Let's Try This Again

In my recent post on Black male actors, I neglected to explain explicitly how who makes my knees knock and why, and to ask whom ye patrons yourselves are lusting after.

As usual, I'll start.

Adetomiwa Edun

Gotta love a man with a sword.  Like some of you, I first saw Adetomiwa Edun on Merlin, where he plays Sir Elyan, a Knight of Camelot and brother to the future Queen of Camelot.  Pretty, eloquent, and British, he made me a do a double take.


Nigerian singer Brymo wasn't really my type...until I heard him sing.  I swear he has the voice of a siren.  He's also a highly prolific and ambitious songwriter.

Coby Bell

Fans of the The Game recognize Coby Bell, but I first saw him on Burn Notice.  He plays a sexy, sarcastic, bad-ass former spy and he stole my heart with just a few lines.

T.C. Carson

Remember "Kyle"?  Actor T.C. Carson's deep, rich voice, polished suits, and flamboyant manner of speech - not to mention his smooth dark skin - won me over right away.  I understand there have been endless rumors about his sexual orientation, to which I ask, who gives a fuck?  The man is fine.  Live and let live.

Lanre Idewu

Stuff happens for a reason.  I watched that train wreck The Inheritance to see Golden Brooks, and walked away glad as hell that I "met" Lanre Idewu.  To see him shirtless and spotted with paint is like having a religious experience.

Lupe Fiasco

Ever since I heard Lupe Fiasco rap on "Superstar", I've been devout.  His voice, lyricism, and overall ability never fail to astound me.  The fact that he's a total nerd and activist is beyond a bonus for me.

Michael Ealy

I don't care what he's in.  I don't whether his hair's braided, shaved, dreaded, or what.  I don't care if he's got a goatee or if he's clean shaven.  I don't care what's he's in.  I will watch Michael Ealy any time, any place, for any reason.  From the moment I saw Barbershop I've wanted this man something fierce.

Roger G. Smith

Justice (2004) was what did it for me.  Roger G. Smith plays a man from the hood who's now a lawyer in the hood, doing what he can to keep innocent black men out of jail.  The movie is educational is hell, moving as hell, and Smith is simply fine as hell.

Will Smith

I grew up watching and listening to the Fresh Prince - so sue me.  Every last one of you knows the rest of, "Iiiiiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised....."  You remember how cute he was one the show, and how sexy he was in the Bad Boys films, and as a member of the MiB.  So don't judge.

Leonard Roberts

We've been over this.  *faints as knees buckle*


  1. Glad I'm not the only one lusting over Michael Ealy after seeing Babershop I was hooked.

  2. Lee Thompson Young, Bobby Lashley and Gregory Kieth (Trey from Noah's Arc).

    By the by, I'm just gonna leave this riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here:


  3. Thanks! I'm good! Co-sign on Michael Ealy @ Barbershop. Again, Leonard Motherfucking Roberts.


  4. -Girl I ain't mad at you about Will Smith, he was beyond sexy in iRobot and the man has beautiful eyes.

    -I always thought TC Carson was extremely sexy in Living Single. If he were gay it wouldn't make him less attractive, but it does kinda' burst the bubble a bit. No matter how unrealistic my Brad Pitt fantasy may be it always remains a possibility no matter how slim. When the man is gay a girl's got no chance at all.

    -Adetomiwa Edun always disappointed at how little screen time this man gets in Merlin, maybe he'll got more play in something else.

  5. T.C. Carson is the man! Flat out! He's one of my favorite television actors, and is just horribly underrated. He had a lot of range in his acting. He can portray a suave gentleman (Kyle Barker) and have it come off just as perfectly as his portrayal of a ruthless, revenge driven, killer (Kratos from God of War).


    Once again Ankh, you demonstrate your excellent taste!

  6. A much better video of T.C.'s voice acting as Kratos. (Between 59 secs and 2:17)


  7. Afetr watching Why I got married , I feel in love with Lamman Rucker. He seems like a romantic, a modest guy who doesn't seem hung on himself.Like his kissable looking lips. I loved Blair Underwood. I've always thought he was cute and laid back. I didn't know how well he could play psycho and I'm with Amaya with Michael. Love his rugged looks and those eyes...man! Lastly, I love the man on Nicki Minaj's video "See right through me"( I think). Talk about a hot man?!

    Strange Sista.

