POC of the Vampire Diaries: Jonas and Luka Martin

Randy J. Goodwin
as "Dr. Jonas Martin"

The Vampire Diaries
Sheila Bennett
Emily Bennett

If you're not drinking, you need to pull up a stool, order something you wouldn't give your worst enemy...and then double it.

*nods*  Don't worry.  It's on me.

Dr. Jonas Martin and his son Luka are warlocks (their skintone should've been a dead giveaway).  Introduced in Season 2, they are the first and, so far, only prominent Black men on the show.  Dr. Martin is introduced as a polished, successful doctor who loves his kids more than anything else and has educated them well in the Arts.

Their dynamic is very beautiful in that regard; as an agent of the vampire Elijah, Dr. Martin strictly seeks to get his daughter back from Klaus.  Like Grams, he is frustrated by how vampires keep dragging witches into their messes.

Bryton James as
"Luka Martin"
Luka is a very good-looking, very charming young warlock.  Fans will recognize the actor as little Richie from Family Matters...all growed up.

The Martins are also a couple of seriously powerful bad-asses.  Dr. Martin has the ability to take other witches' powers, as he briefly does with Bonnie.  Even Luka is more powerful than Bonnie, and Bryton James is made of pure charm.

The writers briefly toy with a Bonnie/Luka romance, but also imply that it's not genuine, and that Luka is merely trying to get info from Bonnie (however, Luka is visibly unhappy at the thought of using Bonnie).

Either way, it sure was beautiful while it lasted.  They bonded over the supernatural, and the actors had excellent chemistry.  Which is probably why the writers felt the need to end it as quickly as possible.

This is, after all, the CW.  The only worthy male love interest is the white guy.

And now for the dead Negroes portion of the post (you knew it was coming).

Elijah temporarily gets put on ice, and since he's the Martins' best shot at getting their daughter/sister back, the Martins attempt a rescue.  Luka is killed in the process, and Dr. Martin - distraught by the loss of another child - is killed while going on a rampage to avenge his son's death.

RIP Luka
RIP Dr. Martin


  1. And the sad part....we're not even done. The really sad part, we haven't even touched the OTHER POCs on this show.

    *grabs the Jack Daniels*

    What? It ain't gonna drink itself.

    1. Who you tellin'? I've got another post scheduled to go up tonight while I'm at work and we STILL have more after that.

  2. I think what really really annoyed me was the fact they died for no reason as we find out that Greta didnt even care, Greta is a whole other story considering she was on screen for like 2mins, why bring the Martins on the show in the first place??

  3. Regarding Jonas' death, you're right in that's ironic how easy it is very vampires to kill very powerful witches.

    I really wanted Luka and Bonnie to at least get a shot. The actors had such good chemistry and Luka was so handsome. They don't let black people have anything nice.

    1. I was DEEPLY upset by Luka's death. I, too, was hoping that he Bonnie would at least be given a season or half.

  4. I'll have a shot of Drano on the rocks. I mean...really. This is just fucking ridiculous. Why even bother casting PoC if you're going to dick around like this???

    1. Leoprincess1/30/12, 9:06 PM

      IKR?! Makes no sense!

  5. Leoprincess1/30/12, 8:17 PM


    Tell me again how POC characters in mainstream-aimed shows are supposed to be for our 'benefit'?

    1. Million-dollar question, boo-boo.

    2. QueenofSheba1/31/12, 3:09 PM

      I'm afraid they're not there for our benefit. It's called 'predictive programming' and it's a psychological/occult technique.
      Every time you, as a poc watch the people you identify with on the big or little screen dying for no good reason, they know that you die a bit inside.
      Then when real life black people around you are dying senselessly, whether through gangbanging or police brutality or lack of adequate health care or AIDs, you don't question it because you've been desensitised to senseless black death by hollywierd.
      They are a key weapon in the arsenal of white supremacy in America.
      So burn hollywood burn!

  6. And on top of that they find the daughter and Elena has the nerve to tell her that she her family wants her back and she shouldn't be helping Klaus yet fail to mention her brother and father are 6ft under. Then daughter dies too, whole family is dead.

    Again really powerful witches brought down by mere vampires. True Blood much better the powerful witch was brought down by a powerful witch (Bruja)Jesus.

    There was another Black man, tall fine dark skinned that was in 1 episode and flirted with Bonnie he died at the hands of Caroline one of the many Black people she snacked on that night one of them being the Black woman doctor

    1. Boy, they're not even trying to be subtle with that shit.

  7. Seriously, no one's cussed out CW for this shit yet? This isn't even subtle anymore, it's full-on racism. You mean to tell me that all these black powerful witches gotta die in all these messed up ways and it's a coincidence? Even True Blood tries harder than that, if barely.

    1. yeah I keep saying Occupy Aryanwood. So that chances that shows like this happening again will be slim.

      This is the reason why i banned media in my room except the internet.


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