My New Husband

He actually made it o Jon Stewart.


  1. DAYUM!

    And see I know what happened. Fox News saw white dude and thought between the gray shirt and the hat, he looks like a Confederate soldier and he was gonna co-sign on their bullshit and yet he came out of nowhere and handed Fox News their ass, John Brown style.

    Tell your hubby he's got a free coupon for a blowjob from yours truly.

  2. Perla Buttons10/4/11, 3:36 AM

    Everything he said was on right on target. Does he have an Aussie cousin?

  3. Oh, you straight sharing him with me, chica!
    That reporter put the mike in the face of the right dude on the wrong day, or the wrong dude on the right day, however you want to swing it. I'm sure that the reporter wasn't expecting the classy, calm smackdown that old boy laid on him. He broke that shit down so that it was forever and consistently broke. Basically, we need a revolution...and the shit will be televised.

  4. Tell your hubby he's got a free coupon for a blowjob from yours truly.


    Oh, you straight sharing him with me, chica!

    I will cut a bitch for this man.

  5. *applause* He thought he was interviewing Jim Bob and them's cousin. LOL

  6. NEO!!! You dead ass wrong for that shit, LOLOLOL!!! You still my dude, tho!

    Does the coupon have an expiration date? *snerk*

  7. This is a classic example about not making snap judgements about people. One look at this dude and "some" folks would've never guessed he rolled that like.

    His last sentence was pure pimp slap.

    Someone on YouTube remarked at how around 0:15 his eyebrows go up when he realizes what the journalist is trying to do.

  8. I just watched this again like, 3X. This is EPIC! That reporter didn't know what to do with himself. He just got his ass handed to him.

    Neo wants to give "Jesse" a coupon for a BJ. Hell, I'd give him a coochie coupon. Without an expiration date. That smackdown deserves a good piece of nooky. Go, dude! You rock!

  9. @ Amaya

    I know...I can't stop watching it either. I think it's the surprise factor...even though I know now what he's going to say, I'm still pleasantly surprised each time.

  10. LOL While I enjoyed the video Imma need for my fellow black sistas to stop getting excited about these truth speaking white men. Yes they told the truth and yes they said it on tv but we can't be giving them the keys to the kingdom for that. All types of MOC be telling the truth all day everyday and until truth-speaking white men do the same AND defend black women properly we need to remain skeptical.

    I'm not gonna lie though every time Father Pfelgar opens his lily white mouth and puts the smack down on some fool I want to have his babies.

  11. @ Pepp

    Just FYI, this is all strictly meant in humor. None of us really want this man.

    What draws us to his video over and over again is the hilarity of the surprise, because the FOX reporter really wasn't expecting that to come out of his mouth, and thus, this segment was deliberately never aired.

    Now...Hero Vincent on the other hand....

  12. That man was on point! The reporter didn't know what hit him and personally I could watch this all day with a nice big bowl of popcorn and never get bored.

  13. @ Ankh

    I know girl I was just taking this moment of levity to mostly get on some of my friends cases. They run up to me all excited "Look a white man told the truth Imma marry him!" Cue side eye from me. Once when I voiced my skepticism my room mate said "You act like they crawling around like roaches!"

    She may have a point.

  14. LMAO - You're still watching this?


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