White Boys I Dig

I understand that I sometimes come across as harsh towards the white boys. Once again, I assure you I don't hate them. And I'm sure some of you lurkers are kind of curious as to what type of white boy I'd go for in real life, if I were to meet a decent one.

I think it's pretty obvious by now that I dig nerds. But what you may find particularly interesting is what type of white boy I find physically attractive.

James McAvoy
In the first Narnia film, he didn't really register for me.  Wanted changed that, but his role as Charles Xavier really sealed the deal for me.

Kieran Culkin
Kieran Culkin once said he'd rather do a few good movies and be poor, rather than do several bad movies and be rolling in it.  He's stuck by that, amazingly enough.  I first fell for him in Igby Goes Down, which comes as no surprise considering how much I dig watching dysfunctional families.

Macaulay Culkin
A childhood crush I got over until he guest-starred on Will & Grace, and then co-starred in Sex & Breakfast.  His characterization was fairly attractive in Saved as well.

Caleb Landry Jones
His superpower as Banshee in X-Men: First Class wasn't what drew me in.  It was the red hair, the freckles, and the smoky sarcasm in his voice.  I have high hopes for this one.

Daniel Johns of Silverchair
As a grungy, Gothic girl back in the 1990s, Silverchair was definitely on my radar.  Like most people, I politely nodded through their debut single "Tomorrow", but "Pure Massacre" made me pay attention.  I recently asked folks on my Facebook what happened to teenagers, because they used to make great music.  An old friend replied, "We got old.  That's what happened."

Tom Felton
Bar legend.  No explanation necessary (and he's wearing the uniform! *squeal*).

(Also...I was at a Trek convention one time, and while attending the Klingon Feast I met a wonderful young man who appeared as a joined Trill.  And not just any Trill, but friggin' Curzon Dax.  Dude had painstakingly applied the Trill markings, and he was wearing a 23rd Century Starfleet uniform.  *fans self*)

But Ankh...what about big, buff white guys?

If I want a big strong man, that's what I have eye candy like Leonard Roberts, Jay Hernandez, and Peter Jae for.

So what can a white boy do...to get with you?

Either be British or learn how to speak Klingon*.

*I'm being dead serious.


  1. Red hair....my weakness (aside from dark chocolate; no, I'm not being punny).

  2. "So what can a white boy do...to get with you?

    Either be British or learn how to speak Klingon*."


    McAvoy.....I have nothing else to add. Though if you take him, I'll be more than happy to take Magneto aka Michael Assbender, I mean Fassbender.

    Girl I'm glad I'm not the only who has been obsessed with the Culkin boys.

    I've followed both of their careers for years and I've grown to love them both as indie actors. I think both of them are hot and yes Igby Goes Down is an incredible movie.......though I was a bit disappointed to realize it wasn't a porno.

    But that's okay. Kieran more than made up for it when he played Wallace Wells in Scott Pilgrim and got his man/man action on.

    Jones actually made me a fan of his before X-Men when he guest-starred on Flashpoint as a bullied teenager who goes Columbine on some asshole bullies.

    What? I know you didn't think I wasn't going to weigh in on this post.

  3. But that's okay. Kieran more than made up for it when he played Wallace Wells in Scott Pilgrim and got his man/man action on.


    *sound of jaw hitting floor*

  4. Yea, trying to pull some sort of weird pun with dark chocolate'...oh, never mind - RED HEAD!

  5. Are you talking White boys or White men? Cuz I definitely distinguish between the two.

    *sneaks away pics of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Adrian Brody*

  6. Perla Buttons11/18/11, 1:56 AM

    Oh gosh, my "Igby Goes Down"-era crush on Kieran Culkin was bloody huge when I was in high school. None of my mates had a clue what I was going on about!

    And it's great to see Daniel Johns getting some airtime anywhere. The idea that Silverchair won't be coming out with new stuff makes me sad. I need my somewhat masturbatory Oz rock epics with dependably nonsensical lyrics!

