Open Mic Night

I've never thought to do one of these before, but I've seen them on other folks' blogs and I've often wondered what would happen if we had an open thread open mic night at the bar.

So, talk to your 'tender, patrons.

Introduce yourselves and tell me what's on your mind.


  1. Well, I'm Space Invadah, (like Space Invaders, ala, the Video Game)and I'm a College sophomore. I plan on having a degree in English with my eyes on a career in art. Preferably animation. I'm black (with some Native American and Irish flavorings, of course) and I'm female.

    Um, when it comes to relationships, I think I prefer an interracial one, but, overall, I think I just love men. I'm not a slut, by any means, I lost my virginity at 18 to someone who did not love me, but there's something about the male gender that I'm just attracted to.

    Most of my preferences land on men with brown skin, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and Black men, of course. Well, that's enough of my likes and physical interests. This isn't a singles' bar.

    I don't know what to do with my future, I mean want to do something great. I have so many dreams. To be a musician, an artist, to create a animated tv show that's diverse and doesn't rest on the 'Mighty Whitey' stereotype that fantasy television seems to hold.

    I want to do something that people, especially people of all colors (not just blacks) will enjoy. We need more shows like Avatar and the likes, and they don't need to be whitewashed.

    Another thing about me? I'm a Aquarius and I want to finally get over my ex and live my life.

  2. Wow. Sounds like you could use a drink.

  3. Hi! I'm a long time lurker here. I just want to say this is one of this best blogs ever. I have read a lot of the so-called black women empowerment blogs and they sometimes just make my head explode. They seem less about empowerment and more about how black women need to be 100% perfect to get men (specifically white men) to marry them because a woman's greatest achievement in life is getting married and having kids. This may just be me, but it seems like there is a dislike towards women who don't play the role of the traditional woman; women who aren't 'feminine' because they scare off men. When it comes to interracial dating, they mostly suggest dating white men. They paint black women dating other men of colour in such a bad light. Like they seem to excuse white men for not openly dating black women or waiting to date black women when they are old and have nothing to lose, because you know, society wouldn't allow them to; their friends and family would shun them. Black women should have sympathy for them. But with men of colour, it isn't like that. They just say disregard them. The attitude that white-men>everyone else just doesn't well with me, and I see that on a lot of blogs. This blog is like the opposite of all that. This blog is all encompassing of different types of women (and even men). You talk about not only relationship issues, but big issues the black and many other communities face. Your posts are really thought provoking and stimulate great conversations; conversations that are usually no one wants/likes to have. This blog is truly empowering. I have learned so much from you and other posters that have commented here. Keep up the great work!

  4. The name's Brotha Wolf. I'm a blogger, teacher's aide, mentor, artist, and full time black male. I'm currently working on a comic book featuring POC. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the year. I have a lot of ideas for other comic book stories set in the same series. I'm working on getting them recorded on paper.

    I hate the news. I hate the media. I hate the news media.

    I admit that I'm still struggling to break free from the mental chains of white supremacy. At times it's emotionally stressful, but it's worth it.

  5. @ Sushi - So it wasn't just me who picked up on all that.

    Hello, I'm Leoprincess and I'm a Jamaican illustrator. Still stuck in art school, but this is my final year (HUZZAH!), and I'm working on my project as well as laying the foundations on my career. At the moment, I'm outlining a children's multi-chaptered novel; I don't want to go whole hog and call it a YA novel, since the protagonist is a child, but it's not a traditional picture book.

    On breaks, I'll probably dust off and outline an old Heroes fic I started and abandoned after the series went south (still pissed, btw).

    Well, that's me for now.

  6. Hello. My name is Ama. I am about to drink a beer and my spanakopita is baking in the oven. I love music, art, writing, reading, and children. I write every day. I have thought about writing a book of short stories but I am worried no one will read them or, worse, no one will like them. How do you motivate yourself to write and share? I think it is cool that you write books and are involved in publishing. I really enjoy your blog. I agree with Sushi that it's great to read a blog that is about empowering Black women and not about telling us we suck at life.

  7. Hey, Ama!

    My love of words motivates me. I love writing, whether it's the sound of my keyboard or the feel of pen against paper.

    I like the challenge; I like the challenge of wooing readers with only my words. I like writing in all forms - blogging, novels, short stories, poetry, fanfiction, even song lyrics sometimes. I love the challenge of listening to music, letting it putting me in a mood, and then translating that mood into narrative paragraphs.

    When you have a lot of love, there's little room for fear.

    And no...we don't suck at life. If we don't write it and say it, no one else will for us.

  8. Hi

    Name: Javan Nelums

    I'm a would be writer. I'm currently doing a Comic Book with an Artist at my Fanfiction club. I'm hoping to do a webcomic of my story.

