wilson or Sara Ramirez (*sniff*). When I saw the commercials for Drop Dead Diva, I revoked my moratorium on the Lifetime Channel.

    Megan Mullally was my chief reason for even bothering with Will & Grace.

    I've always felt Queen Latifah was a stunning beauty, that Countess Vaughn was a curvy siren, and when I first saw Adele perform live it was like having a religious experience.

    Thick women are so beautiful, and it sickens me to count the casualties of Hollywhite's war.

  2. There is something subversive about weight. The smaller you are, not only the more attractive you become to the masses... but the smarter you become or successful you become. All the intangibles increase in your favor when you become a twig.

    I don't buy into it. But I'm not famous either.

  3. She was fine at the middle pic!!! I loved America in "Real Women have Curves" because one of the main issues was her accepting her body. She eventually learned to be happy with herself despite her mom's naysaying. Now she still looks great, as does Jennifer Hudson, but now it's like thick women are being especially targeted by media garbage. Remember all that flak the Lane Bryant commercial caught for showing a thick goddess in lingerie meanwhile Victoria's Secret ads are everywhere?

    The funny thing is, back in the 60's and earlier, thick women were the standard of beauty. Marylin Monroe was a 14. But then fashion designers got tired of people paying attention to the models instead of the clothes and began hiring thinner models.

  4. What the *hell*? She looks BETTER with a little extra weight!

    This one's kind of close to my heart; I'm about the size she was in the green dress. What a gorgeous lady she is; I'm sad to see she's caved to pressure.

  5. You can add Jordin Sparks and Raven Simone to the list.

  6. She looked fantastic in that green dress, and as far as I'm concerned, she wasn't even plus-sized. *rolls eyes* Now, she doesn't even LOOK like the same person.

  7. Alex Raventhorne1/12/12, 4:57 PM

    Well, even fictional women are subjected to the garbage-spewing of people who hate everyone who's bigger than a size 4. Recently read an erotic story online where the heroine was plus-sized & toned, of black & latino ancestry, FABULOUS in every imaginable way. A third of the comments were about calling the woman fat and disbelieving that the gorgeous, rich (albeit mafia boss) Italian guy after her TRULY was crazy about her, since, you know, fat chicks can't get fine men. Thankfully another third of the comments were praising the author and the heroine, and the final third of comments were dissing the idiotic, human-hating, racist, misogynistic losers (including some women!) who made the first third of comments. No surprise at all to me that curvy women going into tv, movies, and music slim down if they're going to get such hatred PLUS have producers, directors, fashion designers, magazine editors, even journalists not give them a fair chance / give them less respect, opportunities, airtime, magazine customers due to their size (and colour if they're not white).

  8. I feel in love with Ferrera's body when I saw her in her first film. I loved her thickness in the belly, thighs, and booty.

    But now, it's all gone. It's allllll gone!

  9. I tend to look at pictures before I read. So I was scrolling down the page,and saw the difference between the 1st and 2nd pictures I was ready to disagree.I was about say she looks better after she lost the weight( not to imply she wasn't a beauty before,because honestly she was). I was also gonna point out that in this case the weight loss seemed to enhance her great curves rather than diminish or destroy them.The picture in the green dress is a dream.THEN I scrolled lower and I was like OH HELL NO. I didn't even know. I thought she was still the size she was in the 2nd pic. Damn.Why is it necessary for every woman in the entertainment industry to be skinny? I mean in it seems you can be busted as hell as along as you are skinny. I am so glad that Marilyn Monroe ,Mae West, Sophia Loren and the other curvy goddesses the "Golden Age" weren't acting nowadays as opposed to when they were because I'm almost sure every single one of them would be told to go on a diet or simply shown the door.

  10. It's funny how people don't seem to understand that not every woman can be a size 0 or every woman can be a thick goddess. People need better understanding of weight distribution and body types. I think there is pressure for both 'thicker' women and 'slender' women to be a certain weight. Thicker women are called fat slobs or whatever and slender women are sometimes considered not 'real' women. It's like a lose-lose. I wish more women would stop listening to the media when it comes to these things and figure out whats healthy or not for their bodies because not all women are made the same.

  11. I would like for people to say they lost weight for health reasons,but whenever it comes to Hollywood, I don't trust it. Then there is the man factor. Both Jennifer and America have those factors in common.

    The only thing I hate about this weight lost " phenomenon "is that it gives the false message that beauty comes from it. What would happen if something happened to the both of them to the point that they gain the weight back? I wonder how longer those guys will stick around?

    Secondly, like you said they were nice just the way they were. They weren't morbidly obese and if they were, so be it. It's about their acting abilities that make them great actresses. Gabourney Sidibe is one such example.

  12. I saw America last year at a Professional Business Women's Leadership conference...she was one of three keynotes. I noticed that her skinny jeans were quite small.

    She was a great speaker and had a good message but it was interesting since she talked a lot about being "too" something for any audition she tried out for.

    So being small isn't going to make her a leading lady and now it seemed that she sometimes was told she wasn't "ethnic" enough either.

    She did have some great (albeit sanitized) stories about working in Hollyweird as a WOC, even though the audience was primarily white.

  13. @Lifecoaster, not that I believe it, but white women love to tell you that Marilyn wasn't really thick b/c sizes have been distorted to appeal to all the "fatties."