    I like TJ's sexy voice. I also like his cold and dismissive way of telling people what he thought about them. When the show got rid of his character, the show didn't seem quite the same from there.

  8. Lee Thompson Young - gorgeous, honestly I first noticed him on a kids show when I was in college, and I was like wait till he grows up he gonna be fine

    Michael Ealy - I remember sitting in the theaters looking at him like DAMN WHO IS THAT!

  9. Another guy that needs some love is Bumper Robinson. I think he randomly appears on The Game now. But I think people may know him from Living Single, and A Different World. LOL I remember him from way back when he was on Night Court though!

  10. Morris Chestnut, please and thank you.

  11. Perla Buttons11/22/11, 7:45 PM

    May I present Aaron Pedersen:


    He's Indigenous, very successful, and unafraid to call out racist industry/society bullshit and the marginalisation of Indigenous stories on Aussie TV. He's gone from pretty in his younger years to straight-up handsome.

    Also, here's Dan Sultan:


    More a musician than an actor, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of him in any capacity! The man can sing.

  12. @leoprincess:

    Hell to the yeah! I've loved Morris since he was Ricky in Boys in Da 'Hood. Still fine as hell...he's on American Horror Story now and lookin' all kinds of chocolatey good.

    That is all.

  13. What a wonderful lineup! I love Michael Ealy's eyes, and I have been a fan of Leonard Roberts since Love Jones and Drumline.

  14. I'll add Lance Gross on that list of hotties.

  15. Leonard Roberts and Michael Ealy. Yes just, yes.

    Also Russell Hornsby, Orlando Jones, Shemar Moore and my personal favorite

    Chiwetel Ejiofor, I saw him in Amistad and then Serenity and I'm telling you he could any day that ends in Y and twice on Sunday.

  16. I think this list needs Maxwell and Common.

  17. I love learning new names! Merci, ladies! I'm going to be really busy looking up men. Work, work, work.....

  18. Oh, and Mechad Brooks. After seeing him as Eggs in 'True Blood', it was a real "wtf?!" moment witnessing his portrayal of a self-entitled, high-on-his-own bullshit professional football player in 'Necessary Roughness'. When I found myself wanting to kick him in the head, I went, "Wow. That dude can act!". To go from Eggs to T.K. convincingly? My hats off to him.

    As for Mr. Chiwetel Ejiofor - where does the line for him start?

  19. Hey no one has mentioned the beautiful, gorgeous, piercing, and infinity percent divine goodness that is Sean Blakemore.

    Be warned: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=sean+blakemore&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&rlz=1R2TSNF_enUS413&biw=1366&bih=526&tbm=isch&tbnid=T-fXfoxL-eTsNM:&imgrefurl=http://www.hotflick.net/pictures/004MTV_Sean_Blakemore_002.html&docid=3wTQ-BM0af50NM&imgurl=http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/2004_Motives/004MTV_Sean_Blakemore_002.jpg&w=852&h=480&ei=uI_NTpLPFqPu0gH8zJk_&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=155&vpy=195&dur=780&hovh=168&hovw=299&tx=90&ty=112&sig=118002969905921522080&page=1&tbnh=127&tbnw=172&start=0&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:0

  20. how did i miss this post the first time? loving this list.

    particularly the guys in my age range. yum

  21. Isaiah Washington, anyone????

  22. OMG ISAIAH. Van Hunt is a musician, but he's so sexy to me. And I second whoever mentioned Common and Maxwell. Seems like the sexiest men to me happen to love music.

  23. Sorry K, after physically assaulting mofos on the set and hurling homophobic slurs, I'll have to pass on Isaiah.

  24. Isaiah was a punk for pulling that shit.

  25. Terrence Howard
    Robert Ri'chard
    Marlon & Shawn Waynes

  26. Ok see here is the difference between the post with the white dudes and the Black guys. I want to have a fantasy relationship with the black guys, they white guys I just want to tie them to the bed for a month. it's bad I know but that's how I feel. But here are my black mens.

    Morris Chestnut
    Denzel Washington (I don't even care how old he is, he can still get it)
    Sir Elyan
    Will Smith
    Young Billy Ocean (minus the jheri curl)
    D'Angelo (before he got out of shape)

  27. Bumper Robinson,

    I remember him from 227 (Clarence the so fine) and The Jacksons movie. Very handsome


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