Looks Like There's Hope for #teamwhitejay

I'm glad to know J didn't do anything stupid at Fred's apartment. However, I think that Fred's blatant "moving in" is getting a little embarrassing now.

What are your thoughts, bar patrons?


  1. Best line all season: "Fuck, I'm on Deathrow and Shug Knight is about to fuck me up."

    *is dead*

    FINALLY. It was nice to see J finally check Nina's ass. Fred's still a punk but kudos to J for not holding off. However if she doesn't want White J, I'll gladly take him off her hands.

    And Sister Mary Clarence is killing me.

  2. Unfortunately, Nina is the new interim boss so J's life is about to become hell.

    "...I'll let you have the white one???" - WTF?????

    This is some good writing. Glad to see the following has stayed loyal.

  3. haven't seen this episode yet,home computer is acting up

  4. @ MG

    Oh, hon...it's great. The one-liners just keep getting better!

  5. Just watched it. J is gonna have a hard next week. So far I favor J&J as a couple. Fred's struggle to make his feelings and interest known makes me think he's just not that interested or that whatever is holding him back will make him a bad choice for J in the long run.

    Still I'd like to see both men pursue her for several more episodes allowing her to really get to know both of them and then deciding what she wants to do.

  6. I don't like Fred for J. There, it's been said.

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