The Ankhesen Mié Lexicon, Volume V


This refers to the POC who are fans of the term POC.

Brotha Wolf's Law

Inspired by the insightful articles and commentary by blogger Brotha Wolf, the Bar honors him with "Brotha Wolf's Law", which pertains to the criminalization of black male youth and the overall devaluation of the black lives in America.


Inspired by the death of John Massie, a white man who verbally harassed a black man named Gerard Benjamin Hawkins and died when Hawkins punched him one time.  Masseism refers to the white tendency to unrealistically expect to say or do whatever they want to people of color and expect complete immunity.

The Lure

Ever watch a TV show with POC who die off or are simply misused/underused throughout the first season?  Ever wondered why the showrunners even bothered with casting POC in the first place?  That's because they're the Lure.  All-white Monochromatic shows are getting axed in record time these days because people are bored and no one's watching.  So a "lure" is needed to draw in sufficient audiences.  Once the audience is acquired, the Lure is killed off or relegated to predominantly off-screen action.  Think Season 1 of Heroes and just about every member of the Black Girls Club.

The Sugar Cycle

This refers to the friendship cycle many black women experience with white female friends.  Things start off friendly enough, but once the white woman feels comfortable enough that the black woman is her "friend", her excessive friendliness, kindness, and generosity suddenly undergo a complete turnaround.  The Sugar Cycle is one of the reasons many black women avoid friendships with white women.


This refers to the rare white man who is dateable for black women.  He likes black women, but doesn't fetishize or objectify them.  He openly dates and is willing to marry black women.  He's not fazed at the thought of having mixed children, and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks.  When faced with negative feedback from friends, relatives, or coworkers, he doesn't tolerate any disrespect towards his woman.

...Hence the nickname "Unicorn".


  1. *needs to do or say something majorly significant to get a term added to the Bar Lexicon*

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who caught that bullshit during Heroes while countless others (mainly white folks) were praising the series for being so diverse as the POCs got picked off and erased one by one.

    1. Leo Princess6/6/12, 1:24 AM

      Dude, you could make a drinking game off of the fail from that show.

  3. Perla Buttons6/5/12, 9:50 PM

    Oh gosh. There was a case or two of Masseism over here in Oz this week. A football fan at an AFL match spewed racist bullshit at an opposition player. He had his 20-year membership torn up and was made to apologise to the people and clubs involved.

    Most people seem to understand why the footy players who were within earshot and other members of the crowd complained, but there were people [most likely white people, let's be honest about this] commenting on major newspaper websites with stuff like this:

    "So we have moved on from the nanny state to the nanny society where clubs and societies can tell you how to behave and what to think."

    Reactionary, "nanny state" rhetoric: because facing consequences for being a racist fuckwit is a form of oppression.

    1. Leo Princess6/6/12, 1:29 AM

      "Reactionary, "nanny state" rhetoric: because facing consequences for being a racist fuckwit is a form of oppression."

      See it on Tumblr all the time. Call folks on their b.s., and you're being mean/oppressive/reverse racist/petulant/rude/a bully, etc. Excuse me while I look for a f*ck to give.

  4. I was thing aboout you shared about section of " The Lure". How true this is.

  5. Thanks for the honor, and I love the new Lexicon terms.

  6. Please don't forget to add Genelle Williams to the black girls club...I have started watching Warehouse 13 on Netflix. Genelle plays the character of Leena an intuitive psychic and proprieter of a Bed and Breakfast. I wonder why they even bothered casting this girl...the guest starts non regulars have more screen time than her. There are vast amounts of episodes where you don't even see the character. It really is a shame.

    1. *raises a confused eyebrow*

      There's a Black woman on Warehouse 13?

    2. Haha yes Ank there is supposed to be a black girl on Warehouse 13 at least in Seasons 1 and 2...LOL...She is actually in the main cast credits during the theme song and everything..I have only caught the show on Netflix and not watching current airings on Syfy...It would not have surprised me if they removed her character from the show altogether...She was hardly EVER on I said the white guest stars got more screen time...SMDH

  7. You can also add Ashley Madekwe, who plays Ashley on Revenge, to the black girls club list. Her character has so much potential, but the writers squander it. She started out with lots of lines and screen time, but towards the end she is literally lurking in the shadows.


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