Black Women and the Republikkkan Party

Let's start with Michelle Obama.
Look at Michelle Obama.

Any of those white men who trash her probably lay in bed at night burning with need for her…and they know it.

~ Truthbetold

Sensenbrenner may appear disgusted with the First Lady’s campaign, but he could be secretly checking her out. He sees that big butt and wants that junk in the trunk. He imagines himself behind that ass and riding it. However, he can not admit it because not only would he invite a lot of unwanted press, but he will incite a possible, unfriendly confrontation with the President.

~ Brotha Wolf
The attacks on our fabulous goddess of a FLOTUS from Republikkkans (and white Amerikkkans in general) is no secret, nor is the consistent sound of crickets from white feminists whenever she's attacked for, you know, breathing. I mean, she really gets under their skin.

And it's perfectly understandable when you think about it: she's educated; she rose from poverty, defied obstacles, and became a great success; she has this beautiful skin that you're either born with or you're not; and oh yeah...she's married to this guy:

So the loathing is not only understandable, but quite expected.

I'll be honest; I've long stopped flinching at the broadsides leveled at this woman. It's so obvious where they stem from: lust and envy, two of the seven deadly sins.  Hatorade only comes in one flavor, contrary to popular belief, so the "it's not because she's Black" bullshit is summarily dismissed.

Now let's talk abortion.

*rubs temples*

The Republikkkan obsession with Black women and abortion is another one of those non-secrets which I'll admit, I've dismissed.

Let's be real.  Rich white conservatives don't give two shits about Black children.  "Comedienne" Lisa Lampinelli referred to a Black woman with five abortions as a "crime-fighter" and the audience didn't promptly kick her ass.  This move against Black women having abortions is strictly politically motivated.  1) They want to appear concerned about poor Black women and children, and 2) it's all about control.  Saddle a single, sometimes uneducated woman with children she doesn't want and can't afford, and right there you have a family destined to struggle.

And then these Republikkkans act like we don't already know all this.

After decades of having the welfare queen stereotype shoved in our faces, some Black women have decided to not give birth to kids they know they can't support.  Sometimes it's because they know that the father - regardless of his color - is a total deadbeat, or he's abusive, or he's someone they simply wouldn't mind avoiding for the rest of their lives.  Sometimes it's because - shocker of shockers - the woman in question really doesn't want to raise kids, and vows to be a lot more careful in the future.

But regardless of the Black woman's reason, that's one less child being born into a less than favorable situation.  This gives the woman more time to focus on herself, to work on her own issues.  She might even decide to go back to school.  If she's educated, she can focus on getting a better job, saving up more money, and doing all those other things TPTB would simply prefer Black women didn't do.

Which of course, means less Black kids for cops to use as punching bags and target practice, less Black kids to humiliate and devalue, less Black families shackled by financial strain, and more Black women left free to explore the world and focus on themselves. wonder the Republikkkans are so worried.


  1. Michelle Obama is the only First Lady I wish I could date.

    These Republikkkans are scared of black women. They don't know who they are let alone that they are people too. So, that's why they attack them so much. They hate to see them outside of their stereotypes so much, they resort to this bullfuckery because they can't handle being wrong.

    Also, Happy Birthday, Moi.

  2. Oh, man! I've wanted this post FOREVER! So fantastic, totally true.

    "less Black kids for cops to use as punching bags and target practice, less Black girls to humiliate and devalue, less Black families shackled by financial strain, and more Black women left free to explore the world and focus on themselves"

    YES. Just, yes.

  3. What Republikkkans don't get is that we see right through them. They spend all their time denigrating us and then in the same breath want to feign concern for black babies and black women.

    And then they wonder why we don't trust them.

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet-Pea! lol

    When it comes to Michelle Obama the Haterade is flowing like a river. These people must have an IV filled with this stuff. The fact that they can't stereotype our first lady gets under their skin. I've seen this type of shit play out in real life as well with white men in particular. God-forbid if you reject their advances.

    Michelle don't want y'all.Get the fuck over it.

  5. I'm not surprised that white feminists don't support Michelle Obama. They can't. They can't support anyone who betters them in every possible way. She's pretty much achieved everything that they claim to want but has done it better than any example that they have.

    They aren't comfortable with that, and I find that usually when they "praise" her, they try to lower her. So if someone insults her shape, they'll say that it's great to have a "regular" woman out there, even though there is nothing about that lady's body that even remotely approaches average. Her body cannot even see average in its rear view mirror.

    And they will usually derail the discussions with comments about Hilary Clinton. Which again, no, not in the same league aesthetically, and not ridiculed to the same degree. No one has ever suggested that Hilary wasn't intelligent. I've definitely read supposed "supporters" of Michelle try to question her poise too. I think Hilary is sharp like her husband, but I think they have an easier time saluting her b/c a)she's white, b)she married a tall, charismatic president but he also fooled around on her, c)she does not possess the same physical gifts as Michelle Obama, and even though she found a great signature style later in life, she was never a stunner and is not physically striking. Not that white people differentiate, but she's thick but not curvy thick and has cankles(of course, they call both just fat).

