Really? Really, Dude?

Rick Santorum, shut the fuck up.

First of all, it's not the fact that he said what he said (and he DID say it). To be honest; I'm still scratching my head over this bullshit right here

and not Iowa, nor its 91% white population unsurprisingly, quite predictably, nodding away with Rick waste-of-skin-and-bones Santorum.

What annoys me is the denial, that typical white American denial - a classic sign of pure weakness.  Ugly Ricky needs to grow a dick and stop crawling away from this.  He wasn't gettin' the Negro vote anyway; we covered this with Herman Cain.

Ugly Ricky needs to drop this next level of lame and just spit the truth: he's a lemming and he wants the lemming vote.  He wants to sit on the lemming throne so he can shepherd his fellow lemmings off to the Land of No One Gives Two Shits.

So smile, Amerikkka.  Your ass is showing.

This motherfucking election is about to be a show....


  1. Interesting how our American experience is to drastically different from their (white people) American experience. Like we have to go through all this shit just to be considered their property yet again.

  2. "Our blacks are better than their blacks."

    Uh, okay.

    "He's not black; he's half-black."

    *shakes head* Same shit, different day.

  3.'s already been a show. I just hope that the show continues long enough to make an impression on the national electorate so that President Obama can go ahead and win his re-election without too much drama.

    peace, villager

  4.'s already been a show.

    I really want to believe that, but I've got this creepy, sinking feeling we haven't seen anything yet.

  5. "I really want to believe that, but I've got this creepy, sinking feeling we haven't seen anything yet."


  6. These Republiclowns may very well just have been a warm-up act.

  7. All I have to say about these guys is that they are sad, delusional and pathetic.

  8. This is a classic case of the Blame Black Syndrome for Ricky.

    But you know? It gets better. I read that Rick tried to deny the statement he made. He said he didn't say black people, he said "blah" people...Yes, I know.

    As far as Ann is concerned, I won't want to wish death on anyone. So, I'll just wish for her voice to go away.

  9. The denying game is seriously just embarrassing. Not offensive, not insensitive, just really embarrassing and pathetic. Reeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy pathetic.


  10. Lifecoaster1/5/12, 7:48 PM

    The sad part is I'm not even shocked at this fuckery. In my head, I'm just saying "More Republicans suffer from Rectalencephalitis(head up ass). And another new fact is water is wet." It's just another day in WTFucksville,USA.

  11. AnotherPupil1/6/12, 12:12 AM

    I can't believe this douche is actually being considered as a presidential candidate. I lived in his state when I was attending Pitt. He was one of the biggest idiots I had ever heard. This is a man who complains about lazy people (translation: blacks) abusing the system and yet his silly ass bought a house in Pittsburgh so that he could get tax breaks to home school his kids even though they didn't live in the district. He's a homophobe, a racist, a sexist, and a great example of the limitation of bougie democracy. May this bullshit spectacle come quickly so I don't have to hear more politicians pandering and lying on the radio and on TV.

  12. Leoprincess1/6/12, 1:40 AM

    'Blah people'. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at his grade-school attempt of an excuse.

    Just own it, man. It's not like you'd get 'blah' people's vote en masse, anyway!

  13. Hasn't everyone felt as though we were backsliding for a while though? I mean, more and more people are able to say whatever nasty, racist thing about black people and they don't suffer for it.

    And I just read that Newt Gingrich has stepped it up with the racist rhetoric. Apparently, he is willing to go to the NAACP and tell the blacks that they should demand paychecks, not foodstamps.

    B/c you know, we blacks just lay around having illegitimate babies to kill time in between the welfare checks.

    But what is saddest is that they do this not only b/c they believe it but because it totally works. And a lot of people want to take the White House back from the evil black man and his evil black wife. You know how much it burns them to know that black heads are laying on those pillows...2008 was like Armageddon to a lot of them.

    I wish someone would get called to the carpet for sending these racist messages to black people. Just once. No one ever gets in trouble, they just get richer for doing it.

    Funny, having an attractive black family in the White House is so appealing to people in other countries (I've gotten a fist pump from an old man in India where he started chanting Obama when he saw me and a thumbs up in Russia from an immigration official-who wouldn't let me through until I gave Bush a thumbs down). Which South American leader said he thought Michelle was hot and was caught in a picture checking her out when they are supposed to be posing and grinning? But it pisses our white people the hell off.

  14. "Our blacks are better than their blacks."

    Oh, I didn't realize I was a rare-type Pokemon. Okay.

  15. ... and people clap after he says that. Horrific. Denial of privilege. I think of how white America lives in comfort. This comfort is of privilege. They don't have to worry about racist comments, stereotying, etc. Comfy + cozy + privilege = doesn't guarentee wisdom or compassion for others, particulary those who experience systematic oppression.

  16. @Lifecoaster:


    "WTFucksville, USA."

    I shall gladly pay you Tuesday to quote you today. These are brilliant!

  17. Didn't he have his kids play with a dead baby? How is he honestly being considered? But then again, the GOP seems to have some odd obsessions. The way they obsess over women's bodies, what you do in the bedroom, who you do it with, what minority is fucking up at any given moment, ect.
    But i'm honestly not suprised that he said any of this



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