ST:TNG, an Exercise in Dreamcasting (Updated)

With the reboot of the old Star Trek igniting fans, I've thought about The Next Generation getting rebooted as well.  Of course, I have different folks in mind for a cast that we will NEVER see...but hey, a pygmy can dream.

Faran Tahir as the new Cpt. Picard

Tahir was straight up robbed in the 2009 reboot.  This man had the most commanding presence in the whole film...and he got axed within the first five minutes.  It was wrong.

I think Tahir could handle Picard's trademark stoicism and almost marital dedication to his ship.  And while I adore Patrick Stewart, I have to be honest; Tahir is much, much, much, much finer than he.

Moving on now.

Jay Hernandez as the new Cmdr. Riker

I don't know what it is about this actor, but I have high hopes for him.  I think it's the way he takes his roles seriously, and gives every film he does 110%, even if the script is unworthy of him.

I think Hernandez could not only be a much sexier version of the original Riker, but I think he could buckle down, shut off his inner playboy on cue, and be a dedicated, hungry first officer, determined to prove himself.

Tharini Mudaliar as the new Dr. Crusher

I don't know why this woman hasn't been swimming in film & TV offers.  She is elegance and dignity personified.  I think she'd bring exceptional intelligence and professionalism to the role of a chief medical officer.

And instead of doubling as an expert in tap and ballet, this new Crusher could give the writers' an excuse to focus on traditional Indian dance.

Lee Thompson Young as the new Lt. Cmdr. LaForge

Do I even need to explain this one?

Young has "Geordi" written all over him, sans the stupid-ass visor.  It's like he was born to take over the role.  I don't think he could improve on the character, though; that would be the writers' job.  Fans of color in particular know what I mean when I say there were 20 shades of fail with LaForge's characterization.

Jon Foo as the new Lt. Cmdr. Data

The Soong family which resulted in the android Data and his psycho brother Lore where originally intended to be of East Asian descent.

I think that Jon Foo could bring his mixed good looks to the role, along with his physical abilities.   Of course, he might need some acting classes, but I'm sure he could pull it off.

Amerie as the new Lt. Yar

Hear me out.

1) DS9 revealed to us that Worf had no place on TNG.  It just wasn't suited for him.  Besides, the original idea of a female head of security was a good long as it's not Denise Crosby or anyone remotely related to her or similar in appearance.

2) It's the 24th Century.  It's the Blasians' time to shine.

Jamie Bell as the new Chief O'Brien

(Thanks, Neo-Prodigy!)

I don't know too much about Jamie Bell except he was in Billy Elliot (which I loved), he's British (can never go wrong with that) and he's undeniably good-looking.

Which is precisely why the in reboot, he will be unmarried...but looking.

Angel Coulby as the new Counselor Troi

Yup, more mixies for the cast.

With Coulby, I think she could easily master the poise and compassion of a both a trained empath and a counselor.  Also, she has maybe-this-maybe-that look which just always works so well in sci-fi.

And she's fine.  Did I mention that she's fine?

Michelle Rodriguez as the new Ensign Ro

(Thanks again, Neo!)

I...really don't know why this didn't hit me before.  I mean, duh.  Rodriguez is fire, just like the rebellious, trash-talking Bajoran Ensign Ro Laren. She brings that extra "dark" to the already dark and beautiful character.

And I think Rodriguez was born to play a member of the Maquis.

Jill Scott as the new Guinan

(Thanks yet again, Neo!)

This is another one of those no-brainers which should've hit me before.  Jill Scott is totally Guinan, replete with the humor, the gravity, the shrewd observational skills, the unrelenting memory, and the shapely body.  She wouldn't even need that ridiculous hat, just her fabulous hairdos.

And I'd love to see the interaction between the new Guinan and the new Picard.

Alfre Woodard as the new Lwaxana Troi

(Thanks, Doodling!)

This honestly would've never occurred to me, but I'd love to see this actress play Lwaxana.  I'd love to see her tap into her inner diva and try to sink her claws in the new Picard, all the while trying to set up her daughter with damn near every man in the galaxy.

*shakes head*

Iko Uwais as the new Wesley Crusher

After seeing Merantau (2009), I'm going to be a faithful fan to the end.

Iko brings the vulnerability and charm of a precocious youth.  The fact that he's an ass-kicking bad-ass in real-life would just make him soooooooooo much better than the original Wesley (sorry, Neo-Prodigy, but like I told you before, you're supposed to get over him by the age of 12).

And considering that Mudaliar would be portraying his mother, Iko looks like he could easily pass as being "mixed with something."


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  1. "Who would portray the new Wesley's father?"

    Takeshi Beat Kitino or Takeshi Kaneshiro.

    Kitino: He has the serious side that he shows in his pulp films
    Kaneshiro: just him. I think he really attractive in a good way. I saw him in a few movies and in Onimusha series.

    Who would portray Lwaxana Troi?
    Carmen Moore: I liked her in Caprica and still trying to find more movies with her in it.

    Bonus Characters.

    Q: I think that we can either Genderbend Q.
    Female Q: Nicole Ari Parker. I liked her in Soul Food. She can fit that Mysterious Alien being.
    Female Q 2: Chiaki Kuriyama: Saw her music videos and she would be perfect as a Advanced Alien Being.
    Male Q: Gackt: Do I need to say more.

    Katherine Pulaski: Polly Walker: I loved her character in Caprica, I think she can pull off Dr. Pulaski.

  2. so much pretty in this cast, I approve



    No one will replace him.....with the exception of that delightful Tommy Knight lad from the Sarah Jane Adventures.

    But we'll talk about your flaws and shortcomings later K. ;-)

    "Who would portray the new Wesley's father?"

