ST:DS9, an Exercise in Dreamcasting

Let's get right to it, shall we?

J. August Richards as the new Capt. Benjamin Sisko

Richards has the looks, the poise, the strength, and even the singing ability.  Make no mistake; replacing Avery Brooks is probably not the smartest thing to do, but if you're gonna do it, you might as well do it with the closest shoo-in.

Jana Mashonee as the new Major Kira Nerys

Because the story of Bajor deals with Holocausts, genocide, rebellions, and people becoming terrorists to liberate their home, this sultry, mature Native American chanteuse is more than a perfect candidate.

Leonard Roberts as Lt. Cmdr. Worf

Roberts has the voice, the strength, and the martial ability (he's a martial artist in real life).  He would bring gravity and ferocity to the role.  And while I'm not eager to see his good looks marred to turn him into a Klingon, I'd still love to hear him sing those drinking songs.

Michelle Krusiec as Lt. Jadzia Dax

We don't need Ezri Dax.  We just need Jadzia Dax, and I can't think of anyone more perfect than the pretty-eyed, willowy-framed Michelle Krusiec.  I can just see her now, calmly strolling the promenade with her hands behind her back, while Richards affectionately refers to her as "Old Man."

Dominic Rains as Dr. Julian Bashir

Do I even really need to explain this one?  I mean, look at him.  He's one the Rains brothers - since when do we need to explain our request to see a Rains brother in...well, anything?

Seth Green as the new Quark

He's got the height, he's got the humor, and he and the original Quark are both Buffy alumni.  I think Green could easily master the infamous yet beloved Ferengi's trademark wit and sarcasm.

Manu Intiraymi as the new Odo

He has the height, the deep voice, the penetrating gaze, and he used to be on ST: Voyager as an ex-Borg drone so he'd fit right in.

Sara Ramirez as the new Kai Winn

I think this tall, voluptuous goddess could effortlessly portray the complex, confused, yet ruthless villain originated by Louis Fletcher.  Also, I think she'd bring a glamorous touch to the Bajoran nose ridges, earrings, and Kai's robes.

Michael Fassbender as the new Gul Dukat

After his flawless portrayal of Magneto, I have no doubt Fassbender could take on the role of one of the most complex anti-heroes in all of sci-fi.  In fact, the more I think of Fassbender portraying a stone-cold Cardassian, the more I get chills.

Chrystee Pharris as the new Capt. Kasidy Yates

We have to bring back this character, with braids or twists instead of a perm, and with much more flattering outfits.  Also, we need to keep her dedicated to her job, not eager to get married and have kids, while forgetting literally overnight that she's a businesswoman and a captain of her own damn ship.

That leaves suggestions for Rom, Nog, Leeta, Damar, Ziyal, the Female Changeling, General Martok, his wife Sirella, and Worf's son Alexander.  Thoughts?


ST: TNG, an Exercise in Dreamcasting
Boss Chicks: Kira Nerys
Boss Chicks: Jadzia Dax
Boss Chicks: Kasidy Yates
Boss Chicks: Kai Winn Adami
Boss Chicks: The Female Changeling


  1. Michael Algieri as a younger Alexander. Kid's adorable, and he shows signs of being an awesome actor.

  2. Alexander: Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire. Dev needs to distant himself from the Last Airbender movie. Besides I saw a few of his pictures.

  3. Topical.

    Black masculinity in Star Trek, re:Sisko

  4. OH MY................

    This list


    Oh wait, we need a Jake.

    I propose Daniel Anthony from the Sarah Jane Adventures.

  5. Oh my sweet Lord...the new Bashir? Are you serious? Girl, yes, yes and YES!

    You already know my love for Sisko, and I'll shamelessly plug my post on him to go along with the Boss Chicks series...

    So this new cat that replaces him bet be on his shit...

    Love the new choices for Kai Winn and Gul Dukat. MF would own the fuck out of that role.

    And then Leonard Motherfucking Roberts as Worf.


  6. @ chaunceydevega


    @ Anishinaabekwe

    Jana's voice is amazing. I'm so glad her career has fruitful. And she is quite a looker!

  7. Though I can't see anybody take Avery Brooks place(I loved his acting and his sexy voice). You suggested another good choice for the role. August is good looking and he look serious.Avery was a serious actor.I also like Seth Green( I guess that red hair he has). I find him to be attractive and he's great actor and he is crazy.

  8. I'd swap Sara Ramirez for Jadzia Dax. Mainly because she has the physical presence and her smile exudes the confidence that Jadzia's character possessed. Remember Terry Farrell was 6'. So It would be nice to see someone who could tower over folks the way Jadzia did.

    And you're right...we do.not.need.Ezri.

  9. I'd swap Sara Ramirez for Jadzia Dax.

    It could go both ways, but I'd want Ramirez to play to the ruthless political villain. I think it would be hot.

    That and Krusiec really does have the musing calm of a joined Trill.

  10. Love the concept and the casting.

    But you left out a few characters that I think are ripe for some interesting casting. Elim Garak and the Weyouns!

    Sadly I have absolutely no idea who to cast as either of these characters, I'm always rotten at figuring that sort of thing out, but I love to see the ideas others who are better at it (like you clearly are!) come up with.

  11. Thanks!

    We're going to need a new Kai Winn, though, now that Sara Ramirez lost all her wonderful weight.

  12. Still gonna need time to think on the others but for Rom: Breckin Meyer. He and Green already work together on Robot Chicken and they were on Heroes so the Chemistry would be there.


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