    It is physically impossible for a white woman of nearly 50 to look like Michelle. They will nip,tuck, cut, pull, inject, and fill, but without a pound of makeup and very flattering lights, the degree of decay they experience is obvious (or they look disfigured, waxy, and frozen from all of the work-it is always obvious, but they lie to themselves that those women still look 30).

    I've noticed that they usually cheer the loudest for the women who aren't really that good-looking. They elevate average chicks to goddess status and tend to hate, hate, hate the ones who are really good-looking. (So they LOVE Michelle Williams with a passion but HATE Katherine Heigl with a fury).

    We know that 150 years ago, Michelle is the lady that massa would have been visiting every night, and yes, they do probably dream of "putting her in her place."

    No one in the wings has anyone like Michelle on their arms. Jackie O was an educated debutante with great style but it's also what she was raised to do and all that she really did do. And I also don't think she was much of a stunner. (Oh, but she is from a family that might have some black ancestry)...

  6. So I guarantee you that white feminists would be way more supportive of Michelle if she had 6 inches less leg and was heavyset or had bad skin or couldn't dress...

  7. First off...all praise to our glorious FLOTUS. Keep the metaphorical pimp hand strong...and flawlessly manicured.

    Girl you know I own and spout the last part of your last paragraph. Would that more sistahs see things in this same light and break said mental shackles. Ain't nothin' wrong with saying no to the status quo and doing things for and by yourself. But too many sistahs I know are enslaved, and it is hard to de-slave(and if that isn't a word, it is today) a mind.

  8. Its crazy how the GOP all of a sudden wants Black women to stop aborting their kids. Aren't these the same losers that told Black women..especially the poor ones, not to have them?talking about sterilizing us and in some places, have done this to us. I mean, who are they fooling?

    It's just eating them alive to know that they cannot downgrade the Obamas or and with Black people like Herman Cain, they cannot make us bow down to them. That sexual tension is really eating them alive isn't it? It is said that a man, in this case, who constantly criticizes a woman are the very ones they desire..or end up being with .This why we know that the GOP wants Michelle.If they didn't they wouldn't talk all that smack about her like that.

    1. This why we know that the GOP wants Michelle.If they didn't they wouldn't talk all that smack about her like that.

      That sexual tension is really eating them alive isn't it?

      It really is.

  9. Lifecoaster1/23/12, 3:57 PM

    I cosign on all of the above. I have a lot more respect for people who admit they're not ready for kids than someone who has a kid they don't want and take it out on the kid. Republikkkans never have and never will care about black people unless they're conning them in some way.

  10. There's also the realization that if a woman like Michelle wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole, other desirable Black women won't either.

  11. the FLOTUS is, was and will continue to be a fine ass woman.

  12. I just want to know why he was looking at her behind to begin with.

    1. Let's just say that if white folks were to start asking that question more often, it would just open up a can of worms. Which is precisely why white feminists are remaining quiet.

      Y'all remember my eldest sis. She has a big ass. No matter how much weight she loses, that ass goes nowhere (it's our mom's fault). My sis was at the beach one time in a bikini, and this white dude - who was with his white wife and kids - couldn't stop gawking at her ass.

      My roommate tells the story best: she laughed at how this man was standing with his family in front of their shiny, expensive car - all of which he could easily lose in a divorce case - and yet he couldn't stop himself from staring at my sister's ass.

  13. "She got a donk...she got a donk...!" Plus, Zhinni is gorgeous; it wasn't just her ass he was scopin'. Trust and believe.

    Part of me wishes that the Prez would call some of his boys back in Chi and have them put a good old-fashioned Chicago beatdown on those fools who dare to disrespect Michelle. Because everyone knows that's what he really wants to do. Were he just Barry from the South Side, those fools would have gotten their asses kicked from here to eternity for talking about Michelle's ass like that.

  14. Lifecoaster1/25/12, 2:11 PM

    Can we be honest now? The abortion issue has never, and will never, been about "teh poor women and bebehs". 70% of people against abortion are men. These men could honestly care less about the woman as a person, if she can care for the child properly, or even if it was conceived with her consent. To them, it's about control. They want to go back to the ages when men could rape, beat, throw out the house and kill their wives and no one would bat an eye. Where romem were little more than property that were transferred from one man to another.

    These 'men' are angered that being an ain't shit male is no longer tolerated and will make sure it's just them and their hand for a long time. So they look for any way to cut women's choices,whether the choice is who she can marry, where she can get support, or what she can do with her body.

    If a woman chooses not to have an abortion, fine. But if another wants one, that is her choice and no one else's. I don't even know why this is even an issue. We've had this discussion, Republikkkans, and it was called Roe v. Wade and y'all lost.