  7. Ok so I had a thing for Mr McAvoy since The last King of Scotland with the sexy sex scene he had with Kerry Washington doomed character. The other white boys that can get locked in my basement, tied to the bed, and shagged senseless for a month are Zac Efron, Joseph Gordon Levitt, young Clint Eastwood, and basically any tall skinny Jewish dude that wears glasses. It all started with Egon from Ghostbusters. I've been ruined for other white guys since then.

  8. Lately, I've been feenin' for Michael Fassbender, and Ryan Gosling has grown on me greatly.

  9. Zach Braff from Scrubs would be my geeky white guy. He's pretty adorkable. Case in point: http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/zach-braff-tweets-photo-of-him-screwing-fan

  10. I think he's taken, but I'll share this with you anyway. I hope you don't mind.

    China Mieville. He is an authentic nerd; a ph.D, studied at Cambridge, Harvard and the London School of Economics, has an extensive vocabulary oh and he's creative, since he's an award-winning author. He's into all kinds of geeky stuff. He's also progressive, a socialist I believe, and very good looking.

    AND BRITISH!!!!!!!!


    He's like...my PERFECT man. He came to Toronto in May to promote his latest book. I don't normally use emoticons, but I was all...

    *_* <3 <3

    And when you look at him, he looks tough and serious, but he has this soothing voice and is amazingly articulate with a sense of humour. He's got that alternative/punk aesthetic that I love. There's a tattoo of a Chuthulhu-like monster on his arm. I DIDN'T KNOW MEN LIKE HIM EXISTED. You won't believe how hard I crushed on this man. I admire him so much.

  11. @ Neo Prodigy
    Did you know Micheal Fassbender and Zoe Kravits are dating? Or at least they were.

    @ everyone
    I've always liked Jensen Ackles from " Supernatural", and Alexander Scaarsgard from "True Blood". I don't have a particular preference for blondes... I just always seem to date and or be attracted to them.

    There's a few others that I can't think of right now.

  12. I've never had anything against White guys. I've always found many of them to be hot, had crushed on them( and still do) and grew up with many of them,,but I admit one itty bitty thing about them, I have a bias for the ones with Brunette..and these days, red hair. While there are some blond guys that are hot, I just always had a thing for these two sets of men.

    I liked Chris Pine when he played Captain Kirk, loves Ashton Kutcher( Poor Demi. Should have known that he was going to play that field sooner or later) I also was a big fan of Orlando Bloom.


    I also put Zac on that list. He was always cute,but when he made that change..I don't know..it's like he changed from cute to sexy..like he wanted to for his fans to know that he was changing from a boy to what he looks like now..a man. I'm more in love with his current look. I like those eyes of his as well.

  13. Didn't Zoe Kravitz at one time date Ryan Gosling as well?

  14. @Student, I can't decide if I want to guzzle the haterade with Zoe or applaud Michael for landing a boss chick who I'd go straight for.

  15. Ok I have to add that I think Brian Cox is so incredibly hot. He's married of course as all famous physicists are but I don't care. He can get it anytime. Talk dirty to me about the heat death of the universe Brian...MMm!

  16. I've been a fan of Jeff Goldbloom since "Earth Girls are Easy" and "The Fly." Haha. But yes, now I'm feeling Tom Felton. And yes, Mr. Fassbender was dating Zoe Kravitz last I heard. One of those May-December things. She's my age and I wouldn't mind taking a swing at that guy. *swoon* The Culkin brothers just have something. Can't put my finger on it, but they have it. I liked that Macauly was dating Mila Kunis for a while. She's been a favorite of mine since "That 70's Show." As well as the guy who played Hyde. :)

  17. Look at all you shameless hussies....


    While we're on the topic...what is it about red hair? I mean...remember when the Weasleys all had longish red hair?

