1. I am not looking forward to this campaign season at all. If I could vacation on a tropical island somewhere until this is all over and Obama is re-elected I would.

  2. As funny as it is it reaffirms why I've lost faith in American politics.

  3. @ Student

    We will fight. I'm crushing on him hard right so, believe me...we will fight.

    If we thought 2008 was a circus, 2012 is about to reset the record.

    1) I'm not voting.

    2) I'm strictly going to observe/cover the election for entertainment purposes.

    3) Americans better enjoy all this while it lasts, because after Operation Beautiful Spring (laughs)....

  4. Liberty for some(http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/jan/02/ndaa-historic-assault-american-liberty); miniature American flags for others.

  5. Lay it down, y'all. Let the links flow....

  6. Bonus points for Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert links.

  7. Leoprincess1/3/12, 5:18 PM

    Who needs December 21, 2012 when we have January-November 2012 to horrify us?


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