POC I'm Watching: Leonard Roberts

LAWD...I love this man.

If you haven't rented the film Red Sands, I recommend you hightail it to Netflix and get you a copy.  Leonard Roberts gives a performance that'll have you dying.

I won't bore you with unnecessary details.  It's a C-Movie, with special effects from the late 1990s and a predictable plot, filmed on a budget of about nine dollars and fifty-two cents.  I don't even remember too much of the soundtrack to describe it except to say it was generic and unremarkable.

But if you're wondering the real reason why a movie starring Leonard Roberts, JK Simmons, Shane West, and Callum Blue silently came and went, I'm guessing it wasn't because of this movie's obvious flaws, but its greatest virtue.  It's a horror movie...that's anti-war and fairly informative.

Roberts stars as Marcus Howston, a powerful staff sergeant whose lines had me bawling.  His delivery is flawless.  After seeing him in a film like Drumline, and on shows like Heroes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you can imagine the pleasure of hearing this man cuss his heart out. He refers to his soldiers as "motherfuckers", and uses every opportunity to insert "fucking" between words (e.g., "Me-fuckin'-neither").

Gawd-DAMN it was sexy.


  1. Oh shnap!!!

    *throws damp panties at intro pic of fine-ass Leonard and heads to Netflix*

    You KNOW I love a MAN like THAT...and it's Leonard Motherfucking Roberts??? I'm about to watch the shit out of that movie. Yes Lawd!!!

  2. Girl...he's the only reason to watch this movie. Take him out of it and it wouldn't even be worthy of straight-to-DVD status. It would be a free download from some random website.

  3. He's going to need his own shortie. Can't really do a fanfic, but that's okay. I needs no assist when it comes to gettin' down. A sexy, hot little one-shot with him, a babe, and a one-night stand...


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