  18. I'd like to announce my crush on Matthew Gray Gubler. Yep, 'Spencer Reid' himself. Finding out that he's an artistic, nutty whack-job off-set sealed the deal for me. =3 Reminds me of my male friends in art school.

  19. @ Neo

    Girl I'm glad I'm not the only who has been obsessed with the Culkin boys.

    Whew...so it's not just me!!!!

  20. Holy shit...I forgot Colin Morgan!!!!

    How could I forget Merlin????

  21. @ Neo
    Exactly my reaction. Lmao!

    @ Motherspirit
    I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. He's another one who could get it.

    @ Marona

    Yes fucking Jeff Goldblum he was a sexy mofo back in the day. Still is but I can't pretend he's not way to old for me now, his age is showing lately which I'm not surprised by, he's nearly or over fifty.

    Oh who am I kidding- he could still get it!

    I also totally concur about Hyde from "That 70's Show" and I would like to add his brother from "Malcolm in the Middle" could also get it.

    @ Pepp


  22. @ Neo
    Exchange "strait" for lesbian, in my case though. The only downside to dating Zoe is that I'd have to constantly tell myself to keep my hands off of her Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz.

    So... that would definitely create a problem for me. So much artistic intelligent hotness in one family.

  23. Some of my favorites:

    Vincent Cassel
    Timothy Olyphant
    George Clooney

  24. I forget his name, but I would bang the sh*t out of that guy from ABC Family's Lincoln Heights. Same with Bruce Willis.

  25. I also admit to not always finding red haired White guys appealing until 10 years ago. There was a man who was jogging to McDonalds and I just thought that he was it! He had a marvelous body , had that milky complexion and the hair just set it off.He just looked good.

    Now he is a blond, I like how JOhn Schneider has turned out. I mean, he has aged so well. Back in the day, he looked crazy. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that blond haired people age will show quicker than a red or dark haired person. That is what surprised me about John.

    Overall , blond hair White men don't quite do it for me..maybe because it's too common and overplayed.

  26. And Fran Kranz! How could I forget Topher Brink!

  27. WM who could get it on sight:

    Troy Aikman (ex-Cowboys QB)
    Aaron Rodgers (current GB QB)
    Young Clint Eastwood
    Chris Pine
    Orlando Bloom
    Simon Baker
    Chris Hemsworth

    A start, at least.

  28. How come the dudes didn't get this much love???

  29. @ Ankh - Guess it says a lot about media socialization. You know it's bad when I can name a mediocre yet popular white actor faster than a brilliant yet underutilized POC.

    Not saying MGG is mediocre, but the rest of my point still stands. =/

  30. I love Dark hair/eyes: Johnny Depp, Eric Bana, Keanu Reeves, Colin Farrel, and Zachary Quinto (He's Bi in my head lol.) and Orlando Bloom. I'm not big on blondes or red heads.

  31. You know I have a guy crush on Christan Bale, Zachary Quinto (i call him Zachaus Quintus), Bruce Wills, and Rober DeNiro. See Body in taxi driver.

  32. M and Student of the world

    Sorry I didn't see your replies! M: I agree with what you said about Zac. He was just an adorable kid for a while then all of them sudden he was a sexy ass dude. It sounds bad but it was something like how those freaky dudes were counting down til the Olsen twins turned 18. But maybe that's just me.

    Student: Whoo Hyde mm! He's just lucky he has no booty cause I might have stalked him.

    Nicole: I'm cosigning on all those dudes (save Eric Bana cause he just isn't working for me) Keanu was a childhood crush and when I met him as an adult I literally fainted. I know I'm a chump but I don't care cause he hugged me and his arms are big and strong and the world just melted away. I..I... I gotta go!

  33. Off topic a bit but I'm pretty sure Zoe Kravitz isn't with Michael Fassbender anymore. Or at least the last time I saw his picture they were suggesting that someone else was his lady(also in the picture whoever she was), and honestly acting like Zoe never happened. Not surprising that they'd do that.