    What made do the story is the under representation of people of color. If they are there they are only second to the white characters. After reading the Blasian Narrative I understand that there more than just one set of views. With that I use it to understand more of my characters.

    What drew to me to the SJ blogs is Blasian Narrative and Neo-Prodigy's blog. Plus on Ars Marginal. So That's my record.

    Of the plot of my story

    Four teens with super abilities fight in the streets against gangs and other ability users. Think Final Fantasy/Warriors/Star Trek/X-men/any good anime you seen. I can't shove any social cometary, but rather than say it I'll show it.

  9. Hey, I'm J.L., longtime lurker, film student and(reignited) blogger. I have to say, that I enjoy your blog because it doesn't condescend to black women like some other blogs.

    This leads me to my ever growing beef with Madame Noire. I discovered it a few days ago and I'm already pissed off. First was that article about examples of black privilege and now this article about if you can't cook, you're going to be single. And don't read the comments, that's just going to raise the blood pressure. I guess it just pisses me off more when black people act this ways towards other black people. Just like how one of my classmates, also black and female, posted on her tumblr that it's so easy for us to get a degree without paying for it as long as it's practical and so easy to get a job because we're black as long as we speak well.

    On a brighter note, I'm going to try and get a web show started up and I'm in the middle of trying to decide to go podcast, video or both. Hollywood won't give me the time of day for my ideas so I'm taking my mom's advice and going to the internet.

  10. Hello

    Aloe Jade here...guess what my favorite color is?

    Well jokes aside, I'm on the path towards finding my voice. I've always enjoyed learning from the perspectives of others. I only hope to be as strong someday. In general I want to be a meaningful force in life but a happy one as well.

    For now, I'm just trying to figure it all out with my own space while learning what I do. Not much for commenting but am an occasional ogler. Reaching out while hoping to be reached. I thrive on feedback and positive spaces and people.

    On the lighter side of things, my guilty pleasure is ballet and other forms of modern dance! The bodies of the men who participate are so beautiful! Watching that is as close as I get to porn. Ever since seeing newer version of Othello on PBS years ago, I've never been the same (gigantic smile spreads on face)!

    Who's with me here? Anyone? Oh well...
    Thanks for listening.

  11. Hi, I’m Fhalei (pronounced “far-lay”...yeah). I found this blog while searching for a place where BW and others could talk about issues without the whole conversation degenerating into cries of “inverse racism” and “stop complaining.” I’m a 19 year old black female of Jamaican descent, born and raised in the UK (although I did live in Atlanta for 3 years). I love art, reading, anime, fantasy, and sci-fi.
    I went to an all girls school for all but one of my school years, and for the majority of that time I was the only black kid in school. So I may have slightly weird experiences regarding racism, sexism, and, of course gendered racism. I’ve also never dated, which some people find weird, so I thought I’d get that out there from the get go XD.
    As I’ve grown a little more aware of the world in general, I’ve started to see some of the crazy crap that goes on all over the place, especially in the media. I’m hoping to keep learning from others and eventually start making a difference myself. I was thinking about eventually starting a blog talking about some of my experiences as a young BW in the UK, because most English speaking blogs on POC issues are very USA-centric. (On an off topic kind of note, did you know that while I was in Atlanta, someone referred to me as “that African-American girl from England.” That was a serious wtf moment for me.)
    I did have an idea for a fantasy comic that would be inclusive of POC and other marginalised groups, but that’s also unfortunately still in the brainstorming stage.
    Anyway, nice to meet you all!

  12. This a neat post to have.

  13. My name is Neva (or Eva sometimes). I identify white, though I have some mixed heritage, enough to get asked "what I am" a decent amount. I'm a cartoonist/animator who wants to see serious changes in animation culture (for that matter, mainstream white US culture in general). My baby project's aim is to deconstruct and lampoon white, hetero, wealthy, "attractive" female privilege and entitlement complexes. I like to read and love a good podcast. I'm a Gemini.

    I've been reading this blog for a year or two. I used to love your comments on Stuff White People Do. I remain a faithful reader for your unique voice, and keenly observant (often hilarious) commentary; you're one of my favorite writers on the internet.

  14. Welcome! It's nice to read new/rare voices!

  15. Hey

    I guess you could say I am one of the many people who have been lurking around your awesome blog. I first started reading it regularly a couple years back after seeing some of your comments on Abagond's blog. I am an African American. There's a couple rumors that one or two Indigenous and European Americans climbed my family tree and got stuck, but that's par for the course in America. I am just starting college. I'm trying to work on a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.I am huge book worm and a comic book nut .I love science fiction/fantasy type literature and movies. I find your posts on the portrayals of POC in those mediums very interesting.I am an underage bar patron lol So I guess I'll be content to sip on some Ginger Ale. I'm really here for the conversation. Hope you don't mind me popping in from time to time to hear the "grown-folk" talk. I just want to thank you for the information and insight you and the Patrons have provided me with. Much love keep doing what you do.

