The POC of Merlin


Haters can go on ahead and hate; Merlin is back for a fourth season, before those eps even aired, it was renewed for a fifth season.  Check...mate.

Of course, the opening two-parter of Season 4 shows the death of Lancelot, which sickens me to no end.  Gorgeous, underappreciated, Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera was totally used and tossed aside by this series (some of you recognize him from Heroes, where he portrayed Isaac Mendez).  Someone else should've died for Arthur and Merlin; I nominate one of those other goofy-looking knights whom we don't care about.  I understand that the writers don't want that pesky love triangle screwing things up in the future, but come on... there had to be another way to get him out of the picture, or at least neutralize the Gwen/Lancelot romance.

It's called creativity, people.  It's what you're paid for.

So, Gwen's brother Elyan showed up in Season 3 and now it appears he's here to stay. *nods* I can see why. The more I watch Nigerian-born actor Adetomiwa Edun, the higher my hopes rise for the role of Sir Elyan.  He better not get killed off.  In fact, I think he appeared to make up for the epic fail involving his father's death.  When his and Gwen's father was executed, I almost stopped watching the show.

But now Gwen's loss of a father has been amended with the appearance of a beautiful, eloquent, charming and suave brother who's now a Knight of Camelot.  *fans self*

Angel Coulby remains damn near infallible in my eyes.  I think it's because she actually invests thought and creativity into the evolution of her character.  I'm seeing changes in this woman, y'all.  She's grown more graceful and less awkward in personality.  There's this gravity in her voice and in her eyes now, where once there was meekness and uncertainty.  She knows she's about to be Queen of Camelot, and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do to stop it.

That and she's just...fine.

I strongly recommend this show to Arthurian fans of color.  It's gotten a lot darker and more serious since Season 1, but the humor which remains is still endearing...especially the homoerotic subtext between Arthur and Merlin.


  1. I watched and enjoyed the first couple of seasons of Merlin. I'm not sure why ... but, I stopped watching the show on any regular basis last year. I guess based on your blog post that I'll need to go over to my DVR and add the show back into the rotation as well as trying to catch up on the 3rd season.

    Thanx for sharing the updates ... and I agree the sister who will be Queen is 'fine'!

    peace, Villager

  2. Okay, potential spoiler alert!!!

    This may not be the last we've seen of Santiago. According to what I've found on the Internet there will be some dispute over "the real" Lancelot. So, somehow someone with his image may be coming back, or maybe he can be brought back in some way.

    Given the attention paid to this particular love triangle I don't think they'd be done with Lancelot just yet. But the creative team wants to tell the story in their own way. Thus the challenge posed by episode three this season.

    Spoiler End!!

    Okay . . . if they had just killed a random nobody I don't think we would have cared. But b/c they killed Lancelot I was shocked. I mean, the act was essentially a symbol of his love for Gwen. She asked him to bring Arthur home and clearly he wasn't going to let Merlin die as well. But it seemed sudden. I just can't believe that he may never really come back.

    It did seem to kind of drive a wedge between Arthur and Gwen b/c I guess she still had feelings for him or something, or there was some awkwardness in realizing why he'd died.

    Like Arthur didn't realize anything had happened between these two.

    @ Ank: ". . . especially the homoerotic subtext between Arthur and Merlin."

    Did you see the third episode for this season? When Merlin was like "I have to go to the bathroom" and Arthur is all like "I don't want to watch." XD

  3. Unless the comic-con trailer was lying, Lancelot is not dead. But i dont think he returns as "real lancelot". The triangle is definitely not dead. I think i cried when he "died". I was actually starting to ship him with Gwen.

  4. Look at all the nerds...

    LOL. Rumors and links are most certainly welcome. I'm glad to know I'm not the only who was upset by this.

    How are we digging Elyan?

  5. I've never been interested in this series, but it does seem inviting.

  6. Well, scenes from the trailer show Lancelot and Gwen making out, so I don't think that was the end of Lancelot. Homeboy is coming back. If Sir Leon is the Knight who Lives or Sir Jesus, I think Lancelot is Sir Lazarus

  7. Okay, I did that he's not dead. I don't dig the unfaithful Gwen routine. The triangle is so over, even when it's a classic like this one.

  8. "the death of Lancelot, which sickens me to no end."

    Luckily the blow was softened for me because it was the first time I'd seen him in this. When Merlin shouted "Nooooooooooo!" I felt like I was shouting it too.

    "the appearance of a beautiful, eloquent, charming and suave brother who's now a Knight of Camelot. *fans self*"

    Say it with feeling!

    I must admit I've only paid intermittent attention to Merlin up till now, not my sort of genre. I realized yesterday that it has finally got it's hooks into me as I didn't want to miss it. The current mix of characters/actors seems to have reached a certain high.

    I'm even feeling to go back and fill in the gaps.

  9. @ Ank,
    I dont think Gwen is unfaithful. In the clip she looks a little dazed so im sure she was enchanted by "Lancelot". Cracks me up to see the way Arthur reacts to that. I personally want to see more interactions between Gwen and her brother and between Elyan and Arthur. I mean, this guy is trying to get in your sister's pants, i expect you to have more interactions with him.
    Im still bummed Lancelot is dead.:( But i think his passing revealed to Arthur how much this guy loved Gwen and what he was willing to do for her. Im getting giddy just thinking about when Lancelot returns.

  10. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit relieved when they killed off Lancelot and here's why. The Lancelot/ Guinevere having an affair is one of the greatest betrayals in literature and in that situation, neither are shown in a flattering light.

    Having two POC characters even so much as hint at that betrayal and you know it wouldn't end well.

    At the same time, I get that storyline needed to be acknowledged. But ultimately both Lancelot and Guinevere chose Arthur in Merlin and Lancelot dying meant he went out on a positive note. I was worried the writers were going to go full-on fail with Gwen and Lance and thus far they handled it gracefully (and I want them to stop while they're ahead).

    And sadly none of the other characters would've resonated and had the same level of impact if they had died. So Lancelot made sense. Because he is the most virtuous among them.

    But since he's apparently not dead, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  11. They are all so pretty. That's all I have to contribute

  12. I just blew through the whole series this past week and maaaaaaann Gwen's brother is a hottie. I'm glad he's a knight and not dead somewhere.

    And I too was relieved that the Lancelot/Gwen thing was squashed because I don't want Gwen to cheat on Arthur. I'm a big advocate of two guys for every girl but not in this situation. The screeching white fanbase would string homegirl up. White women can get away with doing hoe shit but a black woman? noooo.


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