WTF is Wrong with Dads at Baseball Games?

So I was trying to share this vid with the family (thanks, Disgrasian!!!)...

...but while searching for it in YouTube, the lil sis came across this video instead.

Um...explanation. please?


  1. Dumbassery, tomfoolery and chicanery afoot. Sometimes people can take this stuff way too seriously. I mean, the nerve. Mom should have whupped his ass. He'd never hold *my* child again.

  2. The look...on her face....


  3. The look at that woman's face in the first video was like "What the fuck? Have you lost your mind?"

  4. Hahaha. The look on her face. I can only imagine what she told him. He looked rather meek in her presence after that.

    Man, I would have whupped the guys ass in public for doing that shit. Would have let the little girl whack him on the head or something.

    She probably punished him when they got home.

  5. Regarding the first clip, I loved the look on the mom's face as if she were saying, "I'm gonna kick your ass once we get home." Priceless!

  6. Super Dreads10/10/11, 11:47 AM

    After pulling his child up by the leg I fully sided with the mother. She probably ripped him a new one as soon as they got in the car.

  7. Did I see a little bit of sister girl attitude in her face?
    Give it to him my sistah! The hardest side eye I ever saw, but he deserved it and more! LOL

  8. The sheer amount of "fail" contained in those two videos were of such intense magnitude that my monitor couldn't even handle them. After watching them, and promptly burying my face in my palm, it actually shutoff after playing them.

    On a serious note though:

    Really? Are flyballs that important to people where you risk child injury? I mean, I love sports too...but dayum!

  9. the mother's expression said it all


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