    A woman's body is her own business. Amerikkka, I'm gonna respectfully ask you to back the fuck up out my business.

  15. This beautiful First Lady is my inspiration to lift weights. I want to have a body like that when I'm her age.

  16. This is why I read this blog. Beautiful.

  17. i agree with this post they do not really care about black children or black women. I personally do not agree with abortion, morally I do not agree with it, but I also do not agree with making stupid billboards that shame, stigmatize and demean Black women who do get abortions. They don't truly care about black children because if they did and if they truly wanted to reduce the rate of abortions, then they would spend time rallying for more support of struggling, single Black mothers, rally for better schools, rally for safer neighborhoods, better jobs, better child care and health care programs and they would rally for an environment that is more hospitable to single mothers overall. But they do the opposite and push for things that are more detrimental to single, Black mothers and Black I know they don't truly care...they just want to stigmatize and shame Black women for this and it's so counterproductive and wrong.

  18. truthbetold2/7/12, 8:44 PM

    The foundation of oppression in this country was based on:
    Fear of the black man
    Desire of the black woman

    I hoped that Obama's presidency would open the minds of white America.
    How wrong I was.
    Whites need to hang their heads in shame for the stain they created.
    Problem is, it was so well crafted, it cannot be undone.

  19. These comments have been really interesting to read. Michelle boldly shattered all of these stereotypes that people were desperately grasping. Oh, I'm an obese woman, hey, but at least I'm not a black woman tehee-oh wait, Michelle Obama was more successful than I could ever dream of, she's got a husband who clearly loves her, she's got gorgeous intelligent children, and she's gorgeous. Oh, heh....Let's just throw her to the wolves then.

  20. Leave Obama alone white guy. and get your “FACTS” strightout before going and telling lies about them. DUH!!

  21. "So the loathing is not only understandable, but quite expected.

    I'll be honest; I've long stopped flinching at the broadsides leveled at this woman. It's so obvious where they stem from: lust and envy, two of the seven deadly sins. Hatorade only comes in one flavor, contrary to popular belief, so the "it's not because she's Black" bullshit is summarily dismissed."

    I agree with you on this on Ankhesen, the way Michelle Obama is hated and disrespected is unbelievable... I never heard of any previous American First Lady recieve so much hatred.
    Not only white conservatives dare to question her intelligence (after all the ONLY reason she attended Harvard MUST be thanks to Affirmative Action *roll eyes*) but they seem to be obsessed with her supposed bad looks comparing her to a monkey or a man and they seem to be even more obsessed with her butt. You may find this interesting:

    By the same token, I noticed there is A LOT of hatred on the Internet directed at black women, more than any other race of women. It is so obvious, yet everytime someone points it out they are called paranoid.
    I don't think most black women care, but it does affect some. A black female blogger recently retired from blogging because she decided to stay offline due to all the black women online harrassment, here is her last article:

    Not only the hate come from people and trolls but there are also tons of studies about how we are uglier, fatter, worthless and undesirable... meanwhile non-black women make MILLIONS copying and pasting black women features.

    This is why I thought about what you said on the source of hate directed at Michelle Obama (lust and envy). Could it be the same force that makes some people hate black women with such passion?
    As a thread stated once, "Why are men obsessed with their dis-preference for us?"

    A few comments from Neecy seems to sum it up well:
    " "And this is the source of the “hate”. BW are very exclusive about thier mates (at least the attractive ones who have a lot going for them). In reality all these supposed Black women dying to get with a White man is so UNREAL. Most White men cannot even get a glance from a Black woman. many Black women do not openly flirt with White men and that to affects thier egos.
    This means a lot of men simply don’t fit the bill. The anti Black woman rhetoric here is all about REJECTION.

    The saying goes “birds only pick at the best fruit”. And men and society are soooooooooooo beyond obsessed with Black women that one has to wonder why. i mean too many of these men on here doth protest too much about how much “they don’t find BW attractive”. There is way too much effort being put into reinforcing this belief for me to believe its true. if men were that unphased and unattracted to BW, they wouldn’t need to constanly be labor it and they would never even mention Black women.

    I mean ask yourself. When you are TRULY uninterested in something, do you even think about it enough to give it attention? NO. i think the writing is on the wall here."

    "White men expect everyone to love them, adore them worship them, ”

    And better believe this is the source of their OBSESSION with hating on BW. And always trying to make Black women look bad. I have to LOL at this study which suggests that black women are tripping over themselves to get a White man. This is soooo far from reality!!!! These white men know it. I guess they can jump on some crapola study like this and have their ego temporarily inflated. that is, until they go back into the real world where Black women aren’t paying them any attention. LOL."

    So what do you think Ankhesen? Do you think an analogy can be made between the Republican Party hating on Michelle Obama and the obsessive pathological hate thrown at black women in general?


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