    But even if a size 14 then isn't a size 14 now, Marilyn, Jayne Mansfield, and their ilk had a softness and curviness that actresses today totally lack. I still laugh at the idea that Michelle Williams played Marilyn in an movie. Her physical presence, even with padding was all wrong. You can't duplicate what Marilyn had with a "fat suit."

  14. My $.02.

    Back then the industry was controlled by men who loved women, and understood that women have curves. Even if you look at the comics from back in the day, chicks were bangin'. Moonbeam, Betty Boop, Blondie...they had distinctive hip-waist ratios.

    But nowadays, the industry is controlled by men who don't like women and prefer their bodies to look like that of a prepubescent child. What I don't understand is how any woman, ANY WOMAN, can let a man who doesn't like her tell her how her body should look? To me, it simply does not make any sense. But maybe that's because I'm not a star, I have plenty of self-esteem, and I'm plumb out of fucks to give.

  15. I have been jumped on because of my outward opinion on Jennifer Hudson's "weight watchers love"... I don't care about you loosing weight. I too love thickness, but if they wanna be skinny then fine, I'll find someone else to look at! (lol) I truly care about the message that they are sending. One minute you love all of your curves then the next minute you don't have any curves and giving interviews about how all of these designers wanna dress you now. That's nothing but bullshit. If these designers didn't want to dress me when I was a size 12 then forget them now that I am a size 6. But sadly it comes down to money.. I know we all need it, but when is it considered selling out for that said money?

  16. Middle picture looked fine and is the nicest of three, but eh it's her body. So long as she did it because she wanted to, there isn't anything else I say. When money is in the picture, everything become distorted. That's why I think foolishness like size 6 being plus-sized persists. If I were to wear below a size 6 at my height, I would be anorexic by any standard you use (as flawed as they are).

  17. When these actresses lose all the weight, they lose their individuality. Their smiles, their faces, their everything becomes so generic.

    If Julia Pace Mitchell follows this trend, I'll burst into tears.

  18. I know it's their bodies but I honestly loved America b/c I could relate to her both as a WOC and a larger WOC. She was the only reason I saw the Traveling Pants saga. I loved her role in that story. And I loved Real Women Have Curves even though I think it's problematic to define womanhood solely by physical parameters b/c not all women are the same. But in our current time a woman is more likely to be praised by losing weight--by being thin. You know, at first I was kind of surprised that a goddess like Monique would lose weight. But then I realized she didn't lose anything. In fact from my understanding she perhaps lost weight for health reasons. She has three kids, so I can understand her wanting to be around long enough to raise her babies. And I still see her in her body. She hasn't lost herself.

    So I'm not anti-lose weight. Everyone is entitled to what they do with their bodies. But don't act like this stuff occurs in a vacuum. That all weight loss is equal and similarly motivated.

  19. I know it's their bodies but I honestly loved America b/c I could relate to her both as a WOC and a larger WOC. She was the only reason I saw the Traveling Pants saga. I loved her role in that story...But in our current time a woman is more likely to be praised by losing weight--by being thin.

    I'm not anti-losing weight either. Monique needed to lose a few. Missy Elliot needed to lose a few. America needed to lose a few. Even Jennifer Hudson new to lose just a few.

    And Sara Ramirez didn't need to lose a damn thing.

    The problem, as you say, is the focus on thinness. Hollywhite tries to make it out to be about health, but let's face it. In the notably non-medical, diet pill-popping, coke-snorting, heroin-shooting, binge-drinking world of film and fashion, health is the last thing on the industry's mind.

  20. "Back then the industry was controlled by men who loved women, and understood that women have curves...they had distinctive hip-waist ratio"

    I don't like comments like this, honestly. I feel like this is very insulting for women who don't have said curves or a distinctive hip-waist ratio. It makes women who don't have curves and/or sizable breasts, etc. feel like they're somehow not real women because of their body type. I'm not just speaking of thin women, either. Women, small, average, to large who don't have these said curves tend to be affected by this "real women have curves" bs. I feel like no female body types should be shamed as long as they don't represent something unhealthy (for example: most supermodels, Leann Rhymes now, and Jennifer Hudson's not-so-subtle rapid wight loss, most white girls in Hollywood, etc).

    Fortunately I have the rare skinny-yet-curvy body type so I don't get shamed by Hollywhite or "Real women have curves" hype. I just hate when people shame one female body type to praise another. It defeats the purpose imo. I prefer phrases like, "Curvy girls are sexy as hell" or something similar that encourages thickness.

  21. @TGIQ: Nowhere in my statement did I use the word "real." Go back and read it again. Don't put words in my mouth.

    A woman should know who she is and be confident in it. If that's the case, then she won't read my comment as bullshit and/or find it insulting. If she does, then that's on her. I'm entitled to my opinion.

    I'm not shaming any woman's body or revering one type over another. I'm making an observation. Go back and look at movies and some TV shows from the 40s, 50s &'ll see what I mean.

  22. @Amaya, I never said you used the term "real." But that word is thrown around all the time in these type discussions, which is my point. The only thing in my comment that pertained to your comment directly was my first two sentences. After that I was not speaking of you, but people (especially men) who do the things I was speaking of.

    "A woman should know who she is and be confident in it." Should is the key word, but unfortunately that is not the case for all women. Otherwise we wouldn't see people like J Hud losing so much weight by questionable means (I don't believe she just used Weight Watchers).

    I know what you were saying with old hollywood movies and I agree. The "ideal" Hollywood bodies are definitely prepubescent now, which I find disturbing along with unhealthy.

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