RIP Sara Ramirez's Thickness

(Thanks, Nicthommi)
Moment of silence for this once-great beauty, shall we?

She looks like she aged 10 years overnight.  *sigh*  Man, do I need a drink.


  1. I'm gonna hope that last pic is the result of bad bad makeup. Otherwise, *sides up to the bar next to you for said drink*

  2. Can I tell you the irony of the fact that I found that picture on a fashion blog run by and for thick women?

    Ironically, it was a "who wears it best" between her and the slimmed down Jordin Sparks.

    What I dislike a lot about a lot of these celebrities give in is that they always throw their former selves under the bus.

    I mean, if you want to be a size 2, go do that, but you don't need to jump on the bandwagon of people who insist that anyone over a size 10 is going to die of the fats and that your size 14 body was just so sick and unhealthy and that's why you lost 80 lbs to be a "healthy" size 2...(giving a big side eye to Jennifer Hudson).

  3. I actually didn't think the blogger had it right b/c she doesn't look like the same person in the face anymore but did I some more digging...I'm surprised she hasn't done her "I'm so glad I'm not fat anymore" talk show circuit tour yet. They usually do that.

  4. Did I mention that I love thickness on a woman? If I didn't, I do, and The example above helps explain why.

  5. She didn't lose weight in a healthy manner. Her legs aren't toned and her face is nowhere near as resplendent as it used to be.

    And her skin's gone from looking naturally golden-browned to tampered with.

    I cannot express the heartbreak I feel seeing this. I had high hopes for when she moved on from GA and now...I have nothing to look forward to with her.

    and the slimmed down Jordin Sparks.

    Et tu, Jordin? Really? Seriously?

    Brooke Elliott and Adele better not get skinny.

  6. Yeah, she tweeted a bikini photo and everything.

    And as usual, everyone acted like she was about to die from being so huge, thank goodness she did something about it...smirk.

    Yeah, as much as people put it down, there are people who are "big-boned" and naturally thick, and they always look extra funny when they try to conform...

  7. She looks a hot fire mess. And her face...boy, did it change.

    Y, Lawd?

  8. Gosh this woman and her original thickness just.... I have no words but it is sinful.

  9. Mia Amber Davis unfortunately R.I.P and she was absolutely gorgeous, thick and proud of it.

    "I think society doesn't see plus-sized women and that's the problem. Statistically, we make up an astronomical portion of this country yet we're invisible to the masses. Only recently have we begun to get the attention we deserve alongside our "skinny" counterparts. The Dove beauty campaign shed a lot of light on the fact that real women do indeed have curves. Kate Dillon in Vogue Magazine a couple of seasons ago was inspiring. Crystal Renn in fashion week for Jean-Paul Gaultier - outstanding! What we need to do to make a difference is stop taking the second class citizenship as a fact of life. We don't deserve equal treatment because we don't wear a size 2? Please! If a store doesn't carry plus sizes, ask the managers or buyers why not? If a store used to carry plus sizes and has pulled them from their stores without explanation, ask for one or stop shopping there for everything! No accessories, gifts for your straight-sized friends, perfume, shoes - nothing! Our full-figured dollar is just as valuable as anyone else's is and, as soon as we realize that, we will be unstoppable.

    I love Richard Metgzger. He was the first designer who I recognized as not afraid to dress the full-figured woman in silks, furs and fine fabrics. He also has a passion for designs that can be seen in his work and in the way he appreciates the female form. Richard's designs don't seem to be cut from patterns -- they fit like they're custom made! Wearing one of his designs is an experience. My all-time greatest role model in the modeling world is Tyra Banks. She is known as a model, actor and producer and those are the same credentials that I hold and aim to build upon. Tyra has turned her name into a brand and I am trying to learn from her example."

    Contrary to whatever assumptions stupid people jumped to her death had nothing to do with her weight. She was a model and actress.

    @ Ankhensen
    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about wrinkles and adipose tissue, I do not recall ever in my life having seen a thick woman with wrinkles or lines.

  10. Oh yeah RIP Jennifer Hudson's thickness. I think she said that executives approached her to play Precious and that since she already did that in Dream Girl's she wanted roles that weren't just based on her weight.

    There is definitely professional pressure to lose weight in Hollywood. And I think Neo-Prodigy mentioned this on another thread that there is no way you can win.

    When Jeniffer Hudson was thick she was too big, now she's too skinny. Um which is it people?

    I'd hate to read blogs if I were a celebrity it would probably mess up my self esteem and self image for real.

  11. Sara Ramirez is gorgeous at any size! She was beautiful when she first showed up on GA and she is still just as beautiful. I agree that nobody should feel pressured to lose weight. There are many bigger people that are gorgeous but I also think that if Sara wanted to lose weight for herself then good for her. She is an amazing, talented, gorgeous human being with a beautiful soul. Love her forever no matter what size or shape.


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