I....I Just...I Can't....


  1. Uhhh, maybe I'm a complete dumbass, but what in the hell does "9 9 9" mean?

    Jeez...what the fuck is wrong with this world?

  2. @Amaya

    It means Hermain Cain doesn't know WTF he's talking about.

  3. If I knew saying the same number three times was an answer for everything, I wouldn't have tried so hard in school. XD

  4. Herman Cain, please, just shut the fuck up. You've already embarrassed yourself and the black community for months to come. Just disappear into obscurity and let us live with what little pride we have left. SMH

  5. Leoprincess1/8/12, 11:14 PM

    *head-desk* I quit.

  6. Leoprincess1/8/12, 11:18 PM

    Wait...I think he was trying to be slick by saying 'Nein', German for 'No'. Or am I giving him too much credit?

    Yea, I think I am. =_=

  7. Or am I giving him too much credit?


    Next question.

  8. Lifecoaster1/9/12, 4:12 AM

    And once again, my faith in human intelligence plummets. The fact that to this day Herman Cain and Rick Santorum are taken seriously by certain people as possible presidents makes me kinda hope the 2012 mess is true, if only to silence the stupid.

    If through some combination of bullshit, sorcery, selling souls to the devil and just plain horsesassery either of these men are elected, I'm gone. I'll leave that day, fuck it that minute. I love certain people here, but it would prove that my countrymen suffer from idiocy I just can't tolerate anymore.

  9. Amaya,

    Maybe he's talking about himself.Flip over those 9's and that is what Herman Cain his..the beast.

  10. Hey sis, I named you for the Liebster blog award. check it out at my house!


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