  16. Hi, Ankhesen and everyone else.

    I love your blog and visit it daily. Thanks for being here.

    I'm Orema and I'm a black woman from Detroit, but I live in southern Cali. It's nice here, but it's not home. I was born in the 1950s and I love the internet like you wouldn't believe. Having this much information at my fingertips is amazing. And I've loved the internet since I first heard about it in the 1980s.

    I was one of the first 500 people to do online banking in the States. I did it when I was a customer at Chemical Bank (in NYC) with their "Pronto" system. They even provided a computer (Atari) to use to do online banking--that was my first computer. It was quite exciting at the time.

    I also love art, music, films and James Baldwin ;>

    I'm not too crazy about television and white people.

    So, that's me and I'm pleased to meet y'all.

    Thanks again for being here, Ankhesen.

  17. I'm Jasmin. I teach bilingual 2nd grade in the East Bay of California, though I was born and raised in Chicago. Work's got me too busy for blogging, though I did guest-post here recently. I like how our lovely blog hostess is a straight-shooter, and neither sugarcoats things nor goes the "woe is ol' black me" route. There's no school tomorrow for Veteran's Day, so I'll take a Dirty Shirley on the rocks.

  18. Hi this is Lenoxave. I'm not around as often as I'd like, but I show up when I need to. I recently learned that I am "sapiosexual" (n) - a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others. It's a fancy way of saying smarts is my "thang."

    Ankh has created a wonderful safe space both here and at the narrative. She's a rock star and it's been a pleasure connecting online.

  19. Hello my name is Neo-Prodigy aka Dennis R. Upkins aka Denny.

    Like Ankhesen and some of the others, I'm a writer and a published author. My novel Hollowstone was released earlier this summer. Check it out.

    I've been here for over a year and I can't tell you how much this is one of my favorite spots.

    It's a safe space for POCs and queers and Ankhesen is an excellent hostess.

    Everyone here is good peoples and I love kicking it with everyone.

    I've been reading everyone's comments. Wow so many excellent readers, both new and old here. Welcome! I look forward to chatting with each and every one of you.

  20. Hey, lurkers! Glad that you finally de-lurked and took a seat At The Bar. Ank's a great 'tender, and your first round of drinks are on me, as long as they're under $2 each. Budget cuts, y'understand.

    *sits down and orders a Mojito and claims a discount*

    My name's Amaya, and I'm an author, editor, blogger, publisher, researcher, and all-around boss chick. What's on my mind? The bullshit assholism at Penn State and descriptive statistics.

  21. This has been a good idea. I'm digging all the love, the delurking, and the cray-cray. *looks at Amaya*.

    Keep talking! Open mic is still on!

  22. Hello, I'm a lurker. I found your blog through Neo-Prodigy and have been breeding your blog for a few months now.

    I'm a college student and cook by trade. I'm aspiring to become a physician, though my major is electrical engineering.

    My goals are to work with 'under-served' communities, to create a sort of scholarship foundation for low income students as well as students of color, as well to mentor all that will have me.

    I enjoy reading your blog and how welcoming and empowering it is for POC, but especially to WOC. It's just something you don't see enough of.

  23. I'm a college student who is a Puerto Rican female. I don't know my ethnicity - it's something we don't talk about - but I've got to be black and maybe taino, with some white. I know I'm not white. That's Puerto Rican.

    Like Fhalei, I've never dated and may never do so. I also love reading, particularly fantasy and fairytales/myth/folklore and scifi, and womencentric things, preferably in combination. I have an on-and-off obsession with anime and manga.

    Before the past couple of years, while I had read much about feminism I hadn't read as much about black women and the way racism intersects with women's lives. I followed these two blogs by brilliant black women who then left because of how draining it was to blog while being harassed and threatened, and it made an impact on me. Now I got linked here back in May and I've been following every day since late August, and checking the Narrative, and following links from here.

  24. @ Fhalei and LittleRaven - Another non-dater here. You're amongst friends.

  25. Hi, I'm a also a lurker but I just wanted to say that, w/o this blog here, I wouldn't what I would do,lol. Seriously, through this blog, I've had the honour of reading such witty and insightful banter and learned from it, as well. I guess I just wanted to such my appreciation. Keep up the good work!

  26. Looooong time reader and lurker.

    Another college student. Majoring in psychology but always second guessing that decision.

    Amateur guitarist and horror freak.

    I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese.

    Food LOVER.

    I'm actively considering leaving the American Horror Story and The Walking Dead fandoms alone. Way too much race stupidity.

  27. hello all, I'm a young black female lurker but I comment when I can or if I have something to say.

    @ little raven, Fhalei & leo princess make that 4th non dater.

