The Bar Celebrates Indigenous People's Day

Columbus makes Hitler look like a juvenile delinquent.

~ Russell Means, Native activist

So the Lil Sis was talking to my Eldest Niece about a homework assignment. Apparently the good teachers of a certain elementary school in San Antonio are telling their students that when the Europeans first came to the Americas, there were only "tens of thousands" of Native Americans living here, and that the country was mostly empty to begin with.

Good ole Texan education strikes again. at the bar, we are officially boycotting Columbus Day.  Hear tell, some Italian Americans insist that they want to honor a fellow Italian, but Columbus Day isn't about Italian pride or history; most Americans don't even know he was Italian.  Thus Columbus Day is to Italian Americans what the Confuckerate Confederate flag is to some white southerners (speaking of which, Annie-fucking-Caddell is back....bitch).  There's nothing to celebrate about Columbus; the man was an asshole.

So today at the bar, we are observing Indigenous People's Day instead, and we are kicking off celebrations with some words from Ojibwe poetess Anishinaabekwe:

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,
In the white world,
In the consumer world,
Pack on my back,
Inside a medicine bundle,
Sweet grass,
Hidden away,

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,
Brick buildings,
Disconnection from the Earth,

Walking alone,

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,
Created physical reality,
A disconnection from spirit,

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,
Walking in two worlds,
Red world,
White world,

I am Indigenous,
Walking alone,
Connected to spirit,
Connected to ancestors,
Connected to Mother Earth.
*pops a bottle of pink champagne*


  1. Funny you make this post. The annual Native American Pow Wow is this weekend. Three guesses who will be going to celebrate his Cherokee ancestry.

  2. Fuck Columbus Day - might as well call it "genocide day"

    "only "tens of thousands" of Native Americans living here, and that the country was mostly empty to begin with."

    To that school:
    1. tends of thousands of PEOPLE still died
    2. even if it was mostly empty, it still wasn't Columbus' now was it, assholes? That's like saying "My my that mansion was soooo empty I think I'll move in and kill the owners." Yeah put like that, it DO kinda sound fucked up, huh?

  3. Fuck Columbus Day indeed. Even as a child I always felt it was a bullshit holiday. Like Valentine's Day.

  4. Ho ironic that you posted this.

    Just yesterday I was wondering what day the sanitation workers were going to work. I didn't think that they had to work on Columbus Day as they normally don't work on most holidays. With Columbus Day, I thought that it wouldn't be any exception. Well I was so wrong. On the other hand, the kids were out of school.I was sure hoping that they had to go.

    I would have rather been working like those sanitation workers than to celebrate Columbus Day.It would be great to celebrate people that have made a significant and honest contribution to the world,but he didn't. I mean..half of these holidays that we celebrate are meaningless and have controversial histories behind them. I think about B-days like George Washington. Like most students, were taught that he's the founding father of the U.S.,but would most minorities would want to celebrate the day of a man who owned slaves? Just about half of our past presidents have racist pasts about them,but we're forced to do it.

    I agree..there should be a holiday for the indigenous people and for those people who have fought and died for us to be here..people who are racists wolves in sheeps clothing.

  5. I cannot express my love for this post, and this video, which had been widely circulating around facebook, along with a picture of a map of North America showing EVERY SINGLE "STATE" as belonging to one or more groups of different Native Americans. "Only tens of thousands of Native Americans" my ass.

  6. As one who has never celebrated Columbus Day or Thanksgiving (*shudder*) for that matter, I certainly tend to lose my shit when people start talking about how some European founded the land of many of our ancestors.

    There is one very important facet that must be remembered. When the first "white" man set foot in what is now known as North America, there probably weren't many Indigenous people in the general vicinity simply because the existing "tens of thousands" of people had already been reduced from hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions thanks to the "white" man's disease infested wild European horses, sheep, pigs, and cattle. These beasts traveled from Central America long before the men did and contact with them wiped out entire tribes. Modern biological warfare and genocide can't compete. Factor in the small-pox infested blankets, the slaughter of the bison and other genocidal techniques and it's a damn wonder many of us are even alive today.

    **an inferno is blazing under my collar*

    BTW, if you're African-American and you've been told your entire life that you have Native Ancestry, believe your family history, not some damn random DNA test. Better still, educate yourself on how DNA tests actually "determine" ancestry.

  7. An excerpt from Dr. Marimba Ani's: Hypocrisy as a Way of Life

    "As a cultural trait it has, however, been described by others, particularly those who have been made victims of European cunning. Below an indigenous American describes European behavior:

    They would make slaves of us if they could; but as they cannot, they kill us. There is no faith to be placed in their words.

    They will say to an Indian, "My friend; my brother!" They will take him by the hand and, at the same moment destroy him.... Remember that this day I warned you to beware of such friends as these. I know the Long-Knives. They are not to be trusted."

    Not much has changed since those comments were uttered. White men will call you friend and in some cases, quote scriptures to gain your trust. (I actually had this happen to me more than once). They will shake your hand and give you the warm embrace, while planning to defraud you out of everything you have. And he'll sleep well at night; patting himself on the back for his business acumen.

    When it comes to the deceptive heart- white men are masters; moreover, white feminists are not far behind. Its why white men excel in politics, because hypocrisy defines the race. Hence we should never be surprised by what the white man is capable of; because he's had centuries to hone these traits. Maybe this is why he tirelessly works at redrafting history, so as to cover-up a multitude of sins.

  8. Just so we're all on the same round here at the bar, millions of Native Americans were here when the Europeans arrived, and millions died because of European interference.

  9. And by the way, this is but one of many reasons why my Older Sis and her husband are hunting for land in Cameroon, so they can build a house and move their family the fuck out of this country.

  10. You this is the same reason why Tokugawa kicked out Japan, and the Opium War in China.

    The Shogunate knew what the Europeans was doing.

    back the topic: It funny how the USA is so keen on boarder Patrol, but yet the Mexicans was the decendants of the Natives of the land they robbed.


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