Some Actresses Who Should Play Siblings

Let's just say it's been on my mind for a minute.'s Sunday, and I'm bored.

Lenora Crichlow & Antonia Thomas

They're British, so they should get the comedy, preferably a show rather than a film.  They can't be flatmates, though - don't ask me why.  One of them could be involved with Tom Felton...just 'cause.  The other could be a dedicated smoker and talk show/reality TV addict.  Santigold's "You'll Find a Way" could be the theme song.  Reshma Shetty could guest star as either one's girlfriend.  Naomie Harris or Naomi Campbell could play someone's boss.

Thandie Newton & Zoe Saldana

They should get the intense international thriller/drama.  One of them could be married to Leonard Roberts (as a corporate lawyer based in London), the other to Rick Yune (as a CEO based in Hong Kong).  Julie Taymor could direct, and Wang Leehom could compose the score (*fans*).  Joseph Marcell would be their dad, but they'd have different moms.

Alicia Keys, Pink, and Fairuza Balk

Hear me out.

They'd play half-siblings in a story which, hopefully, would have Absolute Nothing to do with music.  Preferably something about loss and empowerment, set in a small town, featuring a soundtrack with lots of songs by Dormitory Effect.  One of them could be a bartender.  Either Pink or Alicia would the lesbian sibling.  Fallon Bowman, Free DominguezJana Mashonee and Fefe Dobson could co-star, but once music.

Julia Pace Mitchell & Julanne Chidi Hill

They'd get the grand, big-budget historical epic that'll walk off a with gazillion international noms and wins.  It won't be historically accurate, but it'll be so visually stunning and moving that the academians will forgive.  Korto Momolu could design the award-winning wardrobe.  Salif Keita and/or Habib Koite could compose the score, and Brymo could lend his vocals, thus creating a soundtrack that'll get everyone over the age of 25 talking.  Djimon Hounsou, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbale, Lanre Idewu, and Adetomiwa Ekun could also star.

Jenna Ushkowitz & Kristy Wu

These two would have a show, preferably a semi-broody drama with Gothic undertones. They'd share a flat in a big city that is neither New York nor L.A. At least one of them should be a lesbian, because have two heteros in this sitch is pointless and redundant.  Masia One could do the theme song.  Michelle Ang, Fallon Bowman, Michelle Kruziec, Marie Matiko, Lynn Chenn, Navi Rawat, Liza Lapira, and even Trish Doan could all guest star.


Reshma Shetty & Janina Gavankar

I don't know why I didn't see this before. They have that same devious grin (not displayed, obviously).

I'd also like to see these two in a comical show; Reshma is quirky while Janina is sassy.  M.I.A. could do the theme song and it could also be set in the big city.  Indira Varma, Rekha Sharma, Navi Rawat, and Sarita Choudhury could guest star as nosy cousins or something.

Thoughts, bar patrons?  You try.  Remember: the actresses would play siblings in their own film or on their own show.  Feel free to list possible co-stars and musicians; I'd love to learn some new names.


  1. Yeah, you're bored.

    But what you COULD do is fire up the trusty laptop, open a word document and start writing some scripts. I believe in you.

  2. I agree with all of them except for Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton. Zoe is sooooo much hotter.

    1. And then in 2016 we see much more of Thandie, in Westworld. Hmm.

  3. @ hotfemmeinthecity

    *shrug* Some siblings are prettier than others.

  4. I see the Thandie/Zoe thing. Never noticed it before, but with the pictures side by side I see it.

  5. I swear I played out all these story lines in my head.

    you just set my imagination ablaze!!! goodness..

  6. So many beautiful women!

    I like the following combos and would really like to see them on screen:

    - Lenora Crichlow & Antonia Thomas
    - Thandie Newton & Zoe Saldana
    - Jenna Ushkowitz & Kristy Wu

  7. I love the Julia Pace Mitchell & Julanne Chidi Hill combo best.

  8. I love the Julia Pace Mitchell & Julanne Chidi Hill combo best.

    LOL - you would.

  9. I'm with you on Newton and Saldana.. Partially because they definitely look like they could be related and partially because I wouldn't mind looking at them in the same film! haha.

    Good post.

  10. Ha! I never even thought those people resembled each other until you put them all together like that.

    Girl, go ahead and get your script together...

  11. Black Narcissus11/14/11, 2:22 PM

    Left field heads up =
    Field Negro the blog is dead. It is now home for Black women hating men and trolls. I went there because you always link to it on your Facebook, but that place is a straight TRIGGER warning just by existing. All it is is men whining about how much they hate Black women. There is now a photo spread highlighting all the Black men who go out with genetic recessive women and asking if WE are the problem (but let us date out of our race and all of a sudden what's good for the gander is not good for the goose). Girl, please don't link to that site anymore. It is SURELY not what it used to be.

  12. *pout*

    No one's playing my little game.

  13. A Black British sitcom lol the last time we had one of those was like 15 years ago called Desmonds. I miss Desmonds.

  14. @ Aiyo: HOGAWD, I loved Desmonds! Desmonds was a key part of my childhood! :D

    As for your game, Ankh, I am stuck on actresses and scenarios. I have Dana Davis front and centre, and not much else.

  15. @ leoprincess

    Boo...I don't have much either!

  16. I love your site! I came across once I became a Merlin addict.

    As for the game, I think the chemistry between Lenora Crichlow and Antonia Thomas would be awesome. And given that Lenora is 5'10 and Antonia is 5'1, the visual contrast would be pretty striking. They could be sisters who share a flat and have impossibly hot Irish and Welsh boyfriends with dark, strange pasts. Oh wait....

    Other combos:

    1. Freema Agyeman and Tatyana Ali



    They could be fraternal twins who were separated at birth, shortly before Freema and their mom were deported to England while Tatyana was left behind in America. Freema grows up to be a British spy and happens to meet Tatyana, a petty criminal and latent psychic who grew up in foster care in DC. She never knew the circumstances of her birth or family, but sensed Freema's presence once she entered DC. Soundtrack: lots of Cinematic Orchestra and gogo.

    2. Mother and daughter duo: Rae Dawn Chong and Angel Coulby. Or maybe Angel thinks Rae is her sister, until Rae confesses that she's actually her mom. The score is by whoever does Lifetime made-for-tv movies.


    Angel (in matching red!):

    Kerry Washington and Angela Bassett

    Whatever that film is about, it is an automatic Oscar winner. Why hasn't this happened yet? My head would explode if those two heavyweights ever got in the cinematic ring together.



  17. Wow! You put some thought into that!

  18. Tiffany Hines, Megan Goode. Action spy thriller. They're sisters. Two top operatives. They get framed and now they turn the tables on the mastermind behind the conspiracy.

    Mission Impossible meets Alias meets Bourne Identity.

  19. Lenora has a younger sister who is also an actress and they are damn near twins except for the age difference and her sister is somewhat darker in complexion.

  20. I know this post is about sisters/actresses but I think this pair is to similar not to mention. Derek Luke and Tika Sumpter. They really resemble each other.

  21. Alicia Keys and Paula Patton could play siblings


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