    I found this blog while googling pics of rain but I stuck around after reading ankh's other posts and I felt a sort of kinship with her. I rarely meet people who have the same thoughts and feelings as I and I feel like I learn something new everyday. I enjoy reading other folks post as well. You guys tend to me make look at things in a way I would of never thought.

    I'm what you consider a "lost soul". I'm trying to figure out what my next move is and what I want to do with my future cause I'm not getting any younger.I'm open-minded and multicultural, something my mother taught me to be.

    I'm into Fanfiction, collecting movies and shows from childhood, Vampires (non twilight) werewolves movies and literature.

  28. Lurker here! I’m jean_bee and I’m currently in the process of getting my life back on track after five years of caring for two family members, who have since passed away. I love to cook and have recently ventured into baking. I’m an avid reader, watcher of horror films, quirky girl and definitely march to the beat of my own drummer. My love for makeup is strong and unapologetic. I also enjoy making natural beauty products.

    As far as dating goes, I can’t be bothered anymore. Dating as a black woman sucks big time. I’m tired of being approached and pursued in some half assed manner. I think men read all the bw are lonely /desperate articles and think we’ll be happy for any crumb tossed our way. Oh, and that whole just date a white guy memo that’s going around…um, no. White guys are the least equipped to date us. In my experience, they tend to exceptional negro me. They hate black people, but I’m a special snowflake. What‘s more upsetting is how many black women/woc seem to take this sort of thing as complement.
    After surviving many blood pressure raising moments, courtesy of the bwe movement, I was pretty much done with blogs geared towards black women. Thankfully, I stumbled upon your blog. I don’t even remember how I found you, but very glad I did. Thank you so much for creating a safe space where people of color can speak freely. Thank you for not being another black women are losers who suck at life and if they‘d just conform and date/marry white men, life will be just peachy blog.

  29. I’m currently in the process of getting my life back on track after five years of caring for two family members, who have since passed away.

    You should talk with Amaya.

    Enjoying all the love, bar patrons!!!!

  30. Hi, I'm Denise (my artist name is Black Sunshine) - long time lurker and first time commenting.

    I'm a 38 year old Black American, female atheist. Needless to say, it can be a very isolating experience. I'm surrounded by ignorance and it can drive me up the fucking wall! I found this blog via Abagond's blog and I'm so glad I did! This definitely helps me to cope, living as an intelligent, creative, open-minded black woman.

    I was excited at first about finding more blogs geared toward black women, but looking further it's the same ol' bullshit: "Ooh, white men find me attractive! I must be a worthy human being after all." Or the "We love black people; just don't be gay, bi-sexual, atheist, pagan, etc." And if you're a single black woman don't you DARE be happy!

    I am currently focusing on building my art portfolio after many months of having a serious creative block. I'm also studying belly dance.

    Anyway, I'm glad the to be here at Open Mic Night!

    @lenoxave: "sapiosexual" - I love it! Didn't know there was a word for it.

  31. @jean-bee:

    Hey! Fellow former caregiver here (20 years). I too cook, bake, love horror films, read books (when there's time), and am a dedicated, die-hard quirky nerdy girl for life. Hit me up sometime...

  32. @Amaya

    Hello there! It's always nice to meet fellow quirky girl and will do.

  33. Hi, I'm Aminah (I go by MeanRose sometimes). I'm 35 and write/creator of Dziva Jones: Bodyguard for hire (Shamless plug :)) and have a degree in Computer Forensics.

    I happened upon you through the Blasian Narrative a about a year ago when I googled Rain (Yummy) and I think I commented on your blog once. I enjoy your commentary on subjects not really talked about on most blogs, you also led me to other peoples blog like Neo Prodigy and Abagond.

    Any who, I have been on a BWE website once and it happened by mistake and I couldn't hit the back button fast enough, so I definitely understand what the other commenters are talking about.

    But just wanted to drop by and say hi, looking at the Bears kill the Lions right now(Go Bears!).

  34. @ Black Sunshine - Belly dance...nice! Best of luck with the portfolio!

  35. Hi,

    My name is Nicole. I'm an Astrologer from New York City (Born and raised in Harlem) and I'm African-American. I first came across Ankh via Racialicious when they posted a link to her quiz during the "Star Trek/Spock-Uhura" wars. I was thinking to myself: "Who is this warrior woman, and how can I be down?"

    What I love about this blog is that Ankh has created a safe, comforting space for black women/men/POC. Like a lot of the other comments here, I just got fed up with some of these so-called black women "empowerment" blogs (AKA Get you a white man. I also like that love is shown for men of color. I've learned a lot from being here.

    I lurk most of the time. But I feel really lucky that I found this blog and you guys!

  36. "Who is this warrior woman, and how can I be down?"

    *blushes* Welcome, Nicole! No one's ever really called me that before.


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