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Talk about being at the bar....

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Oh, Lawd.  *rubs temples*  There is no end to the fail with this one.

First of all, can someone tell me what the hell Gina Torres is doing on the CW?

Gina Torres is a goddess.  Gina Torres is a sci-fi/fantasy legend.  Gina Torres is one of the warriors I have loved.  Ergo, Gina Torres has no business being on the CW, unless she lost a bet.  For real.

On TVD, Gina portrays the witch Bree. She owns and runs a bar and she dated the vampire Damon some 20 years ago.

Reunited...well briefly, anyhow.
Now, I'll admit; the writers had me going for a moment.  I thought we were about to meet a kick-ass recurring character.  A bartending, shot-swigging witch?  With the Zoe Washburne accent and the Cleopatra swag?  Hello!

I told you this woman is a goddess.

And now...the dead Negro portion of the evening.

I know, I know; it's Gina Torres and no writer in the 'verse would be stupid enough to axe a Gina Torres character.  But not only do such writers exist, they also had the nerve to make her a cowardly witch.  When Damon comes after her, Bree doesn't do anything.  She doesn't do Pain Infliction.  She doesn't send him flying across the room with a wave of her hand (even Bonnie does that!).  Bree just stands there, tearful and panicky while Damon literally rips out her heart.

RIP Bree


  1. you DO NOT redshirt the goddess that is Gina Torres. you DO NOT red-shirt perfection herself.

    Make sure my bail money is ready, because somebody is catching a Matrix style ass whipping for this shit. Somebody call my mama.

    And what the fuck was she being cowardly about anyway? They acted like she was guilty of something. She set Damon (aka Darryl) up because it was payback for him killing Lexie in cold blood which if Stephan, I mean Steve.had done his damn job and put his brother down, this situation wouldn't have been necessary anyway.

    I need a drink.

    Don't make no damn sense. Two years and I'm still pissed about this shit.

    1. you DO NOT redshirt the goddess that is Gina Torres. you DO NOT red-shirt perfection herself.

      I'm still in denial. I maintain she lost a bet, or owed someone a favor, or something because I'm not understanding how and why anyone would infect Gina-motherfucking-Torres with Ilario Syndrome.

      Bonnie's just learning her powers and she knocks Damon on his ass with a glance. Bree's been practicing witchcraft since the 1980s and she was helpless? How?

  2. Leoprincess1/28/12, 5:28 PM

    O_O You have got to be shitting me.

  3. They did Gina wrooong she is My Queen. When I saw her big smile by the end of the show I was mad. She could have easily knocked Damon back and be like don't fuck with me I will kick that sexy ass of yours.

    This is going to be a looooooong list

    1. I know. I'm just getting warmed up. I've been watching this show for less than 2 weeks and every dead Negro on it is already etched into my memory.

      Keep in mind, this is just season one. This bullshit continues all the way up to season three, which is playing as we speak.

    2. "Keep in mind, this is just season one. This bullshit continues all the way up to season three, which is playing as we speak."

      We must stop the maddness....

  4. Neo, I'm with you. Ankh, put some money on my books so I can buy cigarettes and cookies while in the pen. Because I want to say I *can't* believe they did that to Gina, but truth is that I can. Don't make the need to put a size 9 boot in the ass of white-ever wrote that shit any less potent.


  5. I just remembered. Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain - producers on TVD - also worked on Angel, where Gina Torres was featured for several episodes as "Jasmine."

    Yeah...once again, Whedon handled her better. GOD, I miss him.

    1. Seconded.

      And my God, did they learn nothing from that man?

    2. Apparently he was the only feminist writing the damn show. Well...him and Doug Petrie.

  6. So I just shared some of this info with my roommate and she suggested the name of the program be changed to the Lynch Diaries.

  7. Since this is a show about vampires:

    POC Viewer: Die monster. (no emotion) You don't belong in this world! (no emotion)

    TVD Writers: It is not by my hand that I am once given flesh. I was called here by White fantasy (emotion!!) who wish to pay ME tribute.

    POC Viewer: Tribute!?! You kill off POC's souls and make them your slaves!

    TVD Writers: Perhaps the same could be said for ALL Television networks...

    POC Viewers: Your words are as empty as your network! Veiwers ill needs a show such as you!

    TVD Writers: What is a Viewer? A miserable little pile of secrets. . But enough talk... (health shows up) Have at you!

    if you don't get the referance of this..then you are not a vampire fan.

  8. Is that a Castlevania reference?

    1. Ah you got it. but seriously after reading this, I just and play castlevania. No Black people, but hey it's waaay better than the vampire crap that they been coming out with.

  9. Lifecoaster1/29/12, 9:34 AM

    No, no, no, and HELL NO!!!!!!!!! How in the hell do you red shirt Gina Torres? She is a legend and these mofos should have been honored that she even graced their diet bootleg Twilight ass show with her presence. But look at who they're catering too.

    And people wonder I say "Fuck this show and all it stands for". Considering the pattern, it looks like TVD can't handle no real women.

  10. Damn! I've read all of these posts and I'm thinking: What is the damn point in having us on the show? Everybody's been killed off! This is one of the main reasons I have given up on television. I stream stuff from Netflix and get suggestions from friends.

    This is some straight bullsh*t!


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