    Funny, I had friends who found Jeff Goldblum attractive back in the day. He is about 7 feet tall, and definitely over 50 at this point.

    My tastes in white men have always tended towards dark hair, eyes, and swarthy skin, but I also remember a lot of my friends saying the Boris Becker was hot. None of us liked red heads but again, he's a big piece of man too, and clearly developed a love of chocolate early on.

    Keanu Reeves is part Asian, so not a "white" man.

  34. Jeff Goldblum
    Shia LaBeouf
    Michael Cera
    James Frain
    Zachary Quinto

  35. How come the dudes didn't get this much love???

    Honestly, none of those guys in that post did it for me. The only one I heard of was the one from Twilight and X-Men; and I don't care for him all that much.

    Actually, none of the guys in this post do it for me either, save James McAvoy. Maybe I have more mainstream tastes.

    As far as white guys go, I currently like Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender, because, while they are the more mainstream/heartthrob type, they left of center enough to engage my imagination, and I can actually see myself having an intelligent, in-depth conversation with either of them. And they are nice to look at, which is a win-win for me.

  36. Pepp,

    That's ok

    If Zac and Vanessa were still dating, he would now look funny being with her. I still look at her as the girl next door, while Zac...he's defintely another story. He just have real sex appeal about him now. He belongs in romance movies.


    I forgot about Christian. He's just good looking,but I don't know. Strangely, I like it when he's mad and crazy. It just make him seems sexier( Though in real-life when he was angry with the director and other management on the set, I eventually would have had to tell him off).

    Besides Justin Nguyen, I would watch 21 Jump street because of Johnny Depp. I tell ya , that man can look like he's homeless ...and still look good. He's pushing 50 and when clean shaven , he still look like the days when he was on the show.

  37. Guys,( Last one ..I promise!)

    There is one more hot White guy that I'd never thought I'd be praising in a million years as they would often get on my ever-loving nerves: Joe Jonas ..awwww man..that boy has gotten more fine as time passed.

    I'm not going to lie,hearing about them Jonas brothers every minute did make me want to shut my TV off,but with Joe? Hmmmm...I don't mind hearing more about him

  38. lmao @ Pepp! Wow you got to hug Keanu! I saw Keanu at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan years ago. His Aura/Energy is amazing! He's really beautiful, and seems very nice. :-) I fell in love with Eric Bana in "Troy" He's dreamy to me! lol

  39. James McAvoy can stay. Not attracted to any of the other men on this post, but different strokes.

    I'm amused at the celebrities mentioned in the comments though. I've developed a crush on Logan Lerman but he's probably still a child to a lot of you lol.

  40. in regards to the dudes getting love and this topic...

    one thing that these guys have that the dudes don't is their amazing ability to look like they could be serial killers. a flawed stereotype i know (and very bad of me), but most of these cats have that look about them. sure crushing happens from time to time (i.e. cillian murphy and jamie lidell) but stuff like lidell's little bit of feel good video does not help in eliminating that creepy feeling (love, love, love, his music though).

    the dudes on the other hand, with the exception of wayne brady thanks to chapelle's show, have never caused this type of unease and are thus easier on the eyes.

    did not mean to upset or offend with these thoughts

  41. Cillian Murphy!!! *snaps fingers* How'd I forget that one?

  42. Here are mine...

    Jason David Frank
    Drew McIntyre
    Travis Fimmel
    Christopher Khayman Lee
    Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt)

  43. My turn:


  44. I like how the list isn't full of conventional heart throbs. I would have never put the Culkins on my list. But I guess I am main stream. Also, I have a thing for older men. My list would include:

    Richard Armitage (North and South; Robin Hood)
    Toby Stephens (Jane Eyre, Robin Hood, James Bond)
    Colin Firth
    Alexander Skarsgard
    Tom Hiddlesten (Loki from Thor)
    Chris Hemsworth (Papa Kirk, Thor)
    Michael Fassbender
    Zach Quinto