    The same person who would portray the old Wesley's father, Picard!!! Everyone knows that Picard is Wesley's father. I don't know why Trekkies are in denial about what they pointed out in the original unaired pilot.
    You honestly think Picard would allow anyone other than the fruit of his loins to sit on the bridge of his ship? Beverly gave him the business in the unaired pilot.

    Bev: Oh yes Frenchie! You gonna spend some quality time with Wesley.

    Wesley: Mom that's okay....

    Picard: Shut up Wesley! I don't have to do a damn thing woman.

    Bev: Mofo, don't make me sue your trifling ass for back child support, I'll be running this ship when I'm done.

    Wesley: Captain, Dad I really don't know what to....

    Bev: Shut up Wesley! What's it going to be Frenchie? Either you spend quality time with the kid or I put your business on blast and let ever female on the ship know that your heart isn't the only muscle with a defect?

    Picard: *shakes head* Report to the bridge

    Ensign Crusher.

    Wesley: Thanks Dad!
    Mad love for the casting choices. I'm feeling this. I especially love your idea about Yar and co-sign on bringing her back. Additional casting choices:

    Guinan: Jill Scott

    Lwaxana Troi: Loretta Devine

    Ensign Ro: Michelle Rodriguez

    Chief O'Brien: Jamie Bell

    Kaiko (sp?): what actress know what, scratch that. this is a dreamcasting let's give the new O'Brien a husband: Harry Shum Jr.

  4. I think Alfre Woodard would make a gorgeous Lwaxana.

  5. *slaps money down on the table* Let's do this shit right now! I would STAND IN LINE for this reboot...and the last time I stood in line for anything was my financial aid check back in college before everything was done online.

    As far as dreamcasting, I'm right there with Neo's choices. Jilly from Philly as Guinan is boss, and you ain't gonna get better than Miss Devine as the flashy Lwaxana.

    Excellent post, chica!

  6. @ Neo-Prodigy

    Honey, it's okay. Denial is the first stage.

    Guinan: Jill Scott

    Ensign Ro: Michelle Rodriguez

    Loving it!

    Chief O'Brien: Jamie Bell

    Had to Google him, but oh...good choice!

    As for the whole Keiko thing - let's scrap it. It was a mistake marrying him off the first time around.

    Starfleet officers, to me, seem best when they don't have pesky spouses and children. It gives you more room to play with their romantic lives.

    I think Alfre Woodard would make a gorgeous Lwaxana.

    Considering the sheer comedy that is Lwaxana Troi, I'd be amused as hell to see Woodard take on the role. Anthony Steward Head could play Deanna's father.

    Let me go ahead and add some of these in!

  7. You know I noticed that you don't have Worf on the list.
    May I suggest: Sasha Roiz from Caprica and Grimm.

  8. Worf isn't in my TNG reboot. In my reboot he's on DS9 from the get-go.

  9. @Doodling. Very nice choice. I was brainstorming and there were some lovely ladies who came to mind but I never considered Ms. Woodard. A most exsquisite choice.

    @K: Point taken. That said, I would like some queer characters (possibly 1 male and 1 female) on the crew to get right what the original Trek franchise got wrong.

    Also for Deanna's father how about Colin Salmon?
    And for Q, how about Anthony Stewart Head.

  10. When you do your dreamcast for DS9, you're gonna have to come hard with Sisko's characterization. Avery Brooks is damned hard to upgrade.

  11. And I'd love to see the interaction between the new Guinan and the new Picard.

    THUD! *jaw hits floor* Do you know how explosive that would be????? Judas Priest, I'd pay mad cash to see that shit.


  12. @ Neo-Prodigy

    Absolutely; it's the 24th Century and it's LGBTQs time to shine fo sho.

    The thing is, when you've got a crew on a ship moving throughout the galaxy, tying them down is unrealistic and impractical. If I knew I was going to be serving aboard a ship for YEARS, and traveling dozens to hundreds of light years, seeking out new life and entering potentially hostile situations, I would not be getting married or having kids. It would make no sense.

    So let's have our queer, bi, and hetero characters, but let's be rational and make them all single. More fun, more chances to fulfill fantasy.

  13. I think James Marsters should play Q.

    And I think Data would definitely be bi; as a curious android, I don't think he'd limit himself.

  14. "I think James Marsters should play Q.

    And I think Data would definitely be bi; as a curious android, I don't think he'd limit himself."


    Okay then Head will be Deanna's father because I'm all about getting some head any chance I can get. ;-)

  15. @Ankhesen: re. characters - oh GOD yes. I personally have much more fun with shipping when there *aren't* any canon couples to influence the nebulous category of "who would be good together?".

    Harry Shum, Jr. would make an excellent older Wesley.

  16. @ Neo-Prodigy

    And I think James would revive his "Spike" tendencies to play Q.

  17. @K yes he would.

    @Doodling. CO-SIGNED, now THAT is a worthy successor to the Wesley Crusher legacy. Stop laughing at me K.

  18. A little bit off topic but: is it just me or was the central message of Star Trek TNG that White people possess a unique insaitable drive to want to learn more, expolore new places and improve themselves, unlike the other "alien"(non-white) races that would eventually lead to them becoming gods if they stayed on course?

    Another thing: The Borg. Why are they so reminscent of White people and their ways? Did the Star Trek TNG writers subconciously write about their own people?

  19. Damn Ankh! You should be a casting director! I love all of your choices, especially Jill Scott.

  20. Ankh, did you get to see Iko Uwais' latest movie The Raid: Redemption at SXSW? The reviews from around the world have been calling it the best action film in years. After that movie, I guess Iko would be the next Jet Li/Jackie Chen/Bruce Lee; and people would think he's too bad ass to play Wesley Crusher.

    1. I do need to see his new film. our reboot, Wesley's a